Transition to Lightning Bootcamp

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are in listen-only mode good morning Everyone, we’re just at the top of the
hour, so we’re gonna give everyone about 60 more seconds to join and then we will
get started for session six. Okay let us get started welcome to our
final session of our lightning bootcamp What we’re going to talk about rolling
out and optimizing I’m Anne Crawford and by now you should be familiar with me
and also with Katie Powell. Hello everyone thanks for joining the sixth
and final session sixth and final session we’ve made it we’re over the
hump for moving on. So as usual, we’ll start with a forward-looking statement
remember to make purchasing decisions only upon currently existing
functionality. We have the summer 19 release just around the corner so we
might hear about a few exciting features to look forward to but by based on
what’s currently available and again congratulations for making it to week
six this is like a hint towards one of those summer 19 features coming out do
you want to talk about they yeah it’s called celebration and it’s on path and
you I think it’s on path we’ve already looked at now I’ve already forgotten how
you set it up but it’s a little bit like if you’ve been on Salesforce awhile and
if you remember what they called big deal alerts you could set if your
opportunity was closed one and you could set a certain amount and it would fire
off an email to whoever you wanted saying big deal alert yay this is even
more exciting based on a particular pick list value you can have confetti display
so I mean the thought was that you’d use it for opportunity if you got to close
one and you could set other conditions you would you could have this confetti
come out to your display on your record so just a little bit of a nice thing for
your users but you can do it on other objects and picklist fields as well so
check that out in your sandbox yes I think it’s kind of fun and I like
getting that as well when you earn a badge on trailhead just for that split
second just adds a little extra pop to celebrate yeah yeah celebrate where you
can so we hope you’ve been able to catch all of the sessions over the past six
weeks but if not just wanted to remind you that the recordings and slides are
posted in our chatter group in the hub and we expected that chatter group to
remain active and serve as a tool for you to connect with us and other users
in this cohort and has run this bootcamp once or twice already and those groups
still remain active people post their big wins and their challenges as as they
continue the work after the this boot camp series so please kind of stay
connected there yeah yeah and that’s a good point we get questions and comments
almost every day on one of the bootcamp groups or another as people work through
different challenges and as Katie said you know and they share their successful
rollouts as well which is really great to hear about because we know everyone
is in different places at this point but through today’s webinar we’ll share
helpful best practices no matter where you are in this transition now we will
have our weekly poll so you can share that out but today’s session will really
focus on getting the most out of this new user experience so well we’ll pop
back in and start with something that we touched on right at the very beginning
this might look familiar to you we just wanted to reiterate that you as the
admin don’t have to do this alone and in fact our recommendation is that you do
assemble a lightning adoption team to help you with this transition if you
haven’t done that already because the goal is really to create a more
personalized experience for your users to help them be more productive and to
do that you want to make sure that you get all of those voices as input you
want to include the right people in your organization and here on the slide is
just an example of who that team may be and keep in mind that people can serve
and want more than one role so you might be you’re the executive director at the
Salesforce admin or you might have super users on staff who helped you with
change management and serve as your lightning champions but the takeaway is
just that the more you engage with your team the better adoption will be and the
overall experience will be the end product will be will be that much better
when you have the stakeholders involved from the very beginning and then we’ll
go back to our three phases of this journey the discover rollout and
optimize and we really want to focus here on setting up the pilot group of
users so we know from the weekly poll that several of you already have
established these groups and have enabled lightning experience for them so
we just wanted to remind you that lightning experience is that an org wide
setting that will be enabled for everyone in October when you turn it on
the whole order can eventually get access but just remember only those
users with standard profiles will have the Lightning user permission assigned
to them by default and could access lightning from that menu if you have
moved your users to custom profiles you can turn on lightning experience and no
one except you and any other system administrators would know that
so for users on custom profiles in terms of rolling out you have a few options
that we’ve covered in different weeks throughout this session so you know you
can grant access to individual users by assigning permission sets with the
lightning experienced user permission enabled you can roll out two groups of
users by enabling that permission at the profile level and you might remember
from the transition toolkit you can enable the lightning experienced
permission on a user by user basis so these would really be your lightning
champions if they don’t fall into either of those two previous groups so just
remember that you have several more allowed options and we
and when you start small with a pilot and you can roll out to groups of users
defined by profile or permission set that’s actually how we did it internally
at Salesforce different profiles were granted access to lightning experience
on a rolling basis you also always have the option to roll it out to your entire
organization we talked about diving in headfirst and I remember from chatter
could think of it more as a cannonball or even more gracefully as a swan dive
if you just want to go all in for all of your users then you definitely want to
make sure that you have ways to collect feedback this can include a lightning
transition chatter group you might remember you have the option to enable
feedback form you can configure how often that form appears if a user
switches back to classic you can just ask them to quickly quickly answer why
they’re switching back and that goes to a public chatter group that that you can
figure and that’s a great place to collect and provides you a way to
analyze feedback see if there’s something specific that you may have
missed that users still feel that they need to go back to classic for so that
might be functionality you need to configure it might just highlight a
training issue they might not know that they can accomplish that another way
enlightening and this side just is set out to remind you that Salesforce is
constantly innovating if you’re in this boot camp lately likely you’ve been
working with Salesforce for a while so you’re aware of the three major releases
and that nearly if nearly all development is happening in lightning
experience and so you really want to keep up with the latest and greatest and
and colleagues from our team host release webinars with each with each
Salesforce release that highlight the best of Salesforce comm enhancements as
long as well as additional features that have been
released in NPSP so you keep your eye out for announcements about those in the
Power Of Us Hub and that’s really a great way to keep up with the latest and
greatest and learn about new lightning only features as they’re developed and
released um Katie your microphone is is um kind of blipping a bit do you want
me to just take over the slides for a minute if or I don’t know if you another
one you can swap in sure yes let me check something okay there
about that hopefully this is better yeah that sounds better okay thanks for the
heads up I thought it was on my end but Jessie said that told me that she was
hearing it too so yeah okay great yes so just in terms of new releases last year
there were over 600 features that were introduced that were available in
lightning only so you’re already on the right path
planning out this transition and the sooner it’s complete the sooner you can
take advantage of all the great functionality that lightning has to
offer we really suggest that you measure monitoring success metrics
you’ll see a lightning usage app that you can take advantage of that will
really show how your users are engaging and collecting feedback like I mentioned
earlier and after that phase is done you’ll constantly be iterating and
improving on what you’ve done participating in those release webinars
is a great way to keep up with those with those options and here as I just
mentioned is the Lightning uses app so this is an app that’s available to you
right from the app launcher clip click the app launcher in the upper left and
type in usage you’ll you’ll be able to pull up a lightning usage act which just
has a pre-built collection of reports that monitors some key metrics like the
number of monthly active users in lightning the number of daily active
users and users and lightning and it will highlight trends like specific
users or maybe even profiles who that are still heavily active and classic you
might want to check in with them and see if there’s something that that there
that they feel is lacking and I’ll also highlight things like the standard
lightning pages that are used the most so you can see where where people are
finding that value and this is just a great way to monitor and hopefully take
action too increase adoption across your org and
then we also wanted to remind you about the Salesforce optimizer report which
you can find right in that lightning usage app and this is like the readiness
report something you can run more than once but it is just a great tool that
will give insight into the health of your org highlight things like fields
and page layouts that are no longer being used in areas where you can
potentially clean up your org get rid of some of the the clutter that’s built up
over the years through customization so we just want to help you make the best
of these tools as you move through your transition and then here you’ll receive
in the deck these links to the Lightning roadmap and this is just a great page to
reference as you’re working through if you come across features that you either
wish were available or are curious about the roadmap will really lay out line by
line features that either have already been delivered and lightning whether
those are coming in future releases or in certain cases whether that isn’t a
feature that will will be transitioned to lightning in some cases certain
functionality isn’t coming over and you can find an explanation about either why
or what it’s been replaced with and then finally as you get going you are really
going to want to make sure that training is its front and front and center of
your rollout strategy so one of the first resources that we recommend is
trailhead both for yourself as an admin and for your end users it’s a great
place to go to learn how to work in lightning experience there are both
screenshots as well as hands-on projects and and challenges that let you work
through work to step through work in lightning experience and if you hadn’t
seen already over the past several months our team
has been busy releasing Trailhead content that’s
specific to NPSP so you can provide to your end-users modules on fundraising on
program management and for yourself there’s also a complete trail on
Administering NPSP and those are all written in for lightening user
experience so it’s a great way to get people familiar with what they might see
and some of the great benefits they can get from it a lot of people also like
facilitating Lunch and Learn sessions where the group just comes together
share successes challenges maybe asks questions so sort of an office hours
type setting were you and and where your team can talk about questions that may
have arisen and really talk about feedback that’s been gathered over the
past few weeks or you can even combine the two and have a trailhead and Lunch
and Learn session we’ve heard about groups coming together to do this on a
regular basis and the idea is just no matter how you do it make sure it’s in a
format that works for your users and make space for training feedback and
dialogue yeah and Michael mentioned that he just did I think a half-an-hour
webinar with people in each of his office this is to start with just to
introduce it and then kind of moved on from there and did more individual
things as needed so kind of just depends on what your users what will resonate
most with your users sure that’s a great way to do it too if you have a team
that’s located in a different office than you might be and then you’re also
going to want to make sure that you users can get help fast that they don’t
feel stuck during this change and so some of the ways that we recommend to do that if it works best for your team create hardcopy documentation so this
could be a word doc or with a documentation software or like screen
steps that really steps users through step-by-step how they can do what
they’re used to doing in this new interface or potentially steps that may
have changed taking advantage of some of the features we’ve talked about in
earlier weeks like actions or or where those JavaScript buttons have been
converted then you could also create personalized in-app training
so there are partner apps you can find on the AppExchange like walk me that
will guide users on the screen even down to click by click instructions they’re
also great in that training features built right in to the interface and
lightning so just in spring 19 we introduced a
customizable help menu where you can add resources for specific to your
organization to sit right alongside Salesforce help and we’ll show you this
in the demo you’ll see it right next to the set up here in the upper right hand
corner and again there are other features to help with onboarding and
assistance coming out in summer 19 and beyond so that will be some exciting
functionality we’ll see as well and I just popped the release notes for the
in-app help into the chat oh thanks alright and another another nice trick
that you will see to help with users with training is just-in-time help with
a rich text component enlightening so we’ve talked about lightening components
and how those are the building blocks of your pages and you’ll see a great demo
of this as an builds out the Lightning page in the demo so the just make sure
that your users know where to get help and can easily access those resources as
they as they work through the change to their interface and we’ve also talked
about this concept a bit in other sessions use this transition as a chance
to reinvigorate your users to really get them excited so one example that we
really liked that was shared in a previous session was from a non-profit
despite having a solid salesforce implementation their staff was still
stuck in old habits using their phone contacts to to track interactions with
people and spreadsheets to manage their work and the admin was really coming up
against challenges to change its behavior but as part of this lightning
transition they invited the fundraising team to a training ask them to bring
their business cards that they wanted to enter into Salesforce and this was just
accomplished things from multiple fronts so it was a training opportunity to
introduce lightning to the team reintroduce Salesforce and get that
useful data into the system so we’re learning to use it was the first step
having the data that made it useful was was brought in right at the same time
and so they saw their user adoption go up by 50% in just the three months
following that training so the takeaway was just that by using lightning to
address their particular pain point that admin increased their Salesforce
adoption right away and the team was able to work more efficiently in
Salesforce and really get the most out of what was designed there okay and next
we’ll move to the demo so and we’ll talk us take us through a lot of what we just
talked about and you’ll see some really exciting ideas for optimizing for your
users on your team great thanks Katie let me take the screen back there we go before I started I just want
to show you this release notes I put this into the chat but I’m really really
excited about the new in-app guidance for training and onboarding enlightening
so you have the option to create either a floating prompt for your users and you
get to play you get to you know designate where it pops up what page it
pops up to and you can also set how often it displays and then if a user
takes the action or clicks dismiss it won’t keep popping up on them so
shouldn’t be too irritating and or you can have it docked to the bottom right
of your screen so depending on what what prompts you have you may want to put
them in one place or another yeah so I’m really excited about this
this is something people have wanted for a long time so we’re really starting to
see the Lightning address some of these long time kind of wouldn’t it be great
if requests from users that just weren’t possible in classic so keep your eye out
for that the June release will be coming out summer release would be coming out
in the first few weeks of June and we’ll be having our release webinar I think
it’s July 18th there abouts so that’s super exciting but in the meantime let’s
talk about some other things you can do now so we are in our Salesforce org and
this is probably roughly like what your homepage looks like when you just switch
on lightning so one thing you’re gonna want to do is take a look at that
homepage and just take out anything your users aren’t using or aren’t going to
use and put some things in that maybe your users will want to use so I think
by default we get something called quarterly performance which is great for
sales organizations but may or may not be relevant for your users as a
nonprofit and then your user could just refresh it whenever they want then we have at the bottom are today’s
events and our today’s tasks I don’t have any today but these are really nice
ways for your users your homepage should really be what you think of as being a
kind of command central for your users kind of where are they so that when they
open up Salesforce log into Salesforce for the day they can just have it be a
one-stop shop for like okay here’s my events here’s my tasks assistant is not
customizable this is a component that displays your open deals opportunities
and leads that need attention so if that’s something that your users could
use that they keep it if not you can take it off and then chatter that’s cool
so and then also use this when you start lightening you can add customizable help
so my recommendation is take a look at that home page that comes with your
organization and then just make a few adapt adaptations as needed and you
don’t have to do anything too fancy just take out anything that’s going to
confuse your users or or isn’t useful and put in something it is so I’m gonna
take out quarterly performance for this oops and then I can put in a rich text
component and so this is a great way to add help when needed and I’ve showed
this in other boot camps but it’s just so versatile and I am going to actually
I’ve got some links so I’m just gonna copy from my notes here just to save
time I’ve just got a bunch of resources for my users so I could say welcome to
lightning need help and i’ve got a video how to create a contact in household
from our NPSP videography committee which is enlightening so it’s not
specifically lightning training but certainly it shows
how to do work in lightning so you can leverage those I just have another video
that they might be interested in and then I have my chatter group that I set
up previously so get help here and then you can do
formatting etc maybe Center it there we go
just make it look nice for your users and then if you want you can add
component visibility so if you’re just rolling out lightning if you’re doing it
on a profile by profile basis which many of you may do maybe just have this
display only for the profiles that are just going onto lightning and then your
users who’ve been alighting for a while don’t have to see that or they or you
can create a different component for them and then as you get more
comfortable with lightning and your users get more comfortable with
lightning you can add a report chart here you can even add a dashboard
component if you want a lot of people like to do that let’s see I just I have
a fundraising dashboard and if I don’t want to take up too much real estate I
can actually limit the amount of height you know have it only be 200 or 100 and
then they’ll they use it we’ll get a scrollbar
oops must be at least 200 okay so take a look at your homepage see if
it meets your users needs and use that rich text component to help your users
get oriented okay so I would probably make that
dashboard component a bit higher it’s that’s it’s a little hard to see maybe
if I made it you know four hundred or something but you see you can stroll
here and then there are rich text component so that’s great on your home
page but you can even extend this further by adding contextual help to an
app so I can do that by going into setup and going into my app manager and then
we previously last week created our lightning app for nonprofit success
packs so we can edit that and we can add a utility item so what we’re going to do
is add a footer at the bottom of our screen and we’re gonna use the same rich
text component here and we’re gonna say yeah get help with lightning and it even
already has a lightning icon but if we could pick a different icon if we wanted
we can set the height and width here’s the defaults and you can even have it
pop out automatically if you wanted and maybe you might consider doing that when
you first log launched lightning for a couple days I don’t know if you’d want
it long term and then you can add in your help again here I’m just going to
make it just the chatter group just so they can find the that let shadow group
really fast and then while we’re here let’s just add
a few lightning only navigation items so once you’ve turn on lightning and once
you’ve created a lightning app you have a whole bunch of tabs that you weren’t
able to add before so you can add a few of these so let’s add tasks let’s add
our calendar we’re gonna add list emails email templates and quick text and we
just have those down there and we can drag and drop and rearrange them if we
want and if we can we can move this up a little bit easier to see if we want it
we use text a lot maybe we want to write at the front and then just check our use
of profiles here’s all the ones that we selected we’re not using our standard
profile so that’s fine maybe our volunteers aren’t going to be logging
into NPSP okay and then let’s refresh okay there’s our footer right there so
our users can find that at any time and then just go right to our chatter group and post something I can’t remember how
to use the report builder something like that and then you can address you can
monitor and address those questions that you get in that group and then one other
thing I want to show you is here if the question you can you can create custom
help here so I have in this organization added some documentation a trailhead
about NPSP for fundraising for end users and also the whole NPSP how to
videography series there’s a playlist for that in YouTube and I’ve just linked
to that so our users can just go through and look at anything they want this is
found in set up there’s a new onboarding section but my favorite thing is just to
type help and you can create a custom section for help and then add links and
I think up to 15 resources only – what’s that oh I was just saying I think the
audio cut out for a second I’m saying all only two resources show from the
help icon by default you can add up to 15 resources to that menu yeah and I
think they just have to click more right yeah they just click on here and then
you’d see all of them yeah you can do up to 15 but only the top two and these are
static and they’re not contextual so I will see the same resources whether I’m
on a contact page or whether I’m on a home page or whether I’m on our
opportunities page and it and it doesn’t vary by profile so
so keep that in mind that you should use some general help there and then you can
optionally decide to sit a show or hide Salesforce help to your users I happen
to like it but depending on your users so let’s see
let’s just take a look at that really quick just since we’re here yeah so this
is getting started this is context this is about lightning and this is
contextual depending on if you are an admin or an end-user so as an admin I’m
seeing different material being shown different cards than my end-user and as
I work through these resources others will rise to the top so you so that’s a
little bit more it’s less static than the custom help for that you can set for
your own org and then here’s just help in training support that’s only
available for admins etc so release notes again just for admin so this this
help menu does look a little different for end-users and admins okay so do we
have any question about any of those Katie before I start with Anne next part
of the demo no questions about those No okay cool so I just wanted to show you
kind of how we have a bunch of new lightning features and this isn’t so
much rollout so much it’s optimized and just be familiar with the feature so
that you can decide whether to use them and help your users understand how to
use them so I we are going to have in our organization we’re going to have a
spring phonebank campaign and we have a bunch of members
and we have a bunch of staff members and their staff members gonna be calling all
of our previous donors in this campaign and asking them to give but as we all
know we probably are not going to answer the phone if we don’t know that
somebody’s calling I don’t know I get so many robo calls unless I know somebody’s
calling me or I have them in my contacts I just don’t answer so I want to let
people know we’re going to be calling and we want to give them an incentive to
actually pick up the phone and donate at that time for our phonathon so we are
going to send them an email and let them know that we’re gonna be calling them so
we’re gonna go into contacts and we’re gonna create a new list view of our
phone bank participants so we’re gonna go in here and we’re gonna create a new
list and it’s gonna call us bring phone and I’m gonna make it all users I could
just share this with a list of a group of my users maybe my fundraising team and I am going to keep my contacts
because each staff member is gonna call the contacts that are assigned to them
and I’m going to also filter it by campaign so I’ve got my spring phone
bank campaign so I clicked on filter by owner and then that popped up the
campaign name filter and at this point you can only add one campaign but it’s
still cool and then so now we’ve got our list view then we are gonna actually pin
this list view make it our favorite which we have came out in spring of 19
so now if I click away and click back my I can set my default list view which is
really cool so I want to create my email and I am
going to use the email to list email to campaign a feature here so I’m gonna go
actually into my where’s my campaign oh here it is going to my spring
back bank campaign and if I go into the related lists here I can see my campaign
members here so I’ve got a hundred and four campaign members and if I click on
this button here on the side I can send a list email so this is new with
lightning and I think this came out in winter and ok and I’m just going to give
them some information so we’ve got our merged text available I can just say
first name and notice it is giving you the first name on both lead and contact
which is really cool thanks oops volunteers will be calling Wednesday 6
to 8 p-m and as a special thank you to those who give during our phonathon we
have tickets oops to next witness a Wednesday’s
performance of Hamilton so that would get me to answer the phone for sure if I
wanted to see Hamilton next week so and then you you could use your merge fields
again – this time on sender I just put my first name and I can put my
organisation as well there we go and then I’m not going to
send it but you could send it and and one question was whether you can use
templates from this screen yes and that is what so right here it says insert
create or update a template so I could have we access a template I’ve
previously used from here by creating insert a template or I can save as a new
template so I’m just going to save that one here spring phone-a-thon
and then now we have folders so you can select a folder
I’ve got development templates here and then even subfolders so that’s really
cool helps you organize your email templates which is great yeah and then if I once I had that I
could have inserted something from here and then notice you can do all templates
you can access your classic templates or just your own templates and then your
folders so a lot of functionality there Thanks and this email is coming from the
from your email address the user who’s logged in I believe so I think it’s from
my email not the org-wide but I actually am not 100% positive of that but Jessie
confirms yes okay Jessie confirm yes Thank You Jessie if you haven’t
participated Jessie just wrapped up a great series odd engagement for
nonprofits that covers sides of email campaigns and then community cloud
features oh yeah place the link to that as well yeah and I think Jessie’s gonna
be running that again in July but maybe she could confirm that because that’s a
really great series okay so now that our supporters know where we’re going to
call let us start to call so we’re gonna go back into our contact list view and
I’m just gonna start working on my calls so one thing I can do is make my call
and then I can just go over to Elise’s contact record and I am going to log a
call or actually I’m gonna create a new task cuz she did interview she did want
the tickets so say send expedite thank you note and I can you know fill in my
tasks reminding myself to send those tickets I’m gonna probably want it to be
pretty urgent because that the performance is next week you know but I
can do that but as you can imagine this is gonna get a little bit tedius if I have a lot of calls to make so I
can actually use the power of lightning to kind of create a prefilled task just
for this just for this thing I can just create a special phonathon Hamilton
tickets task so I’m going to do that right now actually let’s go from here object manager and I’m just gonna scroll
down to contact so I’m going to create a custom button a custom action just for
this so we’re going to create a new task and send Hamilton
Tix and that will call up our basic layout and then we can keep this we can
add things we can take things off we’re gonna actually take some things off
because we’re going to pre fill some of these fields so we’re gonna take off
subject you’re gonna take off due date will just leave name just to confirm
we’re doing the right one status we’re gonna preview Phil and priority we’re
going to pre-fill let’s just keep assigned to just in case we need to
assign it to somebody else and we’ll keep related to just for reference okay
so we’re gonna save and it’s telling us that these fields aren’t on the layout
but they must have a value to save successfully so you either have to add
them to the layout or provide a default value so priority and status we are
gonna provide a default value so we are gonna say yes so once we’ve created our
layout we can add our predefined values okay so we’re gonna say subject we’re
gonna use a formula and Hamilton tickets and we’re going to
add priority and we’re going to use a specific value high and we’re going to
say due date is today plus two we want this done pretty quickly okay so once
we’ve done that we are going to add this to our contact page layout so
remember this mobile enlightening action section this is the kind of command
central for all of our buttons and actions I say send Hamilton tix
and we’re gonna just pull it down to that area here and we can even make it
kind of come before log a call and new tasks maybe we have log a call first and
then new tasks so our users can see it really easily okay so let’s just show
you how how that’s gonna look on the page I mean refresh and here’s our new button our new action
and it automatically just only has our contact name Alisa Nunez assigned to me
I can change that if I need to and I can even add if I need to relate this to a
certain account like her primary affiliation or something if I wanted to
appear there I can do that and then if I save it is going to just create our new
task and it’s got our due date it’s got our subject it’s got our priority of hi
etc so that is a big time-saver okay so but the one thing is that still
requires us to enter list view to go into each individual contact and add it
and and add it from the contact which is still a little bit of a time-consuming
thing so if we’re really gonna be doing a lot of volume we can actually add a
button to our list view and do it right from here just by checking off any
contact we want to add that task to so how we do that as we go back into our
object manager we go back we’re in contact and we’re going to just go down
to our search layouts here and right here we see list view so we can go in
here and if we scroll down we can find our available quick actions and here
send Hamilton tix and so now once i refresh um let’s see
if it’s here yet yeah it’s there so I can check off all
the contacts that I’ve talked to and I can just click send Hamilton ticks
notice you can also send list email from a list view which is cool I just buy and
I can save and it’s gonna say I’m gonna perform this action on four records so
I’m gonna just mass create a bunch of tasks so super cool um then the other
thing I want to show you is quick text so let’s say we have a particular
contact Annabel Alvarez she did make a donation so she’s eligible for those
tickets but she’s gonna be out of town next week so she doesn’t want us to send
her tickets that would be a waste so we can just use our log a call feature here
and just say donated no tickets and one thing we have here is quick text so this
is something if you’re using if you do a lot of repetitive activities like
logging calls and tasks where you often reuse the same text you can create quick
text so it’s a little bit it’s not a macro but it’s similar to a macro so I I
can create different different quick texts here and I can just create one
right from here and I notice I’ve got a lot of different
merge fields from different objects I can create so it’s pretty it’s pretty
powerful in this case I just want first name I’m keeping it pretty simple that
does not need tickets and you can even categorize it by greetings closings etc
this is pretty cop popular for closings if it’s a certain signature way you like
to sign off on things you can do that etc and you can choose what channel that
your quick text is available on here so just another way to use lightning to
extend it and actually and quick text it has a tab so you can even see all of
your quick text you can organize them into folders etc so just take advantage
of that functionality as your users get used to lightning I mean this is
probably not anything you would introduce to them on day one of your
lightening rollout but just so that you have an idea of where you might be
headed in the future and then once you’ve created all these nice tasks just
I just want to quickly show you the tasks tab this is super cool you can you
know this is just a regular ListView but I can go in to my Kanban view I can see
on my delegated tasks if I’m a manager and see all my tasks that people
underneath me have maybe I want to rearrange something Tom’s too busy let’s
give it to Astro it doesn’t confirm it but it does work that’s I feel like
that’s a as an improvement needs to be made on that one and then the split view
is really a Productivity feature so you can just scroll along on the left and
see all your tasks on the right so added a lot of functionality around
tasks so okay is there anything I should answer before I hand over to you Katie
I’m just looking at the time realizing oh sure two questions so one question
from Sarah is there a way to set a predefined value for an entire page
layout for an object as opposed to the specific button like you were showing
with the action so it was just a middle of saying you can set that at the field
level for Ryan object manager on a pick list yes and if you have record you can
set it for a pick list or if you have record types then it can vary by record
type yeah those would be your two options yeah and a common use case for
that would be like if you have like an opportunity you have an acknowledgment
status of not acknowledged as a default and then you have to change it that to
show the acknowledge of donation Thanks and another question that came through
was just how recommended ways to track this increase in productivity or maybe
increase in donation or sales that users will see after moving to lightening so
we’ve talked a lot about these metrics that we want to measure so we have that
lightening usage app yeah it will show whether your users are working in
enlightening how often and then define what increases you want to see so if
it’s the if you want to look see a shortened time that opportunities take
to move too close you might use an opportunity history report to show that
they’re spending you know less time in each stage or if you want to track the
number of activities that are created or closed or overdue you might be able to
compare at different points in time how those numbers change and by daily
decrease yeah and I think a lot of those are like account of activities that are
created because that was one issue in classic because people would forget to
create activities and or and tasks and then wouldn’t close them and all that
because it was kind of cumbersome so okay and this is just that the usage app
looks like so you have various ways you can see who’s switching to classic which
is just helpful to help you know exactly who’s switching and why um you know I
apparently am the person who’s switching most to classic but this can really help
you target users who may be struggling a little bit more and spend some
one-on-one time with them I say as they move over okay I’m gonna hand that back to you
Katie to do our poll great Thanks and there’s one question about printing list
views which I know it’s bringing spring 19 we’ve got that printable view from
the record back I think the printable list view is still on the roadmap I
think so I don’t think that’s available yet it’s kind of bringing more lists use
and reporting closer together I do think that bringing a summer we do have a
build further ability to filter let’s use though which would be cool okay so
we’ve got our poll launch people are responding alright and while people are
responding saige asks a good question about how how adding more and more
emails impacts storage in Salesforce and that’s a good question I don’t have the
answer to Jessie might have an answer and if we don’t get to it we can
continue that in in the chatter group in the hub yeah I mean if you really max it
out you you might run into storage issues okay we’ve got
majority of people have voted so let us close our poll share the results okay so
we’re still making progress here this is great so we’ve got most of our users are
actually have turned lightning on woohoo congratulations to everybody and I think
I put a post in the hub if you need a badge please let me know and I will give
you one there was just a technical difficulty we have a support ticket in
on our end I was not able to actually give people those badges but as soon as
I get that back I will do that but so just respond to that post
at all oh I’ll add one for you on your profile awesome
Thanks all right so even though this is our last session we still have a bit of
homework for you to try kind of like the work you need to do over the summer if
you haven’t already so if you’re in the scroll phase create a pilot group of
users who will be your your first group to test and do their work enlightening
when you do that create that chatter group under under onboarding assistance
for your lightning rollout pilot so that you can collect feedback when users are
switching back and forth and really use that as a reference after you’ve done
those steps go ahead and create that training documentation whether that’s
hardcopy whether that’s using the customizable help menu from right within
the app and schedule those training sessions lunch and learns virtual
webinars or in-person sit downs in with with teams moving forward and then add
one of those lightning only tabs to one of your lightning apps so you saw an ad
the calendar lightning email templates tasks add one of those tabs and and lock
the pilot group through how to take advantage of those then finally suggest
you can add a rich RTF that’s the rich text field component to a page or
utility bar so that was that that help bar that that ant added on the page and
also in the utility bar that really points people to to help write when they
need it and where they need it implement a new lightning only feature like list
email that people will really find useful and a great time-saver and then
rollout lightning to a new department or profile so expand your pilot or begin to
transition your whole organization so the resources you’ll get in the deck
that will be posted in the chatter group and again can’t thank you enough for
joining us for these six weeks we know this was a big investment of your time
so you’re walking away with great resources and a good strategy much more
confidence going forward yeah and thank you everybody for joining us and making
the time and keep in touch as you make continue
to transition to lightning all right thanks everyone thank you

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