Trying $1 Makeup From Wish

*music* *music* “this is Safiya’s new intro song” *music* Hello, friends, and welcome to another video. Today we’re gonna be buying, and trying an entire face of makeup from Wish. Now if you don’t know what Wish is, it’s an e-commerce marketplace that sells pretty much everything at really low prices. And I’ve bought a few things from there before including clothing, items listed as “free”, and tech products. And, in general, I would say the hauls were pretty “hit or miss”, with the clothes being a little more “hit” and the electronics being a little more “miss”. But I’ve always been curious about the super/suspiciously low-cost makeup listed on their site. So, today we’re gonna order some and see what happens when I put it on my face. I wonder how many things I’m gonna buy from Wish before I learn my lesson. Alright, let’s head to My old friend, So, Wish has it’s own, like, “Makeup & Beauty” tab, so let’s head over there. So, first up, I’m gonna be looking for the complexion products. So, the foundation and concealer. Straight away, I’m seeing what looks like a bunch of tampons. But I think those are hair curlers? I’m also seeing, like, a waist trainer and a lot of hair removal products. Maybe that’s next. Mustache removers from Wish. So, I finally stumbled upon a foundation after scrolling for a while. This is a long-wear foundation that kind of looks like Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty foundation. But, there’s no way it’s Fenty Beauty foundation for $2. It has three and a half stars on 34 reviews and on sizing, apparently someone said it was “Too Small”. I don’t know what that means. Interesting, no one who left a review seems to say that, like, anything bad happened with the foundation. The only problem people have had are with the shipping or with the pump. So, um, maybe this is decent foundation, who knows. And, it turned to $4 as soon as I added it to the cart, so it did that fun Wish thing where the prices just change randomly. Alright, so that’s gonna be our foundation, so let’s grab a concealer really quick and then move on to the more, um, artistic parts. Alright, concealer, where art thou, concealer? Seriously, so many waist trainers, so many teeth whitener kits. Edible lube? Good, I’m glad that’s in the makeup section. I might have to search for concealer. Alright, this is definitely concealer and this one is free. Sort of looks like the NYX concealer that I’ve used before. The thing about seeing, like, makeup products for $1 or for “free” is that it makes me think of, like, all of those videos and articles that have been done about fake makeup or bootleg makeup where, like, there’s very strange and questionable ingredients in them. So, admittedly, getting this may not be the best idea. But, we’ll see. People seem to like this, though. It has four stars on 643 reviews. I only see one comment that the smell is a bit strong, but, everyone else seems to be into it. Except for a couple of people who haven’t tried it and yet still decided to review it. And then, in their comments, said, “Haven’t tried it yet.” Alright, so let’s look at the color selection. No swatches to be found, so, I’m gonna try color number 2 because it’s light, but not the lightest. Alright! I’m gonna add this to my cart, and that’s gonna be our concealer. So, I’m gonna go in for the eyebrows next. Alright, so it looks like they’ve got a lot of listings for normal looking eyebrow pencils. This first one looks great! It’s free, and it says that 200,000 people bought this. So it’s called the “Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil Pen Eye Brow Liner Cosmetic Makeup Beauty Tool Lasting waterproof eyebrow pencil”. And I say those like that because they’re all lowercase for some reason. Interestingly enough, I’ve had pretty good luck with super low-cost eyebrow pencils before, so I kind of believe that this could be a, like, really popular product. So, let’s pick this up in the color “coffee.” So that’s gonna be our eyebrow product and I’m gonna add that guy to the cart. Alright, so next up, let’s look at some eyeshadows. I would love to get a little bit of a palette, just so we can, you know, have some options – play the field a little bit. Let’s take a look at these ones. These are $4 eyeshadow palettes and they kind of seem to be, like, sort of imitating the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. They’re kinda like square pans in rosy colors. Oh, weird! They’ve got a bunch of different styles of palettes, like, completely different palettes that were not even shown in the listing back here. Alright, so it looks like the palette that I originally wanted is style P number 1. So, that’s gonna be our eyeshadow. Alright, mascara is what we need! Ooh, I don’t wanna go with her ’cause she seems like she’s a little in pain because her eyelashes are so overwhelming. The interesting thing about these makeup products is that there seem to be a lot of, like, different listings for what seems to be the same product, or at least, like, the same product photos. So, I’m not sure if they’re all, like, different mascaras, or if they’re just, like, the same mascaras being sold by slightly different vendors. I think I’m gonna go with this mascara ’cause there’s a cat on it. It’s $1 and it has four and a half stars on 20 reviews. I’m having a hard time finding anyone who will say anything bad about these makeup products. So, I’m not sure if I should actually be reassured, or suspicious. *chuckles* With that said, let’s add this cat guy to the cart real quick and move on to the eyeliner. Ooh, and right away, this looks really fun and there seems to be a lot of listings for it. It’s a sort of, like, double-ended felt-tip liquid eyeliner with a stamp at one end and, like, a marker at the other. It seems a bit safer than trying to stamp eyeliner on your face with scissors, so let’s try this instead. People seem to be liking the stamp a lot, so hopefully that will be fun to play with and we’ll see if it makes, you know, getting the perfect cat eye any easier. I also hope it just works in general, but hopefully it also helps with getting the perfect cat eye. Let’s add this guy to the cart real quick and move on to a different area of the face. So, let’s start off with some contour stuff. I usually like to use powder contour, so that would be my preferred method. This looks like it could be a contour palette. Let’s take a look. Ah! Yes. This says “Up 6 Color Pressed Powder Palette Nude 15 Color Camouflage Concealer Make Professional Cream Palette”. Wait, so is it a pressed powder palette or a cream palette? ‘Cause it says both. Oh! I think that, like the eyeshadow, this has, like, different listings for products as different “styles” under the same product listing. And, I would guess that this image is of the cream palette and this one is of the pressed powder. I’m just hoping. So, I’m gonna go for style #2. Although, it’s not clear which of these palettes has 4 stars. I’m actually seeing a couple of negative reviews down here. One from Caitlyn, who says that the product “Definitely has a smell”. And, one from Joan who gave it one star and said, “I haven’t tried it yet,but I love it.” Alright, so let’s add this to the cart and call that our contour. Alright, so let’s get some blush. Some rouge… rrrr. So, straight away, there seems to be a few listings for this blush. So, let’s click on this one that at least a thousand people have bought. Alright, so this one is a little bit less highly reviewed. It’s got three and a half stars on 350 reviews. Although, when I look at the actual written out reviews, they look good. Except for two people who say that “there’s no lid” and the product just comes, like, completely exposed. So, let’s take a look at these colors. I think let’s go with number 7 “TIPSY”. I feel like that kinda looks like my kind of blush color. Though, “TURE LOVE” seems fun, because I think that they misspelled “true love”. Alright, so that’s the blush. Let’s do highlighter next. I usually prefer a powder highlighter, and there do seem to be a couple of those, but, this listing right here looks to be a $1 dupe or knock-off of the Cover FX Illuminating Drops. This has four stars on nine reviews, and, Miranda says that it “Works well”. Let’s hope that Miranda’s right. Of these colors, I think I’m gonna get “SUNLIGHT”, so I’m gonna add that to my cart and we’ll definitely compare that to the real product when it gets here. Alright, last up: the lips. Straight off the bat, there seem to be a lot of, like, matte liquid lipsticks. There’s, like, a liquid lipstick set called NICEFACE. *snickers* Oh! Interesting. This listing seems to be like a lip kit, like, it looks like it has a liquid lipstick and a pencil. This is the “Waterproof Matte 1 pc Liquid Lip Gloss+1pcs Lip Liner Pencil Smooth LipStick Long Lasting Cosmetic Makeup Kit”. So, it’s unclear if it’s a lipgloss or a liquid lipstick, but it’s something, and also a lip pencil. Oh! And, coincidentally, this is also a NICEFACE product. I keep thinking Casey Neistat whenever I say that. Move over Kylie and baby- Casey NICEFACE is on the scene. So, just to compliment our rosy face, I’m gonna go with this, like, pink-y purple #2 color. Alright, so, I’m gonna add this to my cart, and I think with that, we’ve got a full face of makeup in our cart right now. So, the next time you see me, I’ll hopefully have all of my Wish makeup here and also hopefully not be damaging my skin… too badly. Ok! So, it’s been a couple of months, and I finally have all of my Wish makeup items here. So, after all this waiting and anticipation, let’s dive right in and start with the brows. So, this is the Dream Godess Eyebrow Pencil. It looks like a pretty normal eyebrow pencil, though, when I open it up, it looks like there’s no spoolie. The pencil looks pretty good, so, I can spool myself if needed. Alright, so, let’s go in on the right brow right now. It’s a little more subtle than I usually go, but, you know, maybe that’s good. That’s fair. Alright, I’m gonna go in for the second brow. I will say, it feels like I have to press down a little bit to really get some pigment off of this eyebrow pencil. But, once you go over it a few times, it definitely shows up eventually. And, I would say the ending result is actually pretty nice. So, I think that the hoards of people who seem to like this eyebrow pencil are pretty much right. You just have to remember to pack your own spoolie. Ok! So with our eyebrows done, let’s move on to the eyeshadow. So, this is called the We Care Your Favors. 18 shades full-function palette. I give care to favor you And, here is the actual palette. It smells like that old-school putty that you used to squish inside of a plastic cup to make fart sounds. Just one thing to note before we go in, is that they spelled “moonlight” “moonligh”. Alright, I’m gonna use “BISQUE” as my base shade and put that all over both of my eyes. And then, next, I’m gonna go in with “INDIAN RED”. Oh! That’s showin’ up. It’s not, like, super soft and buttery, but it is providing color to my eye. I’m also going to throw a dash of “SALMON” on there. I did not mean to go so orange, but it just sort of started happening. There is a second “SALMON” that’s just like a, a gold color. I don’t think so. Maybe it’s, like, the color of the water rippling above the fish as it migrates north to mate. Isn’t that what they do? Yeah. And, to finish it off, I’m just gonna put a little bit of “MOONLIGH” underneath my brow bone. Ok! I think that’s an eyeshadow look. I think, in general, these eyeshadows seem to be ok. I wouldn’t say they’re, like, stellar eyeshadows, but, they’re definitely serviceable. The shimmers do show up a lot better than the mattes, though. And, yes, there are three mattes there, not just two. Ok! So, up next are the complexion products. So, the concealer that we ordered is the Farres Cosmetics HD High Definition Concealer, which, I think, looks pretty similar to my NYX HD Studio Concealer. To be fair, this isn’t a complete rip-off, like, they’re not pretending to be NYX, but it seems like they’re pretending to be a similar product. Now, color-wise, they don’t look the same, but I don’t think that’s the reason not to like the Farres Concealer. Texture-wise, the Farres Concealer felt a little bit more greasy, so, we’ll see how it feels on the face. It smells like hotel body lotion. Like something you huff. Don’t huff. Alright, so, I’m gonna blend this out and it seems to be disappearing. But, it doesn’t feel as greasy as it did on my hand. Alright, I wouldn’t say my under-eye luggage is really covered, but, like, it’s, um-it’s got a little veil. And then, next up, is the Fenty Beauty Foundation. So this is the real Fenty Beauty Foundation and this is the fake one. And, though they’ve tried their best with the font and the color scheme, the bottles look nothing alike. They also have copied all of the text, so, on the back, it says it was made in Italy and also that it contains 1.08 fl oz. But, like, is it possible that those two bottles contain the same amount of stuff? Maybe, but I doubt it. And then, in terms of the swatch, the Fenty Beauty is, like, extremely watery and this is like a little gel. It smells kind of like cake batter. Alright, here we go. I’m going to dot this around and then blend it out. The color is not horrible; it seems to be working for me. It’s definitely, like, a little bit more tan than I am. But, because it’s not super full-coverage, I think I’m getting away with it. I’m also noticing this strange thing where I find a spot on my face that seems like it doesn’t have foundation on it and then I try to put foundation there and foundation won’t stay there. Alright, so, I think that’s my “Fenty” Beauty Foundation. In general, I don’t think that the color matches too bad and it actually doesn’t feel too bad on my face, but it definitely looks pretty shiny and it smells cake batter-ish. So, next up, I’m just going to bake this down with my real setting powder just to give it a little bit of a fighting chance against my oily face. And then, we can contour. I think this is the contour. There’s nothing on the outside. But, based on process of elimination, I think this is the contour palette. Ta-da! Why did I say it like that? *laughs* Ta-da?! It’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be. For, like, size comparison, here’s my beauty blender. It smells like a brand new rubber bouncy ball you just bought from the toy store. It also smells kind of like a pool noodle. Alright, so I’m gonna take this color over here and use it for my contour. So, I’m gonna suck in my cheeks and go to town. Alright, I think that after a little bit of working that into my skin, we definitely got some color payoff. You know, I think that its performance on the face is definitely better that its appearance and smell in the pan. So, before I blend this out, I’m gonna go in with my blush. Alright, so this is the Focallure Color Mix blush in the color “Tipsy”. And, it appears they’ve sent us not a blush, but, like, a refill pan. Which may be what those girls in the reviews were saying about how they just got, like, it without anything covering it. I was expecting it inside of a compact, but- eh! It’s blush, I guess. Oh! That first sweep looked like blush. Oh my God! This is good blush! Sorry I sound so surprised. Ok. So, I think this is our finished cheek look. Though I would say, that the smell and the presentation of the contour palette was pretty odd, I think that it went on ok after a little bit of negotiating. And, I think the blush was actually pretty good. So, let’s go in with the eyeliner now. Alright, so this is a double-sided eyeliner. It’s got the marker on one end and the stamp on the other. So, I’m going to use the stamp side to create a wing, and then, you know, use the other side to fill it out. Eh. Ah! Ah. It’s not great, but it definitely could be worse. It is pretty pigmented though. At least it didn’t, like, you know, half stamp. Alright, ready I’m gonna- The pap smear? No! *laughs* Alright, so, I’m gonna draw in the rest of this line. And then, I’m gonna try and do the other side to match The tip just does become a little bit flaccid if you pull it in the wrong direction. I don’t think that the ending product is half bad, but I’m not sure that the wing stamp makes this eyeliner a lot faster because there is a decent amount of fixing work you have to do. And also with the marker side, it’s decently easy to use, but the tip does get a little bit, sort of, smushed. Besides those things, though, I do have eyeliner on my face and my eyes haven’t fallen off. Alright, so next up is the mascara, which is our Sweet Cat Max Volume Mascara. Oh, it’s a really cute cat! Oh! (Tyler: It’s very pungent!) What is that smell?! It smells like if you had an acrylic paint that was fig newton scented. It’s definitely not, like, a super super dramatic lash, but it IS defined and not too clump-ay. I don’t think the formula itself has a lot of punch to it, but it’s not clumpy and it’s cat-themed. What more could you want in a mascara? The answer is nothing. Alright, so, our second to last item is this Faux Cover FX Highlighter. So, I went out and got the actual Cover FX Highlighter, and it’s hard for me to tell the difference, at least when they’re in the box. Out of the box, it’s a little bit easier to tell. As for the swatch, this is the actual one and this is the fake one. I think maybe the fake one has a little bit of a thicker glitter chunk, but it’s very hard to tell. All of these products smell so strongly. Like, this one smells like hairspray, so, for that reason, it almost smells like a dance recital. Ok. There that is. Unfortunately, I think it’s more of, like, individual glitter specs than a sort of nice copper sheen. And, on my hand, it’s strangely dried down, whereas the original Cover FX is still, sort of, moist. I don’t think it’s horrible, but it’s definitely more glittery than the original and it just- it smells like ballet class. And, rounding out our full face of Wish makeup is the Casey NICEFACE lip kit. Ooh! It’s maybe a little bit more purple than I expected it to be, so, uh, hopefully it goes with our look here. Alright, so, I’m gonna go in with the lip pencil first So, my first impression is that this hurts just a little bit, but, besides that, it seems to be pretty pigmented. And, now, time for the lipgloss. That smells like caramel popcorn. Alright, let’s go in. This is a liquid lipstick 100%. This is not a lipgloss. It’s drying down pretty fast, so, I kind of have to work quickly. Alright, so, the color of this lipstick ended up turning out a little bit differently than I thought it would, But, my main complaint is the texture. The butthole is a little wrinkly. But, with the lipstick, I think we’ve completed our full face of Wish makeup. And, I’m gonna wear it for the rest of the day. See if, uh, my face falls off or if I get really oily or what happens. Alright, so, it’s a couple of hours later and I think, in general, the makeup is doing ok. Above my nose are pretty much all the products that I thought worked pretty well. Below my nose, the foundation is sort of worn off right here. And, also, my lipstick is kinda coming off. So, I would say that around here, things are going well and down here, things are a little more questionable. Alright, so it’s been about six hours since I applied my full face of Wish makeup And, I think, actually, it’s wearing better than I thought it would. At this point, my foundation has definitely gotten a little bit oily, but, everything around my eyes has pretty much stayed intact. So, I think my favorite products were the eyeliner pencil, the mascara, and the blush. And my least favorite products were the highlighter and the lipstick. Although a few of these products did work for me, something I would point out as a reason to not regularly buy makeup from Wish is that some of these products, and a fair amount of these products I saw on the site are fake, or, like, counterfeit versions of actual makeup products. And, a lot of them either don’t list the ingredients, or list the same ingredients as the makeup they’re counterfeiting, so, you don’t actually know what’s inside of them. And, unlike with other products from Wish, these, like, really interact with your skin, and, you know, your skin is your largest organ, so you might want to be kind to it. Also, all of these products smell kind of weird. My face kinda smells like a Cracker Jack, cake batter, chlorine combo. And it’s weird. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you liked that video make sure to shmash that like button And, if you want to see more videos like this make sure to shmash that subscribe button. A big shout out to GLG for watching. Thanks for watching, GLG. And, I’ll see you guys a-next time!

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