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  • cool, thx for explanation

  • Hi Julian,

    Great video. Here is a thing I don't understand.
    After get the clientID via GTM, how did you replace the value in the User report in GA ?
    With a custom dimension ?

    If you're using a customer dimension, I don't think you'll see the clientID int the standard user report. Because at 4:31, I think it's not a custom report.
    So is it replace automatically ? I don't understand.

    Thank you again

  • Hello, my question is about trigger. Can i implement in my website a GTM which take the information from my ecommerce form (for example name and email) and when the client submit the form, the GTM take this information and redirect to another page with this information "Thank you [name] for subscribe, soon you will receive our message in your email [email]" this page will be a landing page like[name]&email=[email]. The reason to do this is because i cant manage in the source code of my website, i can add only JS. 🙁 Regards

  • how to customize user explores using user id and how to do for mobile app ios for displaying user emails

  • Hey Julian,

    Really cool! Thanks for creating this video. One question – How were you able to insert the "User Id" in the User Explorer instead of seeing the "Client Id"? – Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hey Julian. Another great video as usual. Q: How can we follow the users who come from Adwords to see exactly which first/last clicks and other specific interactions they make? I can see in the User Explorer report that I can segment by Paid Search but how do I link the User back to their early interactions?

  • it is a great video, thank you a lot.

  • Hello Julian. Great video. Just one question, under User Explorer in GA, is that possible to search a particular user by User ID? If not supported, what should we do?

  • Hi I dnt have the home reporting and all tabs on the top of my Analytics page. So i couldnt find the User IDs. I only have the client IDs availabe. Is there any other way to get the user IDs??

    Thanks In advance.

  • just to understand fully… in order to use google id a user actually needs to register and login? therefore its not something useful for a "normal website" not bein e-commerce, saas etc which require registration and actually the user to login?

  • But how are you matching 1234 {ID} up with 123451234.1234534253 {client ID}????? you other video in the description doesn't show that…

  • How to exclude visitors with userID from views and how to block this users for PPC?

  • Hey Julian, Great course. I have a question : we have just switched to GA from Comscore (as the Comscore service will be stopped soon by Adobe) and I see almost 70% more visitors in GA than with my Comscore reports. Any ideas where it can come from ?Thanks for the tips

  • Hi Julian, i', big fan of your contents. Is there any way to export the user id matching data? i wanna use that data

  • HELP:

    ANYONE knows how to capture successful and unsuccessful login to website?? Please help

  • Julian, could you help us understand how to create such custom User ID in Google Tag Manager?

  • Hi Julian, I have done same steps but i am not able to capture information as you show in your video…..Need your help

  • Please help me. Why I cant see email address In id users? May be i should something switch on in my configuration?

  • Hi Julian, Please help. How were you able to insert the "User Id" in the User Explorer instead of seeing the "Client Id"? – Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

  • —Google traduciton
    I do not understand how to replace the user id provided by google by the id that corresponds to the logue of the visitor. Tell you about it by saying that you have activated it but you do not explain how? Can you help me?

  • Hi Julian – great video. What if my system doesn't call it a "user_id", and instead a "customer_id" or something else? How do I change that?

  • thank for this video, just one doubt for here! how to get user id, where to put ga code, we want brief explanation video

  • Hi, Can u help me to get User Explorer report through an api ? or any way around to get similar report?

  • Is there a way to link Client Id with User id ? I would like to see what the User ID did in my website before he log in.

  • Hi Julian,

    is this even allowed according to the GDPR that came in force on May 25, 2018?

  • Hi Julian,

    I need help to set user id through gtm.

    I followed link but we could not set user id. So please provide me any video link which contain all steps.

  • data not importing
    and i linked to mailchimp no id coming

  • is this still available ?

  • By now, I can only click any individual and click download to get the json file. How can we export User Explorer data massively? or get all the user behavior realtime?

  • Why would anyone want to do this or need to do this unless you’re into tracking and stalking people! Pretty weird 🤫🤔

  • How can I setup UserID feature in my Google Analytics?

  • This is great, but doesn't this mean that every time I acquire a new authenticated user, I have to update my spreadsheet?

  • Hello, I want to ask you about custom dimension tracking in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics for userID. I already followed the tutorial, and my custom dimension for userID had appeared. But there is no data on that table. Is custom dimension not retroactive?

  • Hi Julian, ✋
    Is it possible to define Customer Life Time Value here with the given metrics for each User identified via. Client Id? Also, why is there need for setting User ID if we already have client ID by default present in GA?

    Much Thanks,

  • Not far to go. Your video is currently ranking #4 for the keyword: 'how to track youtube user'. You are almost there.

  • I just dowloaded the pii viewer app . I imported the csv file from my google analytics account. But I cannot acess any data?

  • Why would you want to spy on yiyr users? Are you out of your mind

  • Hi! Great video!
    Question: have you made a video on how to track traffic that login on a website and see number of traffic that login and sessions? If not, any good guide?

  • This is like e-stalking…whereby you follow a person everywhere everyday. Now that I know, I will spend less time browsing websites.

  • Informative but for this I need to insert the generated code to website?

  • Information about ClientId is not correct! ClientID is a session ID/Device ID. If I use 3 different devices to browse the website there will be 3 different CliendIDs created, in other words 3 different sessions, and you dont know who is who.

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