Top 5 Popular Nostradamus Predictions For 2018

Popular Nostradamus Predictions For 2018 Have you heard about the French prophet Nostradamus? He was the one who had predicted the rise
of Napoleon and Hitler and the 9/11 Twin Towers attacks back in 1557! Yea people, this man
had predicted these happenings more than 400 years ago! Now you surely want to know his predictions
for 2018 but a question raids our mind, what is this man’s story? In 1556, he was invited to Paris where he
predicted “The young lion will defeat the older one on the battlefield, in a single
fight. It will pierce his eyes in the golden cage,
two wounds in one, and then he will suddenly pass away.” On June 1st, 1559 when the king was taking
part in a tournament, by accident, the lance of his friend pierced the royal golden helmet
and continued into his eye. The most amazing thing was that the culprit
was younger than the sovereign! So we do have a reason to believe his predictions,
right? If you note carefully, you’d realize that
his predictions were vague, not poetic but can have more than one interpretations. We aren’t hinting at anything but this is
definitely a point of interest for many. So shall we move on to the most popular predictions
Nostradamus made for 2018? Number 5. Prophecy about Donald Trump
Nostradamus wrote his predictions in the form of quatrains which are somewhat vague and
leave room for more than one interpretations but some striking similarities have been found
or should we say that a practical version of his theory was seen? In the 50th quatrain he says, “The Republic
of the big city will be brought by the trumpet to be engaged in expensive military operations
and the city will repent”. Did he mean the USA by Big city and was he
talking about Trump as the trumpet? This prophecy falls in place when we look
at Trump’s attack in Syria! Going by this we can consider the 40th quatrain
to fall true as it states, “The “false trumpet” will make sure that Byzantium will
change his laws”. Now considering he was talking about Trump,
maybe he meant Greece by the term Byzantium, the place where migrants come to arrive in
Europe. Have we forgotten the fact that Donald Trump
has based all his election campaign against migrants? On the same track the 57th quatrain says,
“the false trumpet will provoke big disagreements. An agreement will be broken and the face of
milk and honey lies on the ground”. Now the Bible has described Israel as “The
country where flows milk and honey”. So does this mean that Trump’s election
might provoke the end of Israel? We’ll have to wait and see! Number 4. Prophecy about World War 3
The prophet predicted, “the big war will start in France and then all Europe will be
attacked, it will be long and terrifying for everyone…and then finally there will be
peace but only a few will enjoy it”. What did he mean by “only a few will enjoy
it”? Since we know that nuclear missiles are not
fictional and they have the capacity to destroy cities together, we can agree to the fact
that only a few people will be able to survive the world war where such weapons will be used
in abundance! Should we be scared of his prophecy about
Rome, “there will be many cossacks’ horses who will be drinking from Rome’s fountains,
the fire will fall from the sky and it will destroy three cities. The city will lose the faith and it will become
the reign of the Antichrist, Rome will disappear. Everything will be believed lost and there
will be only murders, it will be heard noises of cursing and weapons”? The doom is impending and for all we know
these predictions may just come true because tension between many countries is visible
and it is only a matter of time before they settle their disagreements through blood of
innocent people! Number 3. Prophecy about unusual floods and earthquakes
Though earthquakes aren’t new to us, we are still scared about their predictions,
especially if they talk about a major one! Nostradamus wrote, “An earthquake shall concern
particularly the western area of the United States. Its power shall be felt in lands throughout
the globe.” For some this might be scary while the rest
may say that predicting an earthquake makes no sense because it isn’t once in a lifetime
activity. So how about we tell you what the US Geological
Survey has to say about seismic activity in the Cascadia Subduction Zone? Well, there were a series of medium tremors
in 2016, and two fault lines in California, including San Andreas. As per the scientists, these are signs of
a long overdue major earthquake of magnitude eight or above. Was the prophet talking about this particular
earthquake that may occur sometime in 2018? He even discussed “the belt of fire of the
Pacific” which will record an unusual activity. A series of earthquakes and eruption of 3
volcanoes will occur in China that will cause thousands of deaths. Since the frequency of natural disasters have
increased in the past few years, it won’t be completely wrong to say that this prediction
may just come true! Number 2. Prophecy about a major eruption of Mount Versuvius
How about we say that this man predicted eruption of a particular volcano in 2018? That might be just too much to believe in! Well, the prophet talked about a big Italian
volcano that would erupt in 2018 and shake the earth in every 5 minutes! As per the prophecy, this eruption would kill
at least 6,000 people, that’s too much! But the most interesting thing is that as
per the Italian geologists and volcanologists, Mount Versuvius is more than an active volcano
and a big eruption is expected at the end of 2018 or the start of 2019. This expected eruption will be the worst of
this volcano and will impose more danger on the surrounding people than it has during
its previous eruptions! In 2016 more than 1.5million people were warned
that they were living in the danger zone of the super volcano, which it was said could
go off anytime -causing a global catastrophe. Do we see a connection over here? Number 1. Prophecy about economic collapse
What do you think Nostradamus meant when he predicted that “the rich people will die
many times”? One of the interpretation to this could hint
at an economic collapse that isn’t far away! Going by the happening of today, UK is expected
to leave European Union in March of 2019 and if that happens, it will affect the trade
within the union. What else? The US and China trade war isn’t going to
help the economy either. Things will only worsen because of Trump’s
tax reform; people are going crazy! Now if we go back to the prophet’s statement,
did he mean that the collapse will be due to resentment in the poor against the rich? Since Trump has withdrawn the free health
insurance for the poor, it has started a wave of anger in the underprivileged. So who knows what revolt these people start? Together all these factors may push the world
towards an economic meltdown, proving the prophecy to be correct! Which of these Nostradamus Predictions disturbed
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