Top 10 Superheroes Who Are Impossible To Adapt Into the MCU

There’s no shortage of fan theories when
it comes to which characters may be introduced into the MCU in the upcoming phases of the
franchise. It’s fun to speculate, and regardless of
who you’re rooting for, it seems that there’s a promising future as far as superheroes are
concerned in terms of new additions. That being said, not all heroes in the Marvel
Universe in the comics are quite suitable for the big screen. This is because they’re too abstract, their
powers to vague, or because another existing character already stole their thunder. So today, we’re diving deeper into this
depressing truth with our list of the top 10 superheroes who are impossible to adapt
into the MCU. This list is a combination of superheroes
and cosmic entities in the Marvel Universe that are seen as good forces. Just something to keep in mind. 10 Hyperion
Hyperion is a superhero whose had multiple iterations over the years. For starters, his first appearance was as
a member of the Squadron Sinister, a villainous team that was based on the Justice League
from DC Comics, with Hyperion being a loose parody of Superman. He was later reimagined as an alien who was
raised by the government, having been sent to earth in a space craft as a child, and
found by the US government and trained into a covert agent. In addition to that, his powers are very similar
to the man of steel’s. Even his weakness feels like a different take
on kryptonite; his powers and energy are diminished when he’s exposed to something called argonite
radiation. Yeeeep. So obviously, Hyperion’s similarities to
Superman are the reason why this character would be difficult to adapt. Imagine the press storm over it. Plus, Marvel Studios has done a great job
at depicting flawed superheroes, and adding a superman type to that roster might feel
a little overbearing. 9 The One Above All
The One Above All is responsible for the existence of all life in the Multiverse, and possibly
beyond that. It is omnipotent, and above all other cosmic
powers and abstract entities, including the Living Tribunal, who it is said to be the
overseer of. The One Above All first appeared in Marvel
comics in 2007, in Sensational Spider-Man vol 2 issue 40, and is also known as ‘Above
All Others’. It’s abilities are beyond any known system
of abilities, same as it’s strength levels. So, with a character that abstract, considering
that we’re potentially getting a glimpse of the Living Tribunal in Avengers End Game,
it seems unlikely that the MCU would be eager to introduce something of such immense power,
especially since the Living Tribunal was the one who fit the bill as exactly that for decades
and decades prior to The One Above All even being introduced. 8 The Vishanti
Similar to our last number, the Vishanti are pretty abstract entities. They are a trio of god like beings, made up
of Hoggoth, Agamotto and Oshtur. Each of their histories are made up of really
intense lore that intertwine with other entities and gods in the Marvel universe. Oshtur was one of the Elder Gods, one of the
first lifeforms created when the Demiurge, the planet’s sentient bio-sphere, breathed
life into the world. Hoggoth is the last survivor or an ancient
alien pantheon. And Agamotto is the child of Oshtur. All that being said, the Vishanti are patrons
of the Sorcerer Supreme, and there have been connections via Doctor Strange to them that
have made their way into the MCU. That being said, exploring them further than
that seems incredibly unlikely, since they are so separate from the rest of the Marvel
Universe, and have only ever really made cameos from time to time. But this also seems like a case of never say
never, so who knows. Maybe they’ll show up in an upcoming Doctor
Strange film. 7 Superior Spider-Man
If you’re unfamiliar with the character, the Superior Spider-Man is NOT Peter Parker. It’s Otto Octavius in Parker’s body. So, once upon a time in the comics, Octavius
was dying and decided to switch bodies with Peter Parker so he could live, all by swapping
their consciousness into one another. Parker didn’t see it coming, and was trapped
in Otto’s body, ultimately consumed by his illness, dying. Otto took over Peter’s life, and the Spider-Man
persona, calling himself the Superior Spider-Man. The storyline got some major backlash, and
Parker was eventually returned, with Otto learning a few important lessons in the process. Naturally, based on the criticism, it seems
unlikely that Marvel Studios would ever want to recreate that storyline up on the big screen,
especially when Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has quickly become so adored amongst audiences. 6 Hercules
Marvel’s take on Hercules has always been considered a great one. Plucked out of Greek mythology and into the
panels of modern day comics, Hercules has played an avid role in the universe, including
participating during the first Civil War story event. He’s also acted as a good inclusion in Thor’s
storylines from time to time. But that’s exactly why we won’t likely
see him up on the big screen. Thor pretty much has the market on superheroes
rooted in mythology. That’s not to say we won’t ever see other
mythologies pop up in the MCU, but right now, it kind of seems like it might be adding an
unnecessary component into the universe. In addition to that, Hercules is a character
who has had a ton of portrayals over the years, including an animated Disney one; it would
seem likely that Disney wouldn’t want to confuse the two in case they ever wanted to
revamp their animated one into a live action story like some of their other classic tales. 5 Origin
Origin is a fascinating cosmic entity. It’s been charged with creating the origins
of various events in the universe, and the origins of superpowered beings. It has claimed to be the one who conjured
the cosmic storm that gave the Fantastic Four their powers. It has claimed to have been the one who made
it possible for Thor and the Asgardians to find their way to earth. It chose who would become a mutant, and it
planted the locations of Earth in the minds of the Silver surfer, Galactus and the Skrulls. It defies the laws of physics, and it can
retroactively alter reality without creating diverging timelines. All in all, it’s basically deus ex machina
catalyst personified. A cosmic plot device. It first appeared in 1991’s Quasar issue
18, and for the most part was involved in the cosmic hero’s stories. So, it’s safe to say the chances of us ever
seeing Origin make it’s way into the MCU are slim to none.
4 Quasar Speaking of, lets take a look at Quasar, the
cosmic superhero. Quasar, aka Wendell Vaughn, became a superhero
after putting on the Quantum Bands, which give him superb powers and the ability to
tap into a limitless energy source called the Quantum Zone. There’s been multiple individuals who have
taken up the mantle as well. So why does Quasar not stand a chance at getting
an MCU adaptation? The character has a lot of similar traits
to others who already exist in the MCU, especially Captain Marvel and Star Lord. We know that the Nega Bands are something
that will likely never see the light of day in the MCU either, since their origin with
Mar-Vell’s Captain Marvel doesn’t seem like it’ll ever be explored, so why would
the quantum bands be? And we already have a quantum realm, do we
want to throw two more quantum things into the mix? Plus, if the reports are true and a Nova feature
film is in the works down the pipeline, there’s a very good chance that Quasar will be ignored
altogether for the sake of being redundant and unoriginal. Tough luck Wendell. 3 Sentry
Sentry’s got a similar problem to Hyperion; he’s very much a Superman type, although
much more flawed. Sentry, aka Robert Reynolds, starts off as
a middle aged overweight man who remembers out of the blue that he’s Sentry, a superhero
with the power of one million exploding suns. He realizes that his archenemy, the Void,
is returning, so he attempts to warn several prominent Marvel superheroes, only to discover
that no one remember the Sentry. As he approaches each of them, they remember
him, all having a specific recollection; Sentry had taught Angel how to conquer his fear of
falling, a photo of him won the Pulitzer Prize for Peter Parker, and the Hulk apparently
still recalled him. Mister Fantastic then remembers what happened;
Sentry and the Void are two halves, one in the same, and Reynolds had erased his memory
and the memory of everyone else on Earth in order to prevent the Void from coming, as
a way to protect the Earth. Sentry is a character who is omnipotent, immortal,
can warp reality, manipulate on a molecular level, can teleport, has a regenerative healing
factor, and of course, superhuman strength, speed, stamina, the whole darn package. He’s arguably even stronger than Superman
himself. So a character with powers that immense would
likely require some sort of lead up, similar to how the MCU set the stage for Thanos and
the Infinity Gauntlet. While Sentry isn’t impossible to adapt,
it would create a lot of repercussions in the MCU that could arguably disrupt the kind
of story telling that Marvel Studios has set up over the last ten years. Another reason why we’ll never see Sentry
appear in an MCU film, or, at least a proper adaption of him, is that his origin story
is so steeped in self reflexive retconning that in order to truly tell his origin story,
it would likely cost Marvel Studios and Disney a whole lot of money on cast and visual effects
alone, raising the question, would a Sentry feature film be worth it? 2 Namor
Namor the Sub Mariner is arguably one of the biggest players in the Marvel Universe. He’s the king of atlantis, ffs. Or at least, the Marvel Atlantis. Anywho, he’s one of the publisher’s oldest
characters, having been the OG anti-hero when he first popped up in Timely Comics’ Motion
Picture Funnies Weekly back in 1939. The hero with a short fuse has been a member
of the Avengers, the X-Men, The Cabal, the Defenders, and most importantly, the Illuminati. So why hasn’t he appeared in the MCU? Or at least had some sort of mention of him
come up? That’s because the rights to the character
are a bit complicated at the moment. Universal allegedly still holds the rights
over distribution for the character. While Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe
Quesada has stated a few years ago that he believed Marvel Studios got the rights back,
he’s had a history of crying wolf on that one, having been proven wrong a few years
prior to that about Namor’s rights. Marvel Studios have remained silent on the
issue as well. So it seems there’s still some fussing that
needs to be taken care of before we’ll get to see Marvel’s King of Atlantis make an
appearance on the big screen. 1 The Micronauts
The Micronauts are a superhero team that first appeared in the pages of Marvel comics in
1979 with their own self titled solo series. They’re based off of the Mego Micronauts
toy line, and the comic existed long after the toys were cancelled, carrying on to 1986,
with other publishers then getting the rights in the early 2000s. These heroes originate in the Microverse,
aka, the Quantum Realm; a name change that Marvel Studios had to change because they
don’t own the rights to it. It’s for that very reason that we will never
see the Micronauts in an MCU film; Hasbro Studios and Paramount own the rights for a
live action film, having announced in December 2015 that it was in development. Despite that, the microverse has a very long
history in Marvel comics, with it first appearing in a 1943 issue of Captain America Comics
in a two part story titled The Princess in the Atom. Back then, it was a sub-atomic world known
as Mita. Later, the name would be defined when the
Fantastic Four visited it in 1963’s Fantastic Four issue 16. There we have it friends! What other superheroes or good cosmic entities
in the Marvel universe do you think would be difficult to adapt up on the big screen? Give us a shout in those comments below and
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