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  • Probably these congressmen and Trump do not realize that it puts their porn history up for leaking.

  • Making America great again

  • Will that make America great again?

  • so someone is going to buy trumps browser history and post it right? kickstarter?

  • and why isn't anyone also talking about the language in the bill that says these rules will not be able to be changed back to insure privacy again at a later date? (NY times opinion article, "How Republicans Sold Your Privacy to Internet Providers" by Tom Wheeler, 3/29/2017)

  • Thats fine. Let them be the victim one day of personal data theft, and have them blame their own stupid asses for allowing it.

  • Now Corporations will see how much incest Trump searches.

  • So conservatives are apparently against 'big government'. Well, THIS IS the REAL big government!

  • Hey Trump supporter, defend this.. please.

  • Only in communist countries the government give your browser to the companies so they can snoopย on you and give the history back to the government. TRUMP YOU ARE A COMMUNIST!

  • Someone should explain to these legislators that once their browsing histories are tracked, there will be people releasing legislators' browsing histories for political purposes. There's no way that's not happening, and companies would have no mechanism for exempting legislators from being tracked.

  • What happens when people in the government information gets exposed?

  • People need to start looking into VPNs.

  • From what I have read, Trump doesn't use the Internet. Someone does it for him. So he won't care about net privacy. But he has serious concerns about his own privacy. Even his microwave.

  • Go to google play and donliad firefox, for sear engine use they dont track you like google or yahoo. STOP USING GOOGLE CHROME use FIREFOX AND DUCK DUCKGO as your browser go to settings restrict 3rd party cookies. on your browsers setting select privacy select not to have yiur history stored you can do that for youtube to. FOR EVEN a little more privacy dowload Tors ORBOT browser from google play. you will always be tracked but hey at least make it a little harder for them.

  • Go to google play and download firefox, for search engine use they dont track you like google or yahoo. STOP USING GOOGLE CHROME use FIREFOX AND DUCK DUCKGO as your browser go to settings restrict 3rd party cookies. on your browsers setting select privacy select not to have yiur history stored you can do that for youtube to. FOR EVEN a little more privacy dowload Tors ORBOT browser from google play. you will always be tracked but hey at least make it a little harder for them.

  • Great job blasting these greedy bastards! It's time for accountability! ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’šโœŒ๏ธ

  • we lose again.

  • I bet alex jones is silent on this one.

  • I guess I won't be on line shopping anytime soon

  • Here are my browser history:

  • I just gave my answer on the poll… surprised that only 1500 have given their opinion with 49k views I guess it doesn't bother most

  • remember that south park episode when all the internet history was going to get released? Hope elon musk hurries up with his mars bases…

  • Actually, Obama signed the bill that allowed this. And wasn't the NSA kinda already doing this with our smartphones…?

  • Big Brother coming, step-by-step.

  • 90% of all the information these companies will get is porn. what are they going to sell us with that information?

  • Americans are the biggest bunch of wussies. These cronies in Washington don't even hide their corruption now.

  • if you install a vpn they can see you using data but they can't see what your searching

  • Our information is going straight to Russia

  • the new Nazi Germany

  • Please remember what the GOP are doing now when you go to the poll in 2018/2020.
    Keep it up GOP, you just handed the Dems total control of congress comes next election.

  • Well even if they saw you search history they can't do anything about it….

  • f*** time to get money out of politics

  • Cambridge Analytics asking for their true payment?

  • they are doing it now,..if u havent notice the recent increase in the extent to which ur searches and viewing content are effecting search results and add content…u will….

  • PSA: Tor browser.

  • i wounder what alex jones has to say about this ?

  • Ohhh, apparently they do not believe this too can and will backfire… You get info on us – then we hack the info on you… Peace…

  • if you wanna see all the fetish sites i use, be my guest, corporations already know everything else about us.

  • Liberals are scared all their cuckold videos are gonna be released

  • There's a solution to this problem: …if enough people interconnect their wi-fi routers with their neighbors wi-fi routers we can create a new internet which will make ISP's obsolete, protect privacy, and prevent censorship. I don't believe it would be as difficult as the above linked article makes it sound (not with modern mesh routers). So, what are you waiting for?


  • This is already happening btw. Ever notice the pop up adds on a site?

  • I hate corporations! I hate the u.s.government!

  • This is beautiful:

  • Amazing how internet privacy and net neutrality is on the chopping block like this. Screw the little people, right Congress? You're all for the corporate interests. What a bunch of sellouts.

  • 2:13.

  • if Trump sign this get his taxes eye for an eye

  • this leaves no doubt as to who congress truly represents

  • What internet privacy?!? Its a mirage, it never existed!
    I wish it did, but it does not. The real problem is that the ones that want some measure of privacy wont get it because people don't care. Just look at how mush people overshare on facebook. Its insane… adults using that as diary just like a 8 year old girl!

  • All Republican Reps, Senators, and White House staff should have their browsing history purchased and released for all to see on the web.

  • Why Do Most Obnoxious Repugnicans And Some BRIBED DemoCraps Seek To TRASH All Consumer Protections ???

  • He can Veto this — call call call!! Make it known you do not want this privacy to be taken away.

  • I do many random searches everyday, most of them are worthless. Lol buy that!

  • The Young Turds are stinking up Youtube.

  • oooh I member this from somewhere..

  • Hi. I am the cookie monster and I am pro super cookies!

  • I wonder if Anonymous has anything to say about this? Anybody know?

  • Tor doesn't save browser history

  • So we think Russia has been hacking us and we should be on guard, but then this Republican-only action puts Americans' private internet information up for sale…which I assume to sell to anyone, any nation? Really? Mixed signals much???

  • Taking candy from a baby…

  • I gotta ask, at what point does the blatant hypocrisy and corruption seep in most people's minds?

  • For Desktop:
    Download Opera
    Find Browser settings (for me it was in the gear menu at the bottom)
    Click "use Vpn"
    Click "block ads"
    Now next to the search bar there's a 'vpn' button
    Click it, set to some other country
    Now your web traffic is routed to another country before it goes to the site you want
    US based ISP's are gonna have a hard time making a list of your history now
    Google EFF Https everywhere
    Go to site – click 'Install in Opera' – now you have https everywhere

  • did this pass or it's up for vote?

  • Does this mean I have to quit using the internet?

  • That's what Tor is for ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Whoever getting my browser history is finna get some bomb ass hentai๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค

  • Why are we focusing solely on the fact that corporations will be buying all of our private information from corporations…? Yes, I agree that's a big deal and I'm pissed off, but you DO realize that the government will ALSO be buying it, don't you..?

  • If everyone in the states typed "Donald Trump has a tiny penis" into their search engine 10x per day, the Telecom industry would be tracking that 3 BILLION times every day. I bet he won't sign it!

    On a serious note, it is only the heads of those companies that want to do this, the people who actually implement this stuff are going to be on the people's side. I'm sure they'll be publicly posting the browsing history of everyone who voted for this bill.

  • Dat winning tho

  • You want my browser history? Go right ahead! Google the word porn and there you go, the first 3,000 hits that's pretty much my browser history right there… Look Trump, if you're just looking to find out which porn sites we're all watching and rating then JUST ASK!

  • didnt that twat refuse to give infos about his taxes? and now the same dude want to "sell" the data of millions of people, without asking… ๐Ÿ˜ง

  • Member when Hillary and the Dems were the big bad wolf and wanted to take our basic freedoms away?

  • This is rough. Soon as these people get a hold on Cenk's Armenian genocide didn't happen porn he's screwed.

  • Serious Question: given how major data-holders are so insecure ALREADY (many examples, incl Yahoo – c. 500m. details leaked) what on earth will this lead to? So many cyber criminals are at work, round the clock and under false identities, something is BOUND to happen to people's financial info. An awful lot of goods can these days ONLY be bought by card, over the web. What is my recourse, living in England, if a US based corporation handling my traffic sells my details, but carelessly includes enough material to allow me to be robbed by a Bulgarian thief doing his own internet shopping?
    My solution – on Enactment Day, every customer goes on strike, and brings the outrageous idea to a halt unless the ISPs agree NOT to take advantage of this legislation.

  • I'm beginning to wonder if America will survive even the first year of a Trump presidency…

  • Corporations run America, welcome to the beginning of the New World Order!!

  • This country is slowly going full communist.

  • Has anyone ever heard of this "tiny" company called Facebook? They've centered their entire company around tracking your browsing habits and have incredible profits because of it. If they didn't sell your information, can you imagine how expensive a web service like Facebook would cost you to use it?

    Now I do NOT support companies selling your info at all. But with the vast amount of Facebook users, you can guarantee that the majority of people think it's an acceptable trade to offer their personal info for free social media, email, free shipping, 1% cash back, etc…

  • Yes. But how does 4chan feel about this??

  • 10 to 1 says that some of those people that voted "yes" are going to find their browsing history leaked through the very same channels they are opening up in this vote.

  • I wonder if these racist conservatives drink coffee without creamer?

  • I just can't believe the village idiot is the president

  • Protection of identity is really important in a digital age and yet we keep losing on this front.

  • I want to run for gop pres one day,they dont need to know what porn sites I visit.

  • The bribery narrative is nonsense. The regulations were removed because they weren't technology neutral. Why isn't anybody accusing Facebook and Google of bribery, since the current regs give them a special status wrt ISPs? Even with regulations for privacy protection, would you trust any ISP to do more than the minimum effort to secure the information? Flint's water company had regulations to follow as well, did that make the water any safer? If someone really wants privacy they can go with an ISP that proactively protects customer data, or they can pay for a VPN service. No reason to make everybody pay for a service that most don't even care about.

  • the internet comes for you …. exception is half of it only cares about edgy meme's ,they like trump are too dumb to see them selves being fucked and turn around .

  • so much for small government

  • but they are already have it..

  • Guess I can't watch porno anymore on my computer. ๐Ÿ™

  • Well Trump Can Kiss My VPN'S Ass!!

  • Browser history includes you PORN browsing history, including those sites you just looked at once, like the ladies screwing with octopodes sites. This can be used for blackmail, malice, and selling you products featuring ads with mohawk teens bound in spandex to appeal to your fetish or goat vacation ranches.

  • This is something Trump needs to know.
    Some of us aren't as cruel as all of us.

  • where can we find out which senators voted for this?

  • America is officially finished.

  • Trump is not a politician but a businessman and he is starting selling his people. Better off with vpn!

  • I love it when libertarians want protection from the government because they'd rather get screwed over by companies instead…

  • What are they gonna sale when they see my browser? Tentacle for sale?

  • Is there anything, Trump doesn't fail on it like the biggest looser or f… a…h… ever?

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