Top 15 Scary Encounters Caught on Dashcam

15. The Mob
Whether in the darkness of night or in broad daylight, the open road is one of the most
unpredictable places known to man. For instance, watch what happens when an angry
mob targeted this driver’s vehicle. At around 6PM on a Monday near Calais, France,
while transporting potato chips from Belgium, Mick Young’s truck was attacked by a group
of livid men whose makeshift camp had been partially demolished. More than a dozen men descended on Young’s
vehicle, some with bars, some with sticks, some with concrete, all filled with anger. And the entire encounter was caught on dash
cam. The men threw rocks of granite at his window,
two pieces of which went through his windshield, resulting in £2,500 worth of damage to the
truck. Young suffered injuries to his eye and forehead
and feared for his life as the attack occurred. This doesn’t seem to be the mob’s first
offense. Young said more driver protection is needed
in this area. While the video only shows about a dozen men,
Young noted that there were about thirty or forty out of sight on the hard shoulder of
the road. 14. Passed Out
This entry comes from Texas, where a woman was discovered by Fulshear Police Department,
passed out in the center of a dark highway early one Saturday morning. The dash cam footage from Sergeant Scott’s
car reveals the moment he came across the motionless body lying in the center of the
road. The footage shows a vehicle missing the woman
by a hair, having to swerve to avoid her. This is when Sergeant Scott springs into action. Rolling to a stop in the middle of the road,
flashing lights on, Scott races to the woman’s side and helps her up. She stumbles to the side of the road. The woman had driven her car into a ditch
nearly 200 yards from where she was. Instead of calling for help or flagging down
passers-by, she crawled onto the road to take a nap. While it’s surprising that no one stopped
to help the woman, apart from Sergeant Scott, she should thank her lucky stars that no one
ran her over. 13. Face Down On The Road
This one is terrifying, as the motive of this person is still unknown. It happened on Thornlie road. The unidentified woman who posted the video
said that she and her father were driving, when she spotted the strange shape on the
road and, as they approached, she noticed the figure was a human body. She knew then that something was wrong. She realized it was not just any human body,
but that of a teenage boy. As the vehicle rolled to a halt, the boy in
question jumped to his feet and, in a zombie-like stride, approached their vehicle. The woman told her father to drive off. He reversed a bit and then started forward,
and the boy approached the woman’s window. She said later that had she been alone, she
isn’t sure how she would have reacted. She believes the boy was hoping to catch someone
driving solo so early in the morning – not a pair of people. “Somebody could easily have seen him lying
there and stopped and got out of the car and I have no idea what would have happened then,”
she said. 12. Spirit Child
While driving over a long period of time, it wouldn’t be unusual to hallucinate a
sighting on the side of the road. A deer or a cow, perhaps. But might an entire carful of people see the
same hallucination at once? While driving in the Philippines, a group,
including actress, Myrtle Sarrosa, was traveling across what the narrator describes as a “farflung
area.” They had to take an alternative route from
the original, as one was flooded, while another was shut down due to a landslide. After enough road was cleared to cross, they
traveled across this mainly deserted, uninhabited area. No street lamps. Some trees. But mainly just road. It was after midnight when, out of nowhere,
they saw it: what appeared to be a 10-year-old child wearing a blueish white shirt, crouched
in the middle of the road, with his arms and hands covering his face. An uproar can be heard on the video as they
pass the figure, and most of the people in the car claim to have seen the boy. They wanted to stop and return, but the area
was unsafe, so they decided to watch the dash cam footage to make sure that their eyes weren’t
deceiving them. The footage showed a “white blob-like orb
figure” appear and then quickly vanish. The driver believed the spirit they saw was
of a child who had his life taken by a typhoon. According to one passenger. “If he was really just a spirit, I hope
he can find rest. If he was really a child, my conscience will
forever haunt me.” 11. Close Call
When police officers stopped to assist a car that had broken down on the side of Southeast
Loop 820 in Forest Hill, Texas, they probably weren’t thinking this was a super risky
call. But they’d be wrong. As the three police officers and two motorists
awaited a tow truck, lights flashing, a vehicle sped at top speed toward them, completely
out of control. And they nearly didn’t notice until it was
too late. You can see in the video that the group is
oblivious to what is about to happen. Until one officer spots the vehicle flying
in their direction just in time to throw the group out of harm’s way. The car side-swiped one police car, slammed
head-on into another, and barely avoided the broken down vehicle and all the people milling
around on the shoulder. After plowing through, the rogue vehicle ricocheted
back into traffic but then returned to the roadside, where it screeched to a halt. When the car stopped, police hurried to remove
the driver. Unsurprisingly, 26-year-old motorist, Cedric
Keith Henson Jr.,had been drinking and detained at the scene. Although no one was hurt, they very well could
have been. 10. Mask-On
The audio of this dash cam video will haunt you. At around noon on October, 2014 in Indianapolis,
Indiana, a woman was sitting in her car outside an office building, with a dash cam recording
in progress. In the video, a person can be seen walking
past her vehicle, wearing a strange mask. While the footage only shows one individual,
according to the woman, there were five of them, total, out of sight. You can hear the woman laughing, as she asks
the group where they got their masks. But soon she learns this isn’t a joke, as
they smash out her windows and rob her. The woman was pulled out of her vehicle by
her hair and thrown on the ground by a woman in a face mask and camo jacket. The attacker then took the woman’s cell
phone and purse. It seems this wasn’t this group’s first
attack of the day. They were also charged with breaking the window
of a moving car. Looks like we’re not even safe sitting in
a parking lot. 9. Mudslide
How does it feel to be caught in a mudslide? One California Highway Patrol dash cam has
the answer. This patrol vehicle’s dash cam managed to
capture the Montecito mudslide prior to its arrival on the freeway. At the time, the officers were responding
to reports of a structure fire in the area in the morning of January 9th. This was before reports were made of the mudslide. As a result, the patrol vehicle slammed straight
into the mudflow on Olive Mill Road, where it was lifted slightly from the road, its
wheels spinning. The mudflow took the vehicle on a 180 degree
whirlwind before it was able to regain traction. After being taken along with the flow for
a while, they were eventually able to get ahead of it. The officers stopped only to shout at a pedestrian
to “get out of here,” then they called in the incident and inspected their vehicle
at Coast Village Road. But the mudslide soon caught up with them
and sent them packing again, demonstrating how quickly this sludge moves and how unexpectedly
it may appear. 8. Witchcraft
In June of 2015, Police Officer Mallic ventured into the woods and managed to capture something
incredibly unexpected on camera. In the video, as Mallic drives his routine
patrol route, he starts to turn off-road, where he encounters a scantily dressed woman
at 3:41 in the morning. The temperature outside is very cold, so the
woman’s clothing choice is very strange. In the video, as the police vehicle approaches,
the woman’s flame burns brighter. With her arms crossed, she appears to be levitating
ever so slightly off the ground. She doesn’t move as the police headlights
spotlight her. That is, until she extends her arms in a gesture
seemingly ritualistic. Witchcraft isn’t always dark. Some who practice witchcraft or Wicca are
attempting to exploit nature’s spiritual and elemental forces by focusing their energy
via practiced rituals, in order to find a sense of harmony and balance with nature. But, of course, witchcraft doesn’t get its
bad reputation for nothing. Some may practice with a darker agenda. 7. Biking Thiefs
Medellin has become one of the most innovative cities in the world with one of the fastest-growing
economies on the continent. Although the transformation of Medellin over
a few decades is certainly admirable, as this dash cam video goes to show, a safer city
never means a city entirely devoid of bad things. The video’s poster details the entirety
of the video, showing that the bikers were staking out their target at a red light. According to the poster, the bikers even apparently
considered the vehicle with the dash cam as a potential target, before choosing to follow
the vehicle up ahead . In an attempt to get the white car on its
own, one of the bikers slows down, keeping the vehicle with the dash cam, as well as
the vehicles in the next lane, a good distance away from their target. Then, as they hit a traffic jam, the bikers
make their approach, knocking on the vehicle’s passenger window. After the two criminals on motorbikes harass
their victims, a third guy on a motorbike pulls up beside them, but does not appear
to be involved, as he simply cranes his neck at what’s happening. The bikers collect and then drive off, with
the one in the rear attempting to conceal his license plate with his leg. Too late, buddy. Your actions and license plate were all caught
on dash cam. Hopefully, this evidence led to the arrest
of these individuals. 6. Runaway Toddler
A parents’ worst nightmare: looking away for a second and their toddler vanishing from
their sight. That’s what happened to this poor mother
when her toddler decided to go on an adventure across a busy highway. Thankfully, police are on the case in this
week’s list, particularly Sergeant Anthony Mannino of Naperville, Illinois. When Mannino spotted the toddler’s little
legs racing along the right lane of Route 59, he quickly pulled over and went into “save
the baby” mode. His heroic pursuit was caught on the police
cruiser dash cam, and Mannino was later given the department award for Life Saving. The toddler had somehow ducked his mother’s
supervision and busted out of his house before setting off. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending:
the toddler was shortly after reunited with his family. 5. Two-Car Takeover
This video shows what happens when two cars team up on the road to rob the living daylights
out of fellow drivers. The dash cam video, shot in Bedfordview, South
Africa, follows two vehicles – one a white Volkswagen van, the other a dark-colored car
– collaborating on the road to a) block traffic, and b) take up arms and rob other motorists. Watch closely as the vehicle marked “1”
pulls over and three armed men jump out to harass the motorist behind them (that is,
the one whose dash cam is recording the entire incident). After the thieves presumably collect the money
they were after, they shoot off. This is when you can see that the car dubbed
“2” has stopped up ahead to block traffic, in order for the bandits to weave through
with ease. The moral of this story: if you’re planning
to travel to really anywhere, keep any valuables out of sight and be ever vigilant when you’re
on the road. You can never be too careful. 4. Fire Trucks Overrun
This is perhaps one of the most frightening fire-related footages available online. The dash cam footage shows the Pinery bushfire
in Australia in 2015. The bushfire, which was catastrophic, burned
210,000 acres of farmland and scrub and 91 houses. The fire also took the lives of 53,000 poultry,
17,500 head of livestock and two people, with 90 additional people hospitalized. It is said to have been started by a car battery. Once you watch the terrifying dash cam video,
it’s easy to see how this fire did so much damage. The video shows a vehicle (presumably an emergency
vehicle, judging by the sirens), heading toward the billowing smoke clouds along a dirt road. Soon the sky gets darker and the smoke is
hazier across the road, as the vehicle closes in on the fire. You can see another emergency vehicle’s
lights ahead, barely visible through the haze. The clouds blacken further as the dash cam
vehicle approaches a firetruck which has stopped ahead. While all you see is smoke up to this point,
you can sense the fire looming. And then… The fire descends in blue flames to the right
of the firetruck. Smoke is billowing, the flames are flying
fiercely toward the firetruck, which rapidly retreats, pulling into reverse and plowing
into the vehicle with the dash cam. Another emergency vehicle to the left of the
firetruck also rushes to get out of the fire’s path. The fire is blazing all around the stalled
vehicles, debris flying and cluttering visibility. The firetruck pulls ahead and, for a time,
all you see is smoke, debris, and glimpses of flame and ash. This is where the video ends. We can assume that all – or most – of these
firefighters made it out alive, due to the fact that this fire took the lives of only
two people. But as the dash cam shows the vehicles engulfed
by flames and billowing smoke, it’s hard to believe that they survived this. 3. Big foot? While most of the dash cam footage on this
list is completely explanatory and without mystery, this one has people watching and
re-watching to try and make out what exactly they are witnessing. In the video, a sheriff’s vehicle is traveling
along a lonely road in the darkness near Frogtown, with only its headlights guiding the way. The area appears forested, with nothing but
trees bordering a dark road. The deputy is talking with a local ride-along
named Mary Scott, as part of a Citizens Law Enforcement Academy program. They’re simply chatting as they drive along,
not anticipating anything unusual… Until an unusual creature appears out of nowhere. A dark figure dashes across the road and alongside
the shoulder, caught on dash cam but nearly indiscernible, until the video is digitally
enhanced. Both Scott and the deputy cry out in surpise,
as they spot the creature. What was that thing? The figure appeared to be standing on two
feet, not four. According to Scott, herself, “It was really
tall, and it really looked like the pictures you’ve seen of Bigfoot.” While, of course, we can’t know for sure
what this blob is, one thing is clear: it doesn’t appear human, nor does it appear
animal. What do you think it could be? 2. Into the Flood
When you chase storms, you’re bound to feel nature’s wrath. That’s what happened to Chris Novy, a storm
chaser who was following Oklahoma tornado, when the route ahead of him flooded. Novy attempted to make a u-turn to find a
drier alternate route, when an embankment hidden beneath the floodwaters bottomed out
his vehicle – an incident that could very well have taken his life. He quickly sunk to the bottom of a creek,
traveling “several hundred feet underwater,” as Novy described it. The experience was caught on dash cam, but
was cut short when his dash cam shorted out after the vehicle started to flood. Novy said he nearly drowned in the rising
waters and was, in his own words, “just holding my breath in the darkness.” That is, until his passenger- and driver-side
windows smashed, and he was flushed out of the vehicle, where he was able to swim to
a policeman who was in the area and saved his life. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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That’s what motorists near Cessnock were met with when traveling down a lonely road
in Australia. In the dash cam video, a man is seen with
his head bowed beneath his hood in the center of the road. Behind him is a 4WD, blocking the way forward. Not sure what to do, the motorist approaches
the makeshift blockade slowly, as the hooded man takes a few strides before stopping short. It’s then that he launches, yelling and
shouting, toward the vehicle. The motorist doesn’t wait; he punches the
gas and wheels around the psycho and out of harm’s way. A member of the Dash Cam Owners Australia
Facebook page uploaded the video, where it has since gone viral. According to the motorist, his wife was traveling
in a second vehicle a short ways behind him, and he tried to call and warn her before she
met with the hooded man but reached her too late. A man was arrested after the couple reported
the incident to police, but he received no charges, due to a lack of evidence in whether
he intended to carjack the motorists or harm them. So, rest assured that this guy is still out
there, waiting to scare the wits out of you on a dark lonely road without any repercussions.

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