Top 5 Horrifying Pictures From History

They say a picture is worth a thousand words,
which often times is true. Cliche, sure, but sometimes there’s no better
way to tell a story than with a good photo. There are details and minutiae that might
not get picked up otherwise hidden in all sorts of pictures.
A sidelong glance, a hand placed a certain way, things going on in the background.
If you can’t get the whole story in writing, then a picture might help fill in the gaps.
However, some pictures are the story. As life becomes more closely documented these
days, it’s often fascinating to go back and see what images were captured before it
was as easy as pulling your phone out. People lived their lives differently back
then as well, leading to situations so awful they’re hard to imagine.
The relative rarity of earlier photographs paired with genuinely chilling stories lead
to some of the most lasting images of all time.
Some pictures will stay scorched into your brain forever.
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Pictures from History. Take a deep breath, and get your brain-scrubber
ready, because these are some wicked creepy pictures that are hard to forget.
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NUMBER FIVE: BLANCHE MONNIER This image was taken shortly after the discovery
of a woman trapped in a room for over 25 years. Twenty five! Half of her entire life, spent
in one room. This was no accident either.
Also known as the Confined Woman of Poitiers, Blanche was secretly locked in a small room
by her status-obsessed mother. In 1874, when Blanche was 25, she wanted to
marry an older lawyer. Being from a bourgeois family of old noble
origins, her mother would not accept this .
In order to keep her daughter from marrying a penniless lawyer, she locked her in a dark
room in the attic of their home. The family continued on living their daily
lives, pretending to mourn the death of their captive sister.
Imagine that, living out your life full well knowing that your poor sibling was tied to
a bed upstairs, wasting away. In 1901, an anonymous writer sent a letter
to the Paris Attorney General, letting them know about the spinster locked up in Madame
Monnier’s house. When discovered, Blanche was emaciated and
filthy. According to some sources, she had not seen
sunlight since being locked up. Living in her own filth, she was barely 25
kilograms. Imagine the Sloth killing from David Fincher’s
Seven, and you’ll start to understand what this was like.
The police reported that she has been lying completely naked on a rotten straw mattress,
covered in a crust of excrement, meat, vegetables, fish, and rotten bread.
The stench was so terrible, they had to suspend the initial investigation and come back later.
The mother was arrested, and died 15 days later.
She knew exactly what she was doing, but didn’t expect to get caught.
While on an expedition to the Antarctic, Russian surgeon Leonid Rogozov started to feel awful.
He was always tired, felt weak often, and couldn’t shake a case of nausea.
When he developed a pain in his side, the medicine man knew what was happening: he had
appendicitis. If left untreated, the swollen organ would
kill him. Knowing they were far from civilization, Rogozov
made the ghastly realization that he was the only person capable of performing surgery.
He wanted to live, and if the doctor died on an expedition the others would be in great
danger. So he did what most medical professionals
consider impossible: Rogozov performed an auto-appendectomy.
He gathered some assistants, prepped his instruments, and began the procedure.
If he were to lose consciousness, the helpers were instructed to inject him with adrenalin
so he could keep going. Because of the nature of self-surgery, he
could not apply a general anaesthetic; it would cloud his mind and limit his abilities.
Once past the abdominal wall, he had to move his intestines out of the way, and remove
the appendix with no other pain relief. In the end, the surgery was a success.
The image of the procedure underway is haunting to say the least, with Rogozov’s open abdomen
on full display. He actually performed much of the operation
by touch, as the mirror he had planned on using ended up being more hindrance than help.
NUMBER THREE: FROZEN SOVIET SOLDIER This looks like an actual nightmare.
Like, big The Shining vibes for sure. The story here is just as scary as the photo.
In 1939, Finnish defenders would sometimes take fallen, frozen Russian soldiers, and
place them in the field, almost like human scarecrows.
This photo is an example of this practice in action.
The hope was that the frozen body would be seen as a guard on patrol, and other soldiers
would avoid that area. If they got close enough to see the reality
of the situation though, the soldiers would be in for a scare.
Some claim this was a form of psychological warfare, while others say it was just another
deterrent. The Finns, defending land against almost a
million Russians, had to fight guerilla-style in the Winter War.
Being one of the coldest Finnish winters ever recorded, the cold caused massive losses.
The amount of soldiers who froze to death is unknown, but we see what the cold can do
to a body in the picture. Not a way anyone would want to go.
NUMBER TWO: SMILING MAD BOMBER George Peter Metesky terrorized New York City
for over a decade in the 40’s and 50’s by planting homemade explosives in all sorts
of public places. He planted over 30 bombs, with 22 of them
exploding and injuring over a dozen people. The last thing you want to see from such a
violent and terrifying person is a goofy grin, but unfortunately that’s exactly what we
got. Following an investigation that made use of
an early form of profiling, Metesky was put behind bars.
The image captured of him smiling out at the photographer has horrified people since.
NUMBER ONE: JOHN IRVING BENTLEY’S LEG Just take a look at this picture, and try
to explain what happened. It doesn’t make too much sense, does it?
One human leg, slipper still attached, sticking out of a burned hole in the bathroom.
His remains were discovered by meter reader Don Gosnell, who had let himself into the
house to check the meter in the basement. He smelled something odd, and noticed a strange
smoke, so he went upstairs to investigate. There he found the leg, with the rest of Bentley’s
body reduced to ashes. There are many theories as to how this happened,
with various explanations as to how the fire burned out without spreading further.
The most popular cause of death is alleged spontaneous human combustion, fire without
an apparent external source of ignition. Other explanations point to Bentley keeping
matches on his person, and wearing flammable clothing, but these theories have never been
confirmed. Either way, it’s hard to imagine what would
cause a fire intense enough to burn a man down to nothing while staying controlled in
one area. I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but
something doesn’t seem right. Yikes.
OUTRO And there you have it: five photos, five hard-to-believe
stories. That’s just a quick look too, there are
plenty of resources out there on the web that give plenty more context.
What do you think? Are these photos as haunting as I built them up to be?
What are some of your favourite horrifying historical pictures?
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