Hey everybody, I’m Rick Beato and today’s episode is the top 20 rock singers of all time Okay, how do you actually decide on a list so I thought okay I need to take the first great rock singer that influenced many of these singers and base it on that and coming in at number one is That was a live version from 1964 of Little Richard’s singing good golly, Miss Molly Little Richard was one of the biggest influences on All early rock singers you talked about the Beatles the stones you name it all the early Rockers were trying to mimic him. What I want to do is try to find 19 more singers that Match his intensity coming in at number 2 That was of course Chris Cornell singing Spoonman from the Soundgarden records Superunknown released in 1994 He is an obvious choice for this. He’s got that intensity. He sounds like a Marshal on 10 just incredible tone great phrasing limitless range. You name it coming in at number 3 His voice sounds as good now as it did in 1972, I mean it is unbelievable, how Consistently he has sung over all these years. He’s maintained the power the range everything coming in at number four I Decided but both ac/dc frontman Bon Scott and then a year and a half later Brian Johnson in spot number four both equally great singers for ac/dc when Bon Scott died I thought there’s no way they can find somebody to replace him and a year later Back in black came out both of them have such uniquely different voices, but I didn’t want to separate them on this list Coming in at number five That was of course Maynard James Keenan the singer from tool I thought about putting in the actual video from it But when I look back at it, it’s so disturbing that I decided to overlay them playing live on it coming in at number 6 That was the who’s roger daltrey singing a live version of love rain army, which is off the 1973 release Quadrophenia the actual studio recording is one of my favorite songs of all time the vocal performance the arrangement everything it was produced by glyn johns and It is absolutely amazing. You should check it out if you don’t know that coming in at number 7 That was of course Mick Jagger with stray cat blues, which is off the Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet record, which was released in 1968 Makjang is the epitome of rock and roll singing and I could have used any track of his coming in at number eight Replace I feel so cold and I long for your embrace I’ll keep crying, baby Baby, please That was things vocal from the bridge of every breath you take you know Besides having one of the best voices in rock music sting is also one of the greatest melody writers He has written some of the most intricate beautiful melodies of Any singer I can think of coming in at number nine That was of course Kurt Cobain singing the chorus of smells like teen spirit off the nevermind record, which was released in 1991 It’s really haunting to hear that double-tracked vocal so load like that You know I always am talking about what a great melody writer Kurt Cobain is he’s very much like sting in that he writes really intricate melodies, but his delivery is so Intense his tone is one of my favorite tones of any singer coming in at number 10 You gonna Burn into the way that was of course an wilson singing the song Barracuda off the 1977 release little Queen within a two-record span they had songs like magic man crazy on you Barracuda and Became one of the biggest bands in the late 70s coming in at number 11 This happens to be a song that’s in my greatest bass sound or bassline video that I did as well This is the chorus of the song wood by Allison chains with Layne Staley singing This was written by Jerry Cantrell As I said in the other video as a tribute to Andy wood from Mother Love Bone That is one of my favorite melodies of the grunge era. It’s one of my favorite melodies period Coming in at number 12, you know today destroys a nice Night divides a day Tried to run try to hide break on through to the other side Break on through to the other side Break on through to the other side. Yeah, that was the doors break on through to the other side with Jim Morrison singing His voice is really Unmistakable as a rock singer and his range is really incredible from the weird Frank Sinatra like touch me to the rock singing of This tune. It’s really amazing how far his range spanned especially for a guy that was so young. This record came out in 1967 even though I haven’t mentioned them on the channel yet. The doors are one of my favorite bands ever Coming in at number 13 When you and That was a Lana’s Morissette. You ought to know from her debut record Jagged Little Pill I did it what makes this song great on this song probably about 30 episodes ago or so You’ll notice that I believe Taylor Hawkins is actually in the video. He was the drummer at the time I think he played drums on this tune as a matter of fact, and it’s flea playing bass I think it’s really strong melody writing and her performance here is just so it’s really almost Over-the-top, but not quite coming in at number 14 What can you say about the boss this is a no-brainer if you disagree with this Well, I’m sure some of you will coming in at number 15 You know some people say, well you just pick blue gram because he’s another Italian from Rochester, New York Then my brother John reminded me of this tune of head games Enough said coming in at number 16. Ah, no, don’t you have a beautiful? I know you Can it be a canopy That was of course Eddie Vetter off the song black from Pearl Jam’s first record 10 This is from the bridge of the song. Now. This is a record that has a lot of great vocal performances even flow once Jeremy But this particular section of this song is the greatest moment on the record I believe and there was a lot of great moments that last note that he holds us It’s just so moving to me. This song really made me a huge fan of the band Coming in at number 17 That was Red Hill mining town off the Joshua Tree with Bono singing There’s a lot of u2 songs that I thought about one of them is drowning man off war Which has amazingly great and that we do it probably the best Live singing that I have seen was Bono in 1992 on the Achtung Baby tour at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia every song sounded like an album take they were actually better than the album versions the pitch the rhythm everything the the emotions of the songs There I really don’t know many singers that can sing as well as Bono Can and could back then? Absolutely astoundingly, great singer coming in at number 18, I guess the wins It’s been sail away you leave the day a pie in the sky Hello, but the wind won’t blow Marina shouldn’t go only goes to show that was Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin from the tune What is and what should never be of suppling to? Now I could have picked any song from any Led Zeppelin record and used it here. I picked that one. I love that tune I think it’s a great tune Robert Plant is really the ultimate power singer like Chris Cornell when they go up into that high register the Distortion and their voice is incredible It’s very similar to Little Richard’s. If you go back to the beginning of the video and listen a little Richard This is where they heard these kind of sounds the early rock and roll singer’s and the blues singers. They heard that really Distorted voice and they mimicked that sound coming in at number 19 we We That’s about all I dare play of Queen Queen are notorious blockers And this might take down the video just that one little clip unfortunately, but Freddie Mercury Is one of the greatest singers of all time think about the vocals on Bohemian Rhapsody Think about the vocals on this sound all the layering that he did. I mean, it’s really amazing every singer that I’ve played on here recorded before Auto-tune almost every single one recorded on tape except for a Linus Morissette which was done and a dad So you are hearing all performances that were sung by human beings and not manipulated coming in at number 20 With you That was Paul McCartney doing maybe I’m amazed with wings in the late 70s Now some people will say well why didn’t you put John Lennon on your list? Well, I thought a lot about it I mean, I named one of my daughters after him, but I also named my son after Bob Dylan, too. The reason is that they don’t fit that criteria of the power rock singer like Little Richard They don’t have that distorted marshal on ten kind of sound Okay so there’s a lot of people I left off the list and you guys are gonna put it in the comments all the ones that I forgot but I’m gonna add some extra ones here Just some of the people that were in my list some of them to me actually didn’t fit the list which is why but they are nonetheless great singers, but they’re not quite What I defined at the beginning of this video, let’s check them out I see my Marianne walking Leave your comments like the video and subscribe if you’re interested in the Beato book go to my website at or You can support the channel even more by becoming a member of the Beato club, which you can find on my website as well Thanks for watching

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