Top 10 Scary Underground Cities

With the upcoming climate crisis and possible
tensions of war it appears heading underground may be one of the options to help cities against
the perils of what’s to come. Just Kidding. But maybe. It’s easier to regulate heat underground,
and land is becoming a limited resource due to urban sprawl. So, you know, there are some pros. Cons, wanting some sunlight is also a thing,
so maybe partially underground is the way to go. Either way, let’s get down with getting
underground. Yeet. Hey most amazing fam, I’m your host Abbey
and today I have Top 10 Scary Underground Cities The first one we are talking about today at
number ten is the Edinburgh Vaults Located underneath Scotland’s capital of Edinburgh
are the Edinburgh Vaults. They are also known as the South Bridge vaults
since they are located within the 19 arches of the south bridge. Travelling back in time to 1788, when Edinburgh
was a superstitious place thats when these vaults opened up. People say they still give off a vibe of gore
and ghastliness. They were originally built to house taverns,
cobblers, cutlers, smelters and other tradesmen, and to store *illicit materials*. In addition to those *illicit materials* there
are rumours that bodies were stored down there as well. Specifically, it is thought that serial killers
Burke and Hare stored various bodies down in the Edinburgh Vaults, which they sold for
medical experiments. Once businesses moved out of the vaults it
became the home of the poorest people of the city. It became its own little city of pubs and
brothels scattered around the damp underground chambers. A bit grim though. 9 Derinkuyu
This ancient underground city is located beneath the real Cappadocia city in Turkey. Cappadocia in central Turkey and has at least
36 old cities nearby underground. The deepest is the one listed, Derinkuyu. This subterranean network of tunnels was discovered
in 1963 and it had everything you need for a city. It has living quarters, stables, churches,
storage rooms, refectories, and wineries. It could have possibly held more than 20,000
people. The city was fully formed in the Byzantine
Era as protection from Muslim Arabs during the Arab Byzantine wars from 8th century to
the 12th century. It was even connected to other cities through
tunnels that were many miles long. Continuously for centuries the underground
cities were used as an escape waves of wars by many different cultures. When there was so much danger above ground
it became a place of refuge. I hope no one got stir crazy. When it was discovered in 1963 it was because
a man who lived in the area found a mysterious room behind a wall at his house and lo and
behold, it was an access point to the tunnel network. Right now, only 10 percent of the underground
city is accessible for visitors. But that is a trip I would love to take. Like just imagine finding intricate tunnels
through a SECRET DOORWAY AT YOUR HOUSE?? Jealous 8 Dixia Cheng
Dixia Cheng has been referred to as the Underground Great Wall, as well as just Underground City. It’s in Beijing, China, and was built in
the 70s as a shelter for any invasions, bombings or nuclear attacks. It is still a long network of tunnels that
has nearly 100 hidden entrances. It was also reportedly built with complete
services such as schools, hospitals, and sleeping halls just in case the citizens need to hide
out for a longer period of time. It’s said there was even a skating rink
and one thousand seat theatre. Think of it like a great big bunker city. While it was created to prepare for the worst,
it never had to be used for its intended purpose and so in 2000 a portion of it was opened
to the public until 2008. Since it’s been closed for renovations,
the only citizens down there are illegal residents squatting there due to rising rent in the
above city. Next up at number 7 are The Tunnels of Moose
Jaw These are in Moose Jaw, Canada. With a name like Moose jaw, what country did
you expect? If you are unaware, Moose Jaw is located in
the Province of Saskatchewan in Canada. The tunnels in the city have two separate
stories, made up of a maze of tunnels where entire families lived. They came to be when Canada imposed a Head
Tax on Chinese immigrants when there were fears that they would take jobs away from
locals. To keep on the down low, illegal Chinese immigrants
they went down below, into the tunnels. They would live in the tunnels and then work
at local businesses in exchange for food and supplies. Then, these tunnels were repurposed in the
20s. At that time, the US was going through prohibition
of Alcohol. But Canada wasn’t. So mix together tunnels and prohibition and
you get bootlegging to the States. Al Capone was rumoured to be connected to
all of thex bootlegging, but there are no records to say for sure. But where there’s bootlegging there is probably
other crime so who knows what went down in those tunnels. Number 6 Naours
Naours is an underground abandoned city located in the northern part of France. Its hidden 100 feet beneath a forested plateau. It has 2 miles of tunnels and over 300 man
made rooms. Like other underground cities I have mentioned,
it was made as a place of protection and refuge. It began in the third century as a part of
a Roman Quarry, but locals began to use it as a hiding place so it was converted and
expanded into a little underground village around the Middle Ages. It had its own chapels, stables, wells, and
bakeries, and peaked at possibly 3000 residents. In recent times, they were sealed off for
a bit before being reopened as a tourist attraction, and were a popular site to visit during the
first world war. Allied soldiers left behind more than 2000
pieces of graffiti. Many of the soldiers fought nearby at the
battle of the Somme. So many of these places were hideouts during
war I wonder if any spies got in? Number 5 Petra
This partially underground city is located in the mountains of southern Jordan. The area has been inhabited for a very long
time but it reached its peak around 2000 years ago. At that time the ancient Nabataens hand chiseled
the hillsides into buildings. The sandstone was carved into tombs, banquet
halls, and temples. Petra could have had a population of twenty
thousand people at its peak, but it’s unknown how many more ruins could be discovered. Since, it’s believed much more is still
to be found underground. Europeans didn’t find it until the 1800s. If you’ve seen it, it’s most likely because
it made a cameo in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Number four Burlington
100 feet below the village of Corsham is a 35 acre underground complex that was built
in the event of a Cold-War Era nuclear strike. It was codenamed the Burlington Bunker was
built in the 50s from a preexisting quarry and it’s original tunnels. It had office spaces, cafeterias, medical
facilities, spaces to sleep, and even a telephone exchange. The bunker was to be used for the British
Prime Minister and 4000 other government personnel alive during an emergency. And, it even had an in-house BBC studio so
the Prime Minister could send out messages to the public. It never had use, and was declassified in
2004. Number 3 City of the Gods, Giza Plateau
You know of the Pyramids of Giza, but what about the City of the Gods? Located underneath the Pyramids is an abandoned
underground city. There are chambers and tunnels still being
mapped out to figure out their purpose since their discovery in 1978. It was named the City of Gods by the researchers. Some people straight up don’t believe it
exists, but either way, researchers continue to look into it to try to unearth more meaning
as to why it was built and map it out. Since there were traps to protect the tombs
of the Pharaohs and Kings, who knows what researchers may run into down there. Number two Shanghai tunnels Chicago
The Shanghai tunnels in Portland were originally tunnels for the businesses. They were a means of connecting businesses
in the city with the ports to transfer goods to them. But then business stopped using them to transfer
goods and people started using them to transfer people. Essentially, people were drugged and taken
into the tunnels to be used as slaves for different forms of work. The most common thing for them to be taken
for at the time was to work on a boat while the ship moved across water. Since many of the boats headed to Shanghai,
China, this is how the name Shanghai tunnel got established. It is estimated that over two thousand people
were “shanghai’d” using these tunnels. People now hear moans, talkings, screaming,
or crying, and there is even the ghost of a woman named Nina under the old town pizza
parlor. Let’s finish off with a fictional one today. At Number One is District 13
In the hunger games books and movies, District 13 was a community hiding underground to avoid
the Capital and it’s exploitation of the districts resources and workers. It’s primary industry was Nuclear weapons
and they used the threat of their weapons technology to get independence from the Capitol
and Panem. It was basically a mini cold war. The Capitol told the other districts that
it was obliterated with toxic bombs using propaganda showing a smoldering wasteland
where District 13 used to be. But they were there. Hiding underground. But they didn’t really get to do much, had
strict schedules, and didn’t really have yearly celebrations, so it was probably pretty
mundane life down there. And on that note, let’s end off this video. I’ve been your host Abbey and this has been
Top 10 Scary Underground Cities. If you like this make sure to give us a like,
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