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attack on Titan chapter 122 surprise for some of you oh my god Eren actually
made it out of the Titan realm alive finally Isayama is giving you that
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attack on Titan chapter 122 titled from you 2,000 years ago so oh my Ymir is
that an attack on Titan chapter one reference so it seems like Ymir friends
finally got that message it only took a hundred 22 chapters was
it really just an SOS for some help but first really quickly before fully
diving into a chapter 122 about the end of attack on Titan part 2 video as you
might have guessed by now that’s been delayed for some reasons I’ll get into a
little bit later in this video I am however gonna be bringing a part two
throughout this attack on Titan video for certain topics that I did touch on
anyway let’s jump into this juicy chapter right from the start of this
referring back to the uprising arc it is almost a little ironic how much you say
I’m on did not like that part of his writing for attack on Titan yet the
foundations that in the uprising are still very relevant today anyway getting
into Ymir’s backstory just by the way being something that I did touch on in
part two I really figured that image backstory was something that had already
been shown or foreshadowed there’s someone in the current story which makes
sense for how he say my likes to do his parallels and has been writing this
story so far turns out a mere with some random slave
kid that was captured and put to work there was this mention about their eyes
being taken in other words them eventually being blinded I could be
overthinking this but it really feels like you say I must making a subtle of
reference here multiple parts in fact first off you have the very recent
example Ymir blindly moving forward and then also the world to some extent
blindly moving forward the second parallel I thought of was those actors
from Willy’s play if you recall back to that stage playing those actors were
actually blinded in other words just fighting ignorantly and really being
blind as to this cycle of continuous fighting in a sense this history of pain
and suffering continuing to repeat itself anyway getting into actual
Ymir-chan situation so Ymir chan was blamed or should I say she
allowed herself to take the blame of course for this he had the very obvious
parallel with the Ymir centuries that are being the one to take a very similar
burden again and with the theme of history of repeating yourself to some
extent before moving on you really should notice how important this moment
is up until this point he got in so many different accounts of what the truth
could be was there to deal with the devil was a divine power but no it
wasn’t that this was something that was really expecting this whole mythical
magical Titans stuff started from something pretty mundane oh the slave
girl got blamed for letting some of the bacon run free. In other words a bunch of
anchors started this whole Titan disaster this actually made me think
back to that rat from the Avengers that helped at men escape the quantum realm
funny how that works then for the infamous line you are free I am betting
that the original Japanese line was around the lines of the manga Oh Maya
Wan GU de that of course being the line from the final manga panel which feels
like a very you see I’m a thing to do you are free how this whole story began
and how it ends there by completing the cycle by the way for right here so you
see Ymir chan bleeding so much it looks like they did remove Ymir
eyes although it’s really hard to tell from these little quality scans as for
that weird giant ass she was at eat resumed the source of all organic
veggies right here you have Union strangely falling into some liquid some
water I immediately thought back to a different scene think back to the attack
on Titan season 3 uprising ending you had young Historia falling into some
water come on how awesome is that? Also don’t forget about the shine of
the blood falling on the flowers from the ending naturally you see emma has
been heavily involved in the production of the attack on titan anime but i do
wonder at times how much did he say am i actually tell the wit studio cuz i’m
sure he told the director or more this upcoming stuff i’m sure that’s been
officially mentioned at one point but here’s a fun idea just thinking about
all the animators i’m self working and drawing this stuff without really
knowing entirely what it means just think stuff like this really makes me
wish the latest attack on titus season 3 part ii had a better ending they better
go all-out for for although at that point the monk I
should be done maybe anyway getting it to one of the potential negatives for
this chapter so the actual reveal of this whole Titan
truth so wasn’t some demon or some dude with a halo so according to this the
truth was this alien thing connecting itself randomly to Ymir spine oh my god
it was Aliens the whole time and I’ve actually seen people mention this almost
trolling me in the past come on Attack on Titan when fully
darling in the Franks sorry my darling PTSD kicking in but let’s actually
examine this in detail for a moment one of the things that has had me worried
for a while was eventually getting to this point when they say I’m I started
diving into where exactly the true origins of this Titan mess started in
other words going back to Ground Zero starting with the Ymir chan. For a while
part of me had wished he same I had just left it vague still giving us enough
info but vague enough offenders could speculate on the flipside not concrete
enough to give us a step-by-step process this chapter with this detail feels like
it’s getting dangerously specific I think I could have done completely
without that panel of the spinal thing attaching itself to Ymir chan but for
now let me know your thoughts on this I still need to think about it a little
more do you fully want to know the details of this whole Titan process how
do you feel about it being this almost alien parasite type of deal anyway the
female Titan arrives really the OG YMIR Titan at this one is starting to really
feel like the female Titan really only embodies the Ymir’s female trait. You
really have to love this area imagery of there’s you mere Titan it really makes
me think back to stuff like from the berserk manga and that stuff was eerie
imagery like the cassette movie. By the way did you notice for the Ymir Titan
how huge is this thing could the same be colossal Titan sized think about that
for a moment next up what happened was there a jump
cut here I mean how the hell did you get from you married to going titan mode to
this point in time this brings up a lot of questions that the titanium ear
simply obey the king without any questions why did the king and the
people not question this monster little girl I mean it wasn’t like they were
trying to turn Ymir into this Titan monster they were freakin playing hyung
games with her small ass why did he mere freakin follow this douchebag guy post
Titan powers I mean he may could have recently hauled down on him and thrown
him like a chihuahua really when I got to this page I had a triple check that
no pages were missing I am going to bet that he sane was gonna fill out some of
the details later then getting into the detail about the Eldia tribe now getting
stronger so now it looks like Grisha’s made up history was somewhat right
titanium here didn’t make freeways Disneyland and gave you high-speed
Internet she truly deserves to be praised who knows perhaps it was Eren
just feeding gracious some information at that point although on the serious
note take a look at this email comp list all of this just not of her own will the
great Eldia was built on the back of a little girl as for Ymir’s reward about
this come on for us to have kids with this ugly
bastard looking at the founding orgy Titan this thing seems to resemble
death itself it’s looking all tentacley in the midsection
oh but actually that might be a little ribcage sticking out it now makes me
think back to the Titan Kesha mid-transformation or that rod 120 meter
Titan this specific Ymir Titan pose reminded me of two previous manga
penguins recently Titan reiner trying to catch
foot pole Eren before that touchdown and it wasn’t an entirely the same but
think back to mindless Titan Armin, As for another detail you should notice
here was Marley being mentioned so turns out Marley did exist back then
and was taken out by the original Ymir all it took was a single Titan so
perhaps you can’t blame Marley for being pissed off centuries later
next up we have pregnant historia honestly for this I almost did a
double-take naturally this is a pregnant Ymir Oh though come on who did not think
back to pregnant his story of present-day he Sam is definitely
hammering down the parallel between the Americas story here and yes you know
what that means ultimately happy me here starring the royal blood family branch
so back in the attack on Marley actually had Willy drop a Titan piece of info
something that a lot of people seem to have forgotten
Ymir having three daughters which later the great walls were named after while
Rose Maria and Sina here you actually get to see these daughters I just wonder
how oh woodsey me here 16:18 early 20s I really don’t think the guy would have
cared got her as pregnant and her teens it
just so happens to be that Ymir got pregnant later on anyway moving forward
into the end of Ymir so you got the prevail here Ymir’s unfortunate death
come on that is some serious Stockholm Syndrome right there protecting her
horrible wretched master at this point was it really that unfortunate it seems
like this girl had a very terrible life up until this point so here’s something
that I mentioned in my part two video for a while there was this mystery about
how exactly titanium air died the details on that have been vague I always
suspected that was something not involving the Titan powers something
like iam you’re having an early death either Ymir taking her own life or
someone killing her something like killing Ymir to try to steal the
Titan powers away or just do to you me being a threat something you should
notice here is something not mentioned which is a cursive beam yure previously
it was not that this Titan curse would do to Ymir dying about 13 years later
after taking the Titan powers in reality it was her really just taking the bullet
for this curse at kinga it really does seem like this cursed or something like
I suspected for a while the curse really just being this byproduct of Ymir
dying prematurely or you mere being about 13 years old at the time of
becoming the og founding Titan it as for Ymir’s actual death come on no
Titan healing factor while in human form what a freakin ripoff perhaps that human
healing factor didn’t come until future iterations or it could be like you’ve
heard a couple of times in the story that the Titan healing takes into
consideration the owners will to live for him his case really not hard to see
why the poor girl would have not wanted to live at this point that’s for the
next panel definitely a parallel to when Zeke was dying could this mean the
Ymir’s message 2,000 years into the future was her commanding or giving some
message to Zeke I mean you had that Titan with their eyes closed that
happened to save Zeke’s life then upon her death seems that poor Ymir got
sentenced to another punishment for ever sentenced to the Titan realm serving the
royal family come on how cruel is that anyway getting
into something that should seem very very familiar although something that I
feel that was more obvious this going back to the attack on Titan season 2
ending ever wonder how the og Titan powers got passed along if you think
about it it’s not exactly like they had tied
in injections the next best thing just taking Ymir’s daughters all three of
them and had them freakin munch on their tasty mama this was something that I
brought up in part two the only slight thing that I did add was thinking that
there were six others from the king for a family that join in on this Ymir
buffet turns out not the case he sang him I did previously mentioned
there were tons of secrets in that ending stuff not yet revealed the event
in the manga it is funny how stuff keeps on popping up from this late in the
attack on Titan end game for the actual events that played out that is a damn
depressing situation for these kids unfortunately it’s gonna be one of those
things it’s gonna be massively centered in the anime I almost feel like you same
as going all out at this point not caring from people getting their brain
shot out Eren’s flying head and now this. Let’s see how the anime changes
this I could actually see them doing this scene from behind it’ll be an easy
way to cover this up and also save on that animation budget notice in this
panel you can actually get a clearer shot at that symbol of aldia right on
top of the king’s crown it’s that starved
shiny looking thing after this it seems like the rest was history we had that
cycle beginning of passing the titan powers down for this notice in the Titan
realm we have three different paths from that Titan Christmas tree truly the
beginning of everything at this point Eren just needs to turn into mr.
lumberjack and chop that baby down great thing that he got the Warhammer Titan
them next up is am i touching you and teasing you in the right way finally
seeing some other original Titan forms for your favorite Titans naturally that
huge fell in the back the original claws of Titan the armored Titan is over here
on the left pretty thick neck on this fellow in the
female Titan too bad not Annie but come on oh my god
is a tough working horse that’s most definitely the cart Titan although what
type of Titan science went into creating that one as for mr. jaws Titan the face
on this one awfully looks like a skull notice the Warhammer Titan in the middle
but not with an actual hammer but a spear so hey it looks like that one
Titan with the spear from the great Titan war art was the war armored Titan
and not the attack Titan like a lot of us thought the hairy Titan in the back
that’s against shaving no doubt the B’s Titan that only leaves the question
about the attack Titan and filming Titan in the picture there’s
really only one Titan shifter left by the way did you notice they kind of just
skipped over how it went from the Ymir buffet into these nine distinct Titans
three of these Titan scene are from Ymir’s daughters and then would it be
too far-fetched to think that the three daughters had three kids to repeat the
process that would be the easy explanation to see how he got nine
Titans the read honors three kids but how exactly or why did it stop at nine
all of these nine Titus shefter star also a bit unique in their design wants
to stand out of course include the horse cart Titan and then the colossal
Titan in the back. Looks like the colossal Titan took over the science
trait of the beloved Ymir ancestor. Next up
Ymir working for I would guess years and years making those millions of colossal
Titans come on this is where you needed that Titan cement truck can you just
imagine the time that she had to make the 120 meter Titan I could picture
Ymir on taking an order the closet Titan special coming up only this time
super-sized but anyway enough of the flashbacks what is this Boruto’s dad?
What a lovely Eren Ymir moment so it turns out Eren wants to end all of this
which we kind of already knew everyone really wants to give you mere freedom
pretty interesting turn of events for this whole Jager brother situation. You have
Zeke a royal blood member commanding the small girl just like the original king
once did and the flip side you have Eren Jaeger not commanding her but a sin
wants her to decide on her own giving her free will so was Ymir chan just
waiting for that errand hog I could actually think of a certain Ackerman who
would be super jelly and actually this scene makes me think back to that
rooftop scene of Hange hugging Mikasa. Then I expect this to be an ultimate
moment for the Anime poor Ymir chan finally opening her eyes right here
definitely notice her expression at this point this is very infamous
she’s really looking like Eren did back in attack on titan season 3 at least
some mouth shape for a moment let’s actually take a step back from this
whole tied to room scene here Eren hugging little Ymir Chan for a split
second and made me feel like Attack on Titan with a completely different
series it really feels like it’s going back to familiar trope we have the
magical loli with powers that you need to save anyone that’s signed up to
attack on Titan because of the actions in season one definitely never saw any
of this coming anyway back in the real world
freaking called it! As it turns out everyone was freaking overthinking
however in what firkin survived turns out that the simple solution was a
correct one just go titan mode. By the way is anyone a fan of this whole Eren
centipede spinal thing it really makes me think back to some things out of
claim or a berserk or some of the darker manga I’ve seen. As for a quick coming
from your favorite girl Gabby so it looks like no harm at all from her
shooting that anti-titan rifle butt suck it Gabby. You can’t keep a good
Jaeger bro down watch next after she’s gonna freakin headshot him again or
something that is if Gabby isn’t freaking traumatized by seeing that
sight in front of her which by the way how close this she to that Titan
transformation? I mean who doesn’t have a craving for this barbeque Gabby at this
point about the actual final page this actually reminds me of that cliffhanger
from the uprising arc hopefully you manga readers recall this
the previously thought historia was going titan mode but nope it was the raw
guy so hopefully Isayama’s not doing this random fake-out I mean that
Titan skeleton does look awfully large immediately the one other person you
think of could be our Miss colossal Titan but the guy might be too far so
are we gonna get a different Eren Titan form it would be about time not to
mention he sama has kind of for shine with that in one of the covers by the
way let’s get ready to rumble it’s finally beginning right now it’s looking
like it’s only the closet items from the actual district sorry Zeke onni-chan you
lose more importantly I do want to bring up the final attack on Titan sound it
feels like this could be it next chapter you have the close of Titan Stampede
beginning now it’s time for arming to call out to Eren can Armin
stop or do something to his best buddy find out next time on Titan ballsy but
for a moment I do want to go back to the whole origins of how Ymir got her powers
was it a deal with the devil some divine powers as expected it really all depends
on which side of history you were on in reality it was this somewhat random
almost Alien-like parasite that was there for whatever reason so here mele thoughts
right now as of this video and death they chime in down below. I really wish
that he say yeah my hat not showing us this it would have been better if you
had seen that big-ass tree followed by Ymir falling there’s some dark abyss
boom Titan mode and then just continue the mystery right there. Now I can’t stop
thinking of freaking Alien (movie) but perhaps I’m in the minority on this. Ever since
we’ve been inching close to the end I have been getting worried that certain
aspects of the story would get over explained if the actual truth is this
being some random parasite and that’s pretty much all there is to it I think
I’m gonna rather not have known about this if anything else at this point just
stop don’t further try to explain some of the parts of the Titan origins but
let’s see how Isayama handles it. that said there’s still is tons here
that you’re left in the dark about unsurprisingly this new attack on Titan
chapter brings more questions than answers whatever was the actual truth
about the great Titan war how much of Willy’s version was correct was there
more to the Eldian King vow what exactly happened post Ymir’s death all the way up
to the great titan war were due the Ackerman’s fit in this picture how about
the Asian clan why are they so special Next up let me bring up part two
unsurprisingly everyone’s been asking me so much about the end of attack on Titan
in part two originally that video was scheduled to come out a week after part
one so without getting too much into the details I did have some personal reasons
for the delay some of that involved me just traveling back to the u.s. recently
it got to the point where the knee chapter was right around the corner so I
figured I would just wait at this point in time that videos mostly done it would
just needs some polishing for the new chapter I do need to update that with
some of the new reveals here mostly stuff about Ymir chan and one specific
thing involving Eren. For now expect part two next week coming up before then I’m
actually gonna be doing this summer Anime overall quick dunks
look forward to that and time really flies by some random a season is pretty
much done so definitely check out my video which fall Anime you should be
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anyway this was an intense chapter so go ahead and post your thoughts down below
I do try to read a lot of your comments especially stuff posted within the first
few hours check out the top anime coming this fall season check out the end of
attack on Titan in part 1 and definitely don’t miss SAO war of the underworld
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    ok, so I'm gonna say the obvious here, for foxen – Ymir's taking the blame, taking the fall, everything – you clearly haven't been, or felt like a slave. looking at the first few pages, she must have been born into enslavement by the eldians themselves, to serve a master is the beginning and end of the world for her, there is simply nothing else, she has never been shown what a choice is, even after getting god like power, she still doesn't know what a choice is, she simply returns to a master, using her powers to better serve him.

    taking the spear and more importantly not getting up is what made the attack titan, the impression I got is that she was delaying her healing like reiner had shown before, in what season 2 covers before R v E first round, she refused to serve him for any longer, the actual point of her death is being eaten by her children, it is truly allowing herself to die to make her free from serving him, or so she thought, she serves his descendants throughout history

    the uh… the spine thingee? I haven't seen any saucers in the sky above shiganshina, so an alien isn't really a satisfying conclusion, I still wonder what it is though, a root? a sea slug like parasite? ygdrassil? it's the source but will probably never have a full explanation, considering no one had seen it and it's not like paradis has our level of medical science where the nervous system is more accurately mapped, I would say though since the attack titan has future and past memories Kruger's version of history, where Ymir apparently finds a plant, is much closer to the truth than the demon or god myths

    a short thing about the mouth shape when eren gives Ymir a choice, that's pretty much the face every attack titan has, baring their teeth, perhaps with some anger, and with some sense of freedom

    the last few pages stuff with jesus eren? I say jesus eren in jest but what I'm thinking is that the titan he's forming now is bigger – all hail colossal god eren, he's convinced Ymir to hand over the keys to OG titan powers, he's going to lead the wall titans to destroy everything, he no longer needs zeke

  • Since now I know what gave Ymir her powers I would like to know what gave Ymir her powers.

  • Reiner: „i had the worst past u could ever imagine“

    Ymir: „hold my spinal monster“

  • What do I think?
    I think that the liquid in the abyss Ymir fell into was actually Titan Spinal Fluid and that Titan Spinal Fluid isnt real spinal fluid, it's just that weird liquid that can only survive in that special tree.

  • That freaking king!!!
    Screw him for traumatizing everyone like that!!!

  • So, Marley really right about Eldian. Evil ethnic.

  • Gabbie shoots Eren

    Eren – haha.. that was planned I made this anime

  • Season 4 trailer

  • That water abyss with a creepy parasite is some Lovecraft horror

  • i mean considering her name is ymir and she got her power inside a tree inside of a weird water like liquid. the tree is yggdrasil since in norse mytho ymir was created from drops of water

  • People got it all wrong and are so mad for no fucking reason about the TRUE origins of Ymir and the Titans. People truly believed some sorta devil had given her the powers, even I did. I just assumed that Eren managed to obtain all titans power and gave it to her in the past somehow.

    But THIS was better. I should have thought Isayama would have made it an organic occurrence. If you know a single drop about History then you'd understand how it turned into a story of Ymir gaining her powers from the devil and how "She" birthed and started the great Titan war.

    In History people believed a Godly being by the name of Helios controlled the sun and rode on a golden chariot of sorts. Or in Egypt they believed Ra would grant them Sun.

    Everyone believed the Earth was flat and began saying it was facts until we learned? It wasn't flat, and that the Sun is actually a GIANT ball of gas, and it's actually a "star".

    The legends FAR outstripped the realities of our lives and same thing with Attack On Titan. The people saw her go into a tree, and suddenly she SHOOTS up as a Titan. They would assume she made a deal with the devil and it gave her powers.

    Ymir didn't hulk out cause she didn't have the will to do so. She was a slaved at the youngest age, and was abused into submission so even when she is given such power she doesn't want to do it, and truly cannot. She is paralyzed and stuck following their orders she knows NOTHING else. She died cause she wanted to at that point, but was, for some reason, drawn into the Titan Limbo to follow the Royal bloodlines orders.

    My assumption as to WHY 9 Titans are special and the rest are just mindless zombies is due to the Spine, I believe actually had 9 spines to it. She absorbed it all and became the one-true Titan? Maybe? or JUST a host until she can imbue 9 others with the powers of the special spines.

    Maybe the 3 daughters ingested one spine with special powers, and then had kids which were birthed with the other spines that those children ate, and were inheriting powers thereafter.

    Perhaps after being infected by one of the 9 special titans they are now, truly, overgrown zombies that are subjected to Slavery, and operate exactly as Ymir did, being a true reflection of her, but with massive aggression for some reason, just acting on instinct. They don't have the special spinal fluid so they aren't a True Titan.

    I LOVE Attack On Titan's writing tbh. It's great and this Titan Origin Reveal was phenomenal.

  • This chapter sent Shivers down my spine.

  • Us, Asians are the only one that can rival Europeans, Eldians.

  • Don't forget about the season 2 ending.

  • Now that i think about it the tree makes sense becuase plants use photosynthesis to get food and energy and as we know titans dont eat people to survive and they are inactive at with the exeption and some titains but titains can regenrate limbs like trees to with leaves and branches so theyre pretty much using photosynthesis to to live but thats just a theory A FIL….. Wait a minute wrong channel😂😂😂

  • I think the reason Ymir didn't regenerate herself is because YMIR IS THE ONE who rebuilds the bodies of the titans and the shifters.

  • I wish they would have left the origin of Ymirs power unanswered. Not knowing what the actual truth is made the Idea of Kruger so much better, that there is no such thing as "Truth".
    Now it feels like its kinda the third theory that Kruger told Grisha, "came in contact with the source of all organic life"

  • Ymir titan mouth structure is kinda like erens

  • The tingler…..

  • “Did you notice how big Ymir’s titan form was”…yeah because the Collosal titan is a fragment of Ymir’s titan form.

  • Omg that's why they only live for 13 years after the receive a titan!! What if ymir died at the age of 13?!! I mean they did say she was a kid and I'm sure back then marrying children was normal.

  • So, the story about titan shifters that die after 13 years is false !! Ymir didn't die with no reason, she was shot dead ! Which means the titan shifters could live longer than 13 years right ? I'm confused !

  • The blood on the flowers was from when Hannes died (R.I.P Hannes)

  • Zeke: nobody can stop ymir when she start walking
    Eren: hold my beer…

  • This chapter: eren talks to ancient little girl who has alien wood in her spine, then becomes giraffe and goes siccomode and lets mexicans in while everyone watches.

  • maybe its was a tree root

  • If the spear went through ymir's spine then she would've died instantly. Also i think she went back to the king because she knew the kings men would hunt her down until she died so she went back and showed the king her new powers with the hope that he would spare her, and he did but he still looked down on her

  • Has it been explained why when the Jaeger family have control over a titan they have pointy ears in their titan form? Is their blood line special?

  • After Ymir got her powers, why didn't she just step on Fritz? She could have been like "I'm running shit now"

  • Maybe it wasn't an alien thing but a parasite fron the tree.

  • I I think it should be mentioned that King Fritz was cutting out the tongues of all his slaves. That is why Ymir never spoke and the other slaves pointed at her instead of accusing her out loud. I think it's pretty clear that the "devil" in the origin story was King Fritz. I also didn't think the creature was an alien, but just the last of an ancient parasite that had evolved some pretty amazing powers. I personally like the parasite explanation because it explains why cutting the spinal cord can kill a Titan as the parasite/spine is the source of the power.

  • I don't feel anything was over explained at all, we have no idea what the spine monster was and it almost seems as though king fritz did plan it somehow. we really don't know. just like you pointed out there's a big jump from Ymir turning titan and then kneeling before king fritz again. I'm so excited to read the next chapter. in my opinion Isayama has never over explained anything that's always been the appeal of attack on titan the mystery and the puzzle pieces slowly falling together. you can't get mad just cuz the puzzle is finally getting completed.

  • Nice 👍🏻

  • I got theory about ishiyama make the spinn off kinda to make some people know how the attack titan from, attack titan not officially the direct connection about Ymir you can see just 8 titan in the panel and the attack titan just come from normal people that's why after attack titan the eldian become the royal blood(direct descendant) not non royal descendents)

  • sees annie
    Immediately clicks on vid*

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