Top 19 Most Epic FALLS 🤣 In ‘Jersey Shore’ History | MTV Ranked

– Pierre just tried jumping off the ledge. – The ledge?
(goofy music) – And then he tried falling
in the jacuzzi also. Oh, whoa.
(laughing) (whooshing) – Deena is clumsy.
She falls all the time. – [Man] Yeah, you need a coffee. – Steve, do you wanna be my meatball? Let Steve out. (grunts)
(laughing) (crashing) (whooshing) – [Deena] Go get Heidi,
we’re bringing down your bed. The meatballs got you! (grunting) – [Snooki] Got it! – [Sammi] Wait, how can we-
(laughing) – Oh my God. (laughing) That was so much fun. (whooshing) – [Snooki] Me and Deena are at Aztec, and I just feel like pushing these guys, and being like, “Get real,
like you’re 12 years old, you’re trying to (bleep) fist pump. I’ll show you how it’s done. ♪ Figaro ♪ (yelling) (dance music) (classical music remixed with dance music) – At that point, once we fell, I was like there’s no really coming
back from this one. (whooshing) – [Snooki] You drunk?
– No. (whimsical music) No.
Really? – I like to punch (bleep). (yelling)
– (Mike) Oh, (bleep). (laughing) What the (bleep).
(laughing) – [Deena] I feel like I’m in a spaceship. (whooshing) – [Sammi] The bus is leaving.
– [Snooki] Can we run? – [Sammi] Let’s go girls. Roll ass. – [Deena] Where do we
go, I’m just running. (yelling) – Fumble! – Are you kidding me? (whooshing) – [Sammi] I can’t believe Vin
and Mike are in the jacuzzi. – [Pauly D] I can’t go in the jacuzzi unless there’s naked chicks. – Maybe you should bring home a girl and go in there tonight. Not you, you. – [Ronnie] I thought
you were trying to be a- – [Deena] Whoa! (yelling)
(laughing) – [Ronnie] Yes, yes! – [Pauly D] Yo, it’s a
given, anybody that sits in that thing’s gonna fall. (whooshing) – [Ronnie] I hear the music,
and my feet just start going. I got Gumby ankles.
What do you want? (dance music) (yelling) – [Sammi] Oh my God.
Ronnie’s wasted. (whooshing) – [Deena] Ron, where’s the alka seltzer. (smacking sound) Oh, my (bleep). – [Vinny] Oh my God, I thought
that was a (bleep) person. – [Pauly D] Sorry, Sam. (whimsical music) – [Ronnie] Yo, let me help you. She might not want me to touch her, but. – [Pauly D] Sorry, Sam.
Sorry about that, girl. (crashing sound) – [Doll] Stop! (laughing) (whooshing) – [Vinny] We gotta get the bags. – [Deena] I don’t want
to get my bag, at all. – [Ronnie] Thank God I got my own room. – [Snooki] I’m crashing. – [Deena] Oh, shit. Are you all right? (whooshing) – [Snooki] All right, you
go upstairs with Shaq Town. What should I do?
(laughing) Ow.
– [Deena] Ow. (snorting) – [Snooki] Ow. (whooshing) (dance music) – [Vinny] Where’d it go? (yelling) – [Snooki] Oh my God.
(laughing) (whooshing) (upbeat music) – Whoa.
– Oh, here we go. (laughing) (snorting) – [Snooki] Hi. – [Ronnie] Hey, guys.
Hey. – [Pauly D] Oh, my God.
– [Snooki] (mumbling) – [Vinny] Have you slept yet?
– [Snooki] No. – [Pauly D] You guys have fun? – [Snooki] Bye.
(funky music) – [Vinny] How is that humanly possible? (crashing) (whooshing) – [Vinny] Whenever you
get punked in the house, you have to clean up the mess by yourself. That’s just the rules of the room. – [Deena] You know, I
just cleaned my side. (quirky music) Ow, what the hell. (laughing) I can’t- help me. Come on. I can’t get out. (quirky music) No, like I’m really stuck.
(laughing) Somebody help me. – [Jenni] Oh my God. – [Deena] I’m stuck.
(laughing) – [Deena] Why can’t I win? – [Pauly D] This is the
best day of my life. – [Deena] Please. (whooshing) – [Pauly D] Change your jeans too? – [Mike] Wow, he changed the whole, jeez, he changed the whole stuff. – [Snooki] Mike, we’re not
going to the club, relax. – [Mike] Yeah, but I had to, I had to. – [Pauly D] That’s breaking.
(crashing) (yelling)
(bleep) (laughing) – [Ronnie] Oh my God. – That was the best day of my life, that was the best day of my life. – [Ronnie] Oh my God. (yelling)
(laughing) – [Pauly D] The furniture
out here in Italy only fits 110 pound people. Ronnie does not fit that description. (laughing)
He’s a beast. (whooshing) – [Mike] Ron, I don’t get involved in your relationship, Ron. I don’t get involved in your relationship. – [Sammi] Ron. – [Mike] Yo, I don’t get (bleep) involved in your relationship.
(bleeping) Yo, I don’t get involved in
your (bleep) relationship. You wanna (blank) do it? – [Sammi] Stop, you’ve gotta stop. – [Ronnie] Yeah, you. (bleeping)
(yelling) – [Sammi] Stop it! – [Ronnie] Look at you, bro.
Get out of here, bro. – Get the (bleep) out of here. – [Jenni] You all right?
Look at me. I’m not even playing, just look at me. Mike bashed his head into the wall. And I could tell Mike is
completely disoriented, he’s opening his eyes to me, but he’s giving me a blank look. This isn’t funny anymore. You okay? (whooshing) – [Deena] (mumbling) Whoa. – [Jenni] Where’s the closest bathroom? – [Deena] Come on, Pierre.
Do the Jersey Turnpike. Beep, beep, beep. – [Sammi] Bring Pierre over here. – [Deena] Pierre just tried
jumping off the ledge. And everything. – [Sammi] What? Jumping off the ledge? – [Deena] And then, he tried
falling in the jacuzzi also. Oh, whoa.
(laughing) – [Sammi] Deena is clumsy.
She falls all the time. (whooshing) – [Snooki] After taking
shots with the old couple, everything kinda just went blank. – [Man] Easy, easy, easy. – [Snooki] Oh, my vagina’s out. (yelling) – [Deena] This girl is freaking drunk. (goofy trombone music) (whooshing) (yelling) – [Snooki] This boat is sinking, and I’ve seen “Titanic,” and
this is not going to end well. – [Deena] I will row away. – [Pauly D] Oh, watch out. – [Pauly D] Yo, watch, Deena. – [Deena] Sharks?
Sharks? – [Sammi] We’re all screaming
“it’s sharp, it’s sharp!” Like, stop doing what you’re doing, because there’s sharp
objects where they are. And Dee thinks we’re
saying there’s a shark. – [Sammi] Sharp, sharp. (quirky music) – [Sammi] Sharp.
– [Mike] That’s sharp. Sharp, sharp, sharp. (laughing) That’s sharp, stay away from that. Stay on the boat.
(yelling) The boat is the safest thing. (yelling) – [Snooki] I’m stuck. – [Mike] You gotta stay on the boat. (whooshing) (dance music) – [Pauly D] This is actually
not as bad as I thought. Everybody’s having a great
time, and Deena is doing great. (dance music) – [Vinny] Yo, meatball down. I have never seen anybody go
down to the ground so quickly. (dramatic music) What I was worried about
is literally happening. We are going to babysit Deena all night. (different dance music) (crashing)
(dramatic music) – [Pauly D] Holy (bleep),
it’s like a ton of bricks just hitting the ground. I don’t understand how
Deena’s not breaking limbs. (funky music)

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