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Hello I’m Neil and I help as many people as
possible to get ideas out of their heads and out into the world to make more people laugh
because I think we might need it at the moment… Welcome back to the Happy Hut: in this video,
this will definitely help get some happy ideas out I’m hoping that you’ve stumbled upon this
video… “Upon?!” …because you’re searching for how
to transcribe a video for free and – that’s right for free! This is the way to do it – it’s a really brilliant
method I’ve been using it for about a year now and oh my goodness it saved me so much
typing… so much grief… and it’s so easy All you need is a YouTube account and if you’re
watching this I’m taking a wild gamble that you have a youtube account so let’s dive in
and I’ll show you how to do it. So this is the video that I want to transcribe
It’s a video of me on BBC News 24 from a hundred years ago back when I had hair. And I wasn’t looking for a free transcription
service. I wasn’t actually looking for a free transcription
app or websites. I just wanted to get to the subtitles file
that contained the subtitles that YouTube auto generates every time you upload a video. Let me back up a bit. Every time you upload a video to YouTube whether
it’s public or private it automatically auto generates a transcript. That’s why when you press on this button here
the subtitles or closed captions button it brings up the subtitles that it has automatically
detected Let me play a bit of this video just to show
you what I mean. [VIDEO PLAYS]
So let’s pause it there. This is absolutely amazing it’s got better
within the year I’m recording this at the end of 2019 – I
swear in the last six months, the standard of the auto-generated subtitles is just phenomenal. And it even manages to capture English accents,
and as you can hear here: a Scottish accent. I mean we’re all speaking slowly and clearly
and sometimes when I go a bit southern England it struggles to keep up but by and large it
pretty much captures all the words that are in the video and as you can see on this line
here the only word it couldn’t catch is the brand name Perrier. So all I wanted to do was to get a transcript
which is auto-generated out of YouTube so that I could use it as a transcript on my
blog or I could even put it back into YouTube as my own correct subtitle file where I’ve
corrected the words that it’s struggled with. At an extreme you can even use this to transcribe
a video and use that transcript to release a book. I even managed to release an entire book on
Amazon based on that: it’s a chat with my dad about being a taxi driver in the 1960s
in London. [VIDEO PLAYS]
I ended up releasing that as an entire book that transcript there and that was all from
capturing the auto-generated captions – getting them out of YouTube – and you can publish
on Amazon if you wanted. It’s a brilliant technique for just transcribing
any words – any thoughts that you want to have written down this method is by far and
away the best that I’ve found. And also if you interested in writing it’s
often a lot easier to say the thoughts out loud and to then afterwards turn that into
some kind of transcription and use that text as a thing to edit rather than having to write
it out by hand or type it. It does help to speak freely off the top of
your head and then capture those words and use that text to edit later. So anyway if you want to look at that video
that’s that’s up above and if you click on the “i” it’s there, but let’s go back to the
video that I want to transcribe this BBC News 24 report. [VIDEO PLAYS] This BBC talent scout says comedians
treat the festival as a trade fair it isn’t the only way to develop your career. Hey, there I am back in the 1990s with my
chunky oatmeal knitwear Let’s use this vision of turmoil to capture
the transcription I’ll show you exactly where to go. Firstly you need to upload your video or your
recording to YouTube. There are lots of other videos on the internet
to show you how to do that I’m gonna assume that you’ve already got the
video up. It doesn’t have to be public – it could be
unlisted so nobody need ever see this. You can do this with mp3 recordings but you
have to transfer – I’m talking at the end of 2019 – at this stage you’re not allowed
to upload mp3 recordings to YouTube. So what you’d want to do there is to convert
it to an mp4 file or some kind of video file and then upload back to YouTube. Once the video is in YouTube – and you can
see it – give it a couple of hours. It takes about an hour to for the subtitles
to appear. This has been uploaded for a couple of days
now – I can tell that the subtitles are here quite easily by clicking on the subtitles
button down here You can turn them on and off there. So to get to the transcript what you need
to do is to look at these three buttons here I’ll zoom in for you on the screen
There they are – see those three three dots? This is actually a little menu so if you click
on that there’s “report” don’t press that okay! That won’t help! Go down to “open transcript”
Kerching! And there as if by magic on the top right
hand corner of your YouTube page you’ll see it’s even labeled “transcript”
It’s quite clever this because when the video plays you can see it scrolls for you
Now what I did at first was to just drag my cursor down here the trouble with this as
you can see is that it’s also capturing the time codes
So if I copy that paste it into pages here on a Mac or into Word – if I paste that you
can see that it’s brought up all of the, the times
There is a really easy way to get rid of that Next to the word transcript in that box on
the top right hand corner next to transcript there’s another three dot menu
Those three dots are upwards. Wonder if that means something. If you click on that it brings up the option
for toggle timestamps. (Laughs) I, I think i’d like to call my third
child toggle timestamps But if you click on toggle timestamps guess
what? It toggles the timestamps so all we need to
do is scroll up to the top and I’m gonna drag clicking down on my mouse and just dragging
all the way down down to the final words which are “thank you Phillip”
And then I’m going to hit copy, which for me is the command button and “C”, or you can
right click on your mouse go down to “copy” then go over to my word processor. Now on the computer I’m on (Macbook Pro) it’s
a program called pages if you’re on a PC you might have a word processing program like
word. So I’ve pasted in the transcript and I don’t
if you can see but it has kept the sentences truncated – it’s kept the lines truncated
as almost as if they are appearing on a screen and it’s put some hard returns in these lines. Which doesn’t look very elegant. So you can take these out manually but that
will take forever because you know even on a short video that’s over a page worth
There’s a quick way to do this. This was really difficult to find on pages
for Macs – you might have stumbled on this video looking for “how to remove hard returns
or carriage returns on Mac pages” And the way to do it is this – if you click
on find which is in the Edit menu go down to find and then click on find you’ll see
it’s brought up another menu saying find and replace
And what we’re going to look for is a is a special character so we have to type in the
coding for it and the button that you want to press is a backslash n (n). So here’s the backslash it looks like that
it’s not the one underneath the question mark which looks like that – it’s the one that
is under this weird line and it looks like that. And then the code letter is n
So backslash n is going to find all of those and you can see it’s highlighted all of the
carriage returns Maybe n stands for new line I don’t know
But anyway so it’s backslash N And then in the replace line I’m going to
hit space I’ll do it really loudly so you can hear me
hitting the spacebar There you go so it’s going to look for all
of the carriage returns that it’s highlighted and it’s going to replace them with a space. So if I hit “replace all”… Dah dah! And as you can see it’s giving you a complete
transcript that flows. Let me show you how to do that on Word. You paste the transcript from YouTube into
a blank document and similarly click on find. And there the character the code character
we need to find here it’s like a ‘hat’ sign. I show you a shot of that
On my keyboard it’s above the six and then letter P – that means I think it means new
paragraph or paragraph return to all of those new line commands which are
hidden in the text If you go to replace and just hit space once
and then “replace all” – it replaces all of those paragraph marks with a space
I wish I could find a way of doing this for Google Docs. I cannot find anywhere how to find the hidden
code and replace it with a space If you know how to do that in Google Docs
please please please leave me a comment I’ve skipped over some assumptions here like
you know how to find the hidden characters. I found the Invisibles, by going to view and
then down to “show Invisibles” There you go but if you have any other questions
please leave me a comment It would be lovely to hear from you anyway
just say hi And I hope this helps you transcribe any video
or any recording that you want and turn that into a transcription that you can use
If you have reached this point in the video I hope this has helped give me a thumbs up
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