Tree Chop Challenge: The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History

[ music ] – Hey, B, what is this place,
man? What are we doing out here? – So, during
the Revolutionary War, there was a constant
need for wood. Not only for heat but building
their cabins. You know, I mean, you gotta have
heat to be a blacksmith, right? – For sure. – So the blacksmith wouldn’t
want to do the work on his own. He would tell his apprentice, “Hey, go chop me some wood,”
right? Fitting with the theme
of this week, why not see who can chop down
a tree first? – What do you think?
– Yeah. Okay. Plus I owe you from going ice fishing with me
in Minnesota, too. – Yeah, you do owe me a lot.
– Yeah, big, big. – Peter Francisco probably would
have had to chop wood every single day, being a
blacksmith’s apprentice. In order to experience everyday
life during the Revolution, I decided to take Nick with me
to cut down a tree. Do you want to make it
interesting? Maybe a little bet or something? – Sure.
– What would you like? – Loser buys winner a steak.
– How big? – 23, 24 ounces. – Okay, I’ll work with that. If they’re smaller than that,
we get two. – Okay.
– All right. – I want to win everything
that I can win if I’m presented with a
challenge. I want to beat Brian because
he’s the best there’s ever been. – I’ve got everything we need
right here. We’ve got our axes, safety
glasses, some gloves. Ready to do this? – Yeah, you came ready. – Safety first, my friend,
safety first. The last thing that I want to do
is let Nick Best beat me. He’s never beaten me in a
strongman contest. – So, B, let me “ax” you this.
Which tree you wanna chop down? – Did you really just
try to do that? – I did.
– I’ll let you pick. Which one? You want that one, or you want
that one down there? – Uh, I think I want that one.
– All right. Ready, set, go. [ music ] – I have never cut down
a tree before, so I have no idea what the right
technique is for this. Turns out cutting down a tree is
a lot more cardio than strength. – It’s a lot harder to cut down
a tree than people think it is. It’s really difficult to swing
an ax into a tree over and over again for about
10 to 12 minutes. Plus those were oak trees, and that’s some of the hardest
wood you’ll ever run into. It’s probably the worst tree
to start on if you’re going to start
learning how to chop down a tree. – I see exactly what you’re
doing. Chopping higher on the smaller
part of the tree. I feel like we should have
set a rule that it couldn’t be fricking
four feet high. – No, because you swing in
a straight line. It’s like hitting a baseball. See, I can hit it really hard
like this. – I instantly learned a few
things about cutting down trees. Number one, you don’t want to
chop a tree necessarily at the widest part. It’s better to go where the
trunk is a little bit smaller. And number two is…
wood is not soft. And my ax maybe is not sharp
enough. But I figured when
I chopped the tree that the ax would go into the
tree a lot more than it did. – If he would have asked,
I would have told him, but he didn’t ask,
so I didn’t tell him. Timber! Yeah! Steak! – Good job, Nick. – Sorry, B. I’ve probably chopped down
50 or 60 of these. – It turns out that Nick is really good at
cutting down trees. Maybe it’s because he’s so old
that when he was a kid, they literally had to
cut down trees to get heat in their homes. Man, I gotta say,
I came out here wanting to experience all things
Revolutionary War. And if they did this all day,
more power to them, man. You ready to get out of here? – Yeah.
– All right, let’s go. – Thanks, Brian, for the T-bone. I’ll be collecting that
within the next week.

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