Top 15 Scariest REAL Voicemails Ever Recorded (W/ Audio)

15. “Your Dog Disturbs the Neighbourhood”:
Pets are the equivalent to someone’s children. They are companions, and in many ways provide
comfort. So when someone threatens the well being of
our pets, we are guaranteed to react. Jonathan Dickerson recalled a story when a
coworker of his received a voicemail from one of his neighbours. In it, the neighbour claimed the coworker’s
dog was disruptive and would make a lot of noise around the community. He goes on to demand the coworker set his
dog straight or get rid of him. It seems reasonable to ask, but that’s about
to change. The neighbour then threatens if nothing is
done, he will poison the dog [0:12-0:16]. The message is short and gets right to the
point, and aside from the threats of animal murder, there is a creepy way in which the
neighbour calmly states his threat, as routine as asking a neighbour to borrow sugar. According to Dickerson, the coworker’s dog
is a small dog who lives indoors most of the time and isn’t a loud dog. Why the neighbour would make such threats
is unknown. As far as we know, no harm came to the dog
and no further threats were made. As the comment section of the video states,
it takes a rather unpleasant person to make such threats against an animal who has not
harmed anyone. 14. Don’t Answer the Door: Stretching the boundaries
a bit, but deserves a spot on this list. YouTube user hellsinger 85 was surprised by
a random package left at his door. According to him, it arrived while he was
in the middle of investigating strange occurrences and disappearances in his home of Amory, Mississippi. He alleged the package came with a note reading
“You are on the right trail. You may wish to get off the trail while you
still can.” The package contained an audio CD with a recorded
voicemail on it, during which a first one is from AT&T, while the second appears to
be more sinister. A man in a soft voice begins speaking, demanding
the receiver to do what he says. The biggest threat comes right after, when
he says “If I come to the door, don’t answer it [1:19].” Much of the call is unintelligible, but from
what can be heard, it sounds as if the man does not trust himself. The uploader has used this as proof his town
is being taken over by some sort of malevolent force. His website formerly detailed his research,
but has long since gone offline, only viewable through the Wayback Machine. Surprisingly, the video has seen almost 3.5
million views since it was uploaded in October 2009. Whether real or not, the audio itself is enough
to send shivers down someone’s spine. 13. Rainbow Granny: Sometimes, creepy voices can
be so exaggerated it is hard to determine if it’s over acting or spoken by a overly
deranged individual. YouTube user ChessieJayyy received a rather
unsettling series of voicemail from a random person, calling itself Rainbow Granny. In a low, creepy voice, Rainbow Granny kept
referring to Chessie as Peter, asking if she got its other messages, and saying she needs
to call back. At one point, it asks if Chessie got its picture,
begging the question as to what sort of picture Rainbow Granny would send, but from its voice,
it’s easy to imagine it would not be pretty. Rainbow Granny also makes promises of sending
gifts if Peter calls it back. It is difficult to determine if Rainbow Granny
is a man, or an older woman with a low and raspy voice. Regardless, Rainbow Granny’s persistent messages
appeared to harbour something sinister. As many commenters pointed out, it has the
same vocal mannerisms as Herbert from Family Guy, with the exception of the low voice. To this day, it is unknown if Rainbow Granny
was a messed up prank, or a messed up person. 12. “Hey Alex”: Calls late at night either
mean a friend who’s been drinking is calling, someone overseas is calling, or you’re about
to get really bad news. None of these were the case for Alex Sanchez
when he got a voicemail around 2am one night. In it, a man with a mildly deep voice instantly
turns vulgar when he implies Sanchez’s reason for not answering for explicit reasons. [0:29]. Interestingly, it seems the caller isn’t even
sure who Sanchez is, as his first comment is seeking confirmation if Alex is his name. He goes on to say if Sanchez doesn’t answer
the phone again, the caller will retaliate with violence. Much of the recording we cannot share, because
it gets too horrific. The chuckles of the man are also haunting,
as they sound they are from a disturbed individual, one who knows what he is saying is wrong,
but doesn’t care. One commenter has suggested the call was from
a friend attempting to play a prank on Sanchez, and considering how absurd the conversation
is, it is quite possible. Regardless, receiving such a messed up message
at 2am, alarm bells will ring. As far as we know, Sanchez suffered no harm
and never heard from the man again, but there is no knowing what assortment of crazy people
are out there who are willing to harass those who least suspect it. 11. The Crystal: Kevin K posted a strange experience
he had when he received a voicemail from two individuals who appeared to believe he was
part of some prophecy. In the brief message, the callers keep referring
to a mysterious crystal Kevin apparently possesses. The number was private, so he was unable to
figure out who made the call, but it creeped him out. The two people on the phone sound joyous,
as if their saviour has appeared to rid some sort of evil they are prisoners of. More than likely, these people are either
pranksters or not mentally stable. Besides being creepy, the callers do not appear
to have ill intent. Even the commenters of the video take the
humorous side of the call, adding their own takes on the ramblings of the callers. At the same time, it is easy to see the disturbing
side of it. Who were these people, and why were they so
interested in this possibly non existent crystal? It makes you wonder, if this was a serious
call, what was going through their minds at the time. We’ll never know because no other calls came
and Kevin hasn’t updated. We are left to speculate the powers this magical
crystal held. 10. A Ghost in the Machine: A big fear nowadays
is whether or not machines will take over. Braxton MacCammond had a strange experience
when his sister’s phone was desperately trying to communicate. In his words, it was mid mourning when his
sister’s phone kept trying to dial their mother’s phone. Slightly freaked out, she left her phone in
her room and went downstairs. Around this time, their mother came out of
her room and asked Braxton’s sister why she kept trying to call, which the sister replied
it wasn’t her, but her phone. As this was happening, the phone called again
and this time left a voicemail. In the message, you hear a radio playing,
followed by what sounds like some sort of electrical screams. Braxton admits he finds the calls disturbing,
particularly at the end when the phone actually hangs up on its own. As Braxton explains, if the call were simply
a ghost dial or malfunction, the message would have been longer. Something was trying to communicate, either
screaming in pain or anger. No other information is provided, and it is
unknown if the calls continued. Was the phone gaining a mind of its own, or
was this another example of the afterlife attempting to talk to the living? 9. Bellevue Hospital: Sometimes, something scary
can have an underlying layers of melancholy. Brianbrooklyn received an eerie call from
what appeared to be an elderly woman. Throughout the message, the woman sounds tired,
and is speaking cryptically about unknown things. In the background, there are ambient noises
of machines, and even other people talking, Brian was understandably puzzled and did not
know who the caller was, but was even more surprised when he found out where the call
came from. Upon looking up the number, it turns out the
call had come from Bellevue Hospital in New York City, which is the oldest public hospital
in the United States. Clearly the call came from a patient who,
considering the age in her voice, could fairly be speculated to be suffering from a form
of dementia, but it could also be from an injury or mental illness. To support the latter, Bellevue has a psychiatric
ward to house many mentally ill people in NYC, with the New York Times calling the city
“a magnet for mentally disturbed people.” While the voice in the call is certainly haunting,
considering the possibility of mental illness and confusion being a factor for the random
call, it counts as a reminder to the various psychological issues people face on a daily
basis, with Brian being reminded from a random phone call. Of course, this is all speculation, but plausible
considering the circumstances. There is also a creepy factor, since at any
moment, we can receive a call from an unexpected place such as Bellevue Hospital. 8. An Elegant Woman: Start taking notes, because
the following is not a way to try and pick someone up. Kwikymart on YouTube posted audio of a man
apparently named Dimitri, who she jokingly refers to as the Toronto Stud. The beginning sounds fine enough, he sounds
polite and confident, but it becomes clear he is a bit too confident. Dimitri begins to describe himself as single,
although has no trouble meeting women and is apparently approached by women up to seven
times a day. He continues to say he is very particular
about who he is attracted to, and describes this woman as “very elegant,” and assumes
her friends were jealous he approached her, even if they said they weren’t. Throughout the video, she provides commentary
via text on the screen, which add some humour to the cringe. Dimitri goes on with an overconfident attitude,
and certainly comes across as a narcissist. However the message doesn’t come across as
threatening, but this isn’t the end of the story. Dimitri leaves a second message, despite admitting
he doesn’t like to, but insists he is very infatuated by her and would very much like
to meet up with her. Now, he seems to be persistent and on the
verge of threatening. There is much more to the messages, but it
is just something to be experienced for yourself. Prepare yourself for much cringe, though,
because Dimitri is a great provider of it. 7. Demonic Breaths: Phones can be a pain, and
it’s often we find our cells dropping calls due to reception issues. This is what happened to Vanessa when she
was speaking to her girlfriend in February 2013. Her girlfriend quickly called back, but who
picked up wasn’t Vanessa. Instead, a series of deep breaths were heard,
along with the occasional words spoken by a deep voice. Meanwhile, Vanessa was attempting to call
back herself, but kept getting her girlfriend’s voicemail. When she finally got in touch again, her girlfriend
was in a panic, convinced Vanessa was playing a trick on her. After some skepticism, Vanessa received a
voicemail with the same breaths and deep voice. There are moments when it’s easy to distinct
words are being said, but what is being said is up for speculation. At one point, it sounds like the voice is
saying “Help me,” or “Call me.” [0:27] Near the end of the message, garbled
conversation can be heard, in almost an alien or demonic phonetics as opposed to regular
speech. The women are still baffled by what happened,
and are unsure if their signals somehow crossed with another call, or if they came in contact
with demons or extraterrestrials. Either way, they managed to contact someone
or something they were never expecting to. 6. Wrong Number: Wrong numbers are a part of
life, and are more often embarrassing, but easy to get out of. WebGuyCom, on the other hand, received a disturbing
voicemail from a caller he didn’t know, and one which was certainly meant for another
person. Immediately as the message starts, the caller
begins berating the intended receiver, lambasting them with accusations of not caring their
father is in jail [0:03]. While wrong number calls can be comical, this
one is more sinister. Throughout the call, you can hear a child
crying and sobbing in the background, and at several points the caller turns their attention
to chastise the child [0:18-0:26]. In fact, most of the call is the caller yelling
at the child, whom she calls Bubby. While the circumstances are unclear regarding
this mother and her child’s situation, the language she uses towards an obviously young
individual is enough to put anyone into distress. The uploader was clearly confused and upset
by the call, and provides that it was from an 817 number, meaning it came from either
within Fort Worth, Texas or the surrounding area. The call ends as abruptly as it started, with
the woman shouting “Shut up, Bubby.” [0:57] The uploader does provide some text
commentary, and makes no jokes as it obviously was a disturbing call to receive. No other information besides the area code
is provided, but there isn’t much else to get considering the person who received this
voicemail is as much in the dark as the rest of us. 5. The Screeches: Phones glitch in all sorts
of ways, sometimes minor, sometimes major, and sometimes disturbingly so. Even our mailboxes aren’t safe. Several youtube users have posted videos of
strange screeching sounds emanating from their speakers. The volume of these will be enough to send
someone jumping out of their chair should they listen to the message through their earpiece
or headphones. Many people will have experienced these, and
90% of the time it is nothing more than a technical issue during the call, and can be
fixed easily, while others are likely due to a mechanical fault or damages to the speaker,
but this doesn’t make them any less terrifying. When we get a voicemail, we are usually expecting
intelligible speech to greet us, either from a friend, family member or telemarketer. But every so often we are instead met with
the terrifying screeches from a bad signal or damaged phone. There is also ideas around that these noises
are caused by technical interference, by hackers, and even aliens. However, these are difficult to prove, nevertheless
scary to think about. We also can’t blame people from jumping to
such conclusions when their ears are bombarded by the inhuman screams of electrical nightmare. 4. Prank or Lunatic?: This is why people are
hesitant to answer calls from Unknown people. YouTube user Wendy Darling was going through
a rather strange time in her life around the beginning of April 2011. She had recently had someone sending her photographs
of a stuffed monkey taken in front of various landmarks around the world, which she claims
remains anonymous to this day. Then, she received a very strange voicemail,
one she describes as both scary in a stalker, crazy kind of way, while also funny in a prank,
outlandish kind of way. The message starts with the caller reciting
the United States pledge of allegiance, then the caller goes off as if she is conducting
a sermon. She then proceeds to make extremely odd statements,
such as hoping Darling’s operation went without complication. However, Darling has no idea who the caller
is, and notes that at the end of the audio. Clearly, the caller had no intention of harm,
and was possibly attempting to pull a prank, had the wrong number, or was just a strange,
quirky person in general, but why was it made? The answer is up in the air to this day 3. The Rasp: Horror movies of all kinds have
used the trope of scary caller. From Black Christmas to Scream, it has been
used several times to evoke fear of the disturbed caller. MoonDog12 had fiction become real when his
home phone had a message waiting for him when he returned home. On his answering machine was a sinister sounding
raspy voice, so low and rough it is hard to make out what is being said. Regardless, the caller does sound sinister,
and even demonic. In fact, the voice is so distorted, virtually
nothing can be made out, except a few phrases here and there. Therefore, there is no way of telling what
the person on the other end is talking about unless someone pays really close attention,
and even then it is difficult to decipher. This makes it even scarier, since it is difficult
to determine what motivations the person had for calling. There is also the possibility one of the phones
could have suffered a malfunction, leading to voice distortion and the sinister sounding
voice. The commenters have made light of the situation,
making references to 6 6 6 and even Darth Sidious from Star Wars, which the voice admittedly
has some resemblance. However, MoonDog12 hasn’t posted any updates,
so it is very plausible to this day, he has no answers. Whether it was a glitch, a creeper, or a demon
calling, we are left wondering which is correct. 2. Ghostmail: Imagine receiving a voicemail from
the other side. Several people have claimed to have been left
a voicemail from someone they know who has passed away. Paranormal Normalcy posted a video in April
2011 of audio from a voicemail, which only has a soft whisper speaking before ending. According to her, her grandfather had passed
away the previous December, and she randomly received the voicemail in April. She says the phone rang once before going
to voicemail, and when she checked it, she heard what she believes to be “Grandpa”
in the message [0:03]. In another example, Daniel posted audio of
a voice that sent chills down his spine. Just before the actual caller makes his brief
message, you can hear someone whisper “Mom.” [0:06]. What scared him the most is he claims the
voice sounds exactly like his own. Lastly, there is Lisa B, who managed to have
several EVPs captured on a mysterious voicemail she received. Much of it is unintelligible, but every so
often, a word can be heard clearly, including an elongated “Lisaaaa” [1:18]. The voicemail lasts well over a minute, and
it is clear something was attempting to communicate with Lisa. Who it was and what they were trying to say
remains a mystery. People all over try to communicate with the
deceased, but sometimes it is the deceased trying to communicate with us. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new videos
we upload every Tuesday and Saturday. 1.Message for a Dead Man: The Murder of Travis
Alexander on June 4, 2008 was the beginning of one of the most talked about crimes of
the end of the 2000s, and into the 2010s with the eventual trial of Alexander’s ex girlfriend
Jodi Arias. She was charged with first-degree murder of
Alexander, whereas she claimed she killed Alexander in self defense. The trial itself became a spectacle to watch,
not in a humorous way, but for how disturbing the case was and how ruthless prosecutor Juan
Martinez was in challenging Arias’s defense. Part of the evidence against Arias were a
series of voicemails left by her on Alexander’s phone, from which you can clearly hear her
nervous demeanor in her voice [1:02]; by now, Arias had confessed to murdering Alexander,
so it was already known she falsely made the calls to divert suspicion away from her, which
obviously failed. More eerily, the voicemail was left only six
hours after Arias killed Alexander, and his body had not yet been found. Her voice is also rushed and stuttery, which
is arguably due to her fear of getting caught. Furthermore, Arias also had Alexander’s PIN
for his phone, and was able to listen to other messages left to him in his mailbox, something
investigators were able to prove she had done prior to and after his passing. Things aren’t done yet, since she called Alexander
a further three times, including once five days after his body was found, but for unknown
reasons. In the end, her struggle to make an alibi
to escape justice, as well as various other conflicts in her statements led to the jury
finding her guilty of first-degree murder on May 7, 2012. She is now serving a life sentence, and has
no possibility of parole.

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