Top 10 Unbelievable Facts in Music History

huh what really and Wow these are the music facts that have us scratching our head welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten unbelievable facts in music history [Music] for this list we’ve chosen cool interesting or surprising facts or pieces of trivia relating to music musicians and/or the music industry [Music] [Applause] number 10 happy birthday to you is copyrighted [Music] [Applause] although likely some 350,000 plus times a day happy birthday is actually not a song in the public domain and its copyright status earns rights holders warner/chappell music about two million dollars a year [Music] the company’s copyright which was acquired in 1988 for at least twenty five million dollars is set to expire in 2030 in the United States although it will expire at the end of 2016 in Europe owing to differences in copyright law happy birthday written as early as 1893 by sisters and teachers Patty and Mildred J Hill the song is only subject to royalty payments when sung in public and commands ten thousand dollars for use in films nine screamin Jay Hawkins 50 plus kids this shocked rock pioneer was shockingly also fathered to as many as 75 children the singer had three children with the first of his six wives but has been quoted as being aware of at least fifty seven mostly illegitimate children [Applause] [Music] following his death in 2000 a website was set up to help track his vastly sown seed with 33 of the more than 1200 submissions more or less confirmed as the rockers offspring the next year many of the junior Hawkins held a reunion to celebrate daddy dearest [Music] number eight Celine Dion’s my heart will go on was recorded in one take I see now viewed as Celine Dion’s signature song the ballot to sink a ship almost didn’t happen and I kept saying to Rene in the back of his leg upon hearing the music the singer didn’t want to record it and Titanic director James Cameron didn’t want to use it producer Simon Franklin who had worked with Celine in the past opted to record a demo anyway and XEOMIN was encouraged to sing on the recording by husband and manager Rene Khalil according to Tommy Mottola they all nailed the vocal in one take and never re-recorded it meaning the global number one hit is actually a demo [Music] [Applause] number seven Elvis Presley was a blonde [Music] perhaps the most surprising fact about a man whose life was rich with interesting facts is that the king of rock and roll’s jet-black hair came from a bottle a bottle of miss clairol 51 d to be exact ago hold the video tag born blonde Elvis’s hair naturally grew darker to a sandy blonde by his high school years and was a dark chestnut color during his service in the army can’t you see when they don’t believe [Music] Pressley began dyeing his hair black in the mid 50’s and continued to do so until his death in 1977 actor Robert Mitchum meanwhile reportedly inspired his trademark hairstyle [Music] [Applause] number six Tony Iommi’s missing fingertips [Music] aged 17 and working his last day in a sheetmetal Factory the future Black Sabbath guitarist cut off the tips of his right middle and ring fingers in a pressing machine one day I went into work and there was a woman he’s depressed the metal and send it down to me and I used to welding and she never came in so they said all you’ve got to do the pressing so want to get on this machine of course it the thing just came down now being left-handed this should have meant the end of his playing days but Iommi instead created new fingertips out of melted dish soap bottles and leather strips which resembled thimbles [Music] for playability the guitarist began tuning his guitar to D flat rather than East Standard which had the additional effect of giving his music a low deep and menacing sound and shaped what would become heavy metal [Music] [Music] number five mariah carey’s whistle register and reaching beyond the seventh octave self classified as an alto Mariah Carey began singing in imitation of her mother a mezzo soprano opera singer when she was about three carries vocal range spans five plus octaves from E to through G sharp seven which includes a full and controlled whistle register on the high end of things that put her in the Guinness Book of World Records [Music] [Applause] [Music] the diva claims her increased ability in the higher octaves stems from nodules on her vocal cords which have allowed the singer to hit some of the highest notes ever produced by a human voice [Music] number four Def Leppard’s Rick Allen keeps drumming with one arms [Music] Rick Allen’s career was nearly cut short in 1984 when a car accident resulted in the drummer losing his left arm although doctors were able to reattach the limb gangrene soon set in forcing them to amputate it [Music] Allen discovered he could keep good time with his remaining limbs and soon said about piecing together an electronic kit with additional foot triggers with some help from his fellow musicians he also developed a modified playing style a style Def Leppard vocalist Joe Elliott claims is actually superior to the drummers former to Arms drumming [Music] number three the dark side of the moon’s fourteen-year chart run [Music] recorded between the spring of 1972 and the winter of 1973 material from the Dark Side of the Moon was actually debuted by Pink Floyd while they toured the prior to its release [Music] you this did little to hurt sales however as the game-changing album stayed on the charts for a total of 741 weeks starting with a number one spot on the Billboard Top LPS tapes chart in March [Music] it only finally dropped off in 1988 The Pink Floyd record has even reappeared on the charts several times thereafter including the 90s and 2000’s and to date has clocked in 867 non-consecutive weeks [Applause] number two the all beetles top five by april 4th 1964 Beatlemania had arrived in america although not yet bigger than Jesus the Fab Four managed to take all five top positions on the Billboard Hot 100 on this date [Music] that week can’t buy me love took the top spot while twist and shout she loves you I want to hold your hand and please please me made the Beatles the only act ever to complete me hold the charts top five spots can’t buy me loves jumped from number 26 to the top meanwhile was the largest leap until Kelly Clarkson’s a moment like this hit number one from number 52 in 2002 before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions [Music] [Music] Leona’s first guitar was a Telecaster and Leo’s an engineer so everything was straight lines hard edges and you can look at that guitar and you think yes he designed that because he wasn’t a guitarist [Music] number one the 27 club whether due to overdoses suicides murders or even natural causes many iconic musicians never lived to see age 28 [Music] the apparent frequency with which artists have seemed to die when they’re 27 has led to the idea of the so-called 27 club reportedly beginning as early as 1890 – with the death of brazilian pianist Alexander VI and claiming blues legend Robert Johnson in 1938 the 27 clubs peak era was 1969 to 71 as these years saw the passing of notable musicians like Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin and The Doors Jim Morrison the club gained renewed attention in 1994 with Kurt Cobain’s death [Music] and in the new millennium with Amy Winehouse’s passing in 2011 [Music] do you agree with our list what’s your favorite unbelievable music fact four more incredible top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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