Top 10 Most Violent Super Villains

if they weren’t crazy it’d be insane maybe one day that’ll come back if I just keep everything the same welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 most violent super villains in comics before we begin we publish new videos every day so be sure to subscribe for more great content for this list we take a look at the most ruthless masters of evil to ever grace the panel’s of the comic book world if they frequently inflict pain on others destroy public property and want to cause nothing but mayhem wherever they go chances are they made it somewhere on this list we’re also only looking at super villains in the traditional sense so while there may be some really dark and horrific comic-book bad guys out there that’s on a list for another day now let the carnage begin this general captain number ten darkside recognized as one of the main antagonists of DC’s supergroup that Justice League dark side might be outnumbered by them but he certainly isn’t outmatched possessing an uncanny level of superhuman strength as well as being practically immortal darkside is a tyrannical warlord who parades around the far reaches of the galaxy invading any worlds he discovers with extreme force his ultimate goal is for civilizations everywhere to submit to his rule and if they should resist well things get pretty nasty pretty fast an intergalactic dictator through and through darkside is not to be crossed the guy comes from a world called apocalypse for crying out loud do we really need to spell it out for you that he’s bad news welcome home arise my children number nine red skull [Music] the arch-nemesis of Captain America Red Skull is a high-ranking Nazi agent that goes to some questionable lengths in his quest for global domination possessing all the same superhuman strength his cap the Red Skull is a formidable combatant in hand-to-hand combat however his true weapon comes from his cunning intellect able to devise highly complex battle strategies and political conspiracies the Red Skull cares little for sacrificing the lives of others including his own henchmen in order to achieve his sinister goals for this one exception we encourage you to completely judge a book by its cover as the Red Skull is a monster both inside and out number eight bullseye a master assassin for hire bullseye has one bandage that other killers in his field of work don’t have he never misses a target most frequently being employed by the kingpin to do his dirty work in the streets of New York bullseye is responsible for giving a certain devil of Hell’s Kitchen quite a tough time throughout the years showing no remorse for the lives of others whatsoever bullseye tracks down his prey and will stop at nothing to put him six feet under his most shocking and brutal act of all was when he mercilessly beat Elektra and then killed her with one of her own sign what makes his crimes extra evil is the pleasure he takes in them number seven Deathstroke the DC villain who was the inspiration for Marvel’s Deadpool is not going to be someone you want to cross Slade Wilson possesses advanced combat and marksmanship knowledge as well as superhuman strength and reflexes thanks to an experimental serum like a man possessed his ferocity makes him a match for both the likes of Green Arrow and Batman he may be blind in one eye but he has two perfectly good arms and legs to kick the crap out of people number six Sabretooth a victim of harsh mutant prejudice his entire life Victor Creed’s resentment of the society which shunned him for so long translated into ferocious rage and the desire to kill living in the Canadian wilderness Creed took on the alias Sabretooth and began terrorizing everyone often leaving behind bodies that looked like they were viciously mauled by an animal sabertooth has also carried an intense hatred towards Wolverine since they first met a relationship that only worsened after Viktor brutally raped and murdered Wolverines and lover Silver Fox aside from his beef with Wolverine Sabretooth will show no mercy to anyone else he comes across taking great joy in using their bodies as punching bags number 5 doomsday his name is doomsday seriously explanation over if you need a little more convincing though this is the guy who killed Superman something which most other villains never even came close to achieving we feel that that alone should demonstrate his capacity for violence bloodshed and destruction doomsday seemingly endless levels of endurance to just keep on fighting is mind-boggling as if his only purpose for existing is to destroy come to think of it not only did he kill Superman but he also managed to obliterate the Justice League International gives Supergirl a nasty makeover and provided Metropolis with probably the most expensive repair bill in comic book history well on the positive side at least he lived up to his name so good job I guess number four beam thank you doctor you don’t have to break your back to work out why Bane is a violent character having brains to match all of that brawn Bane has proved himself to be well the bane of Batman’s existence for quite some time in the groundbreaking nightfall storyline the muscle-bound Menace planned out a downright sadistic plot to make Batman fight nearly every member of his rogues gallery in a row just before Bane himself goes in for the killing blow this ruthless persona has been translated rather faithfully to television videogame and film incarnations of the character most notably recognized in modern pop culture through the intimidating performance by Tom Hardy if I pull that off will you die it would be extremely painful you’re a big guy for you number 3 evil Ernie as a child Ernie was able to alter the outcome of the Future through his drawings an ability which he used to severely injure his pregnant mother and kill his unborn brother after his parents sent him to a mental institution Ernie returned with a vengeance viciously murdering old mom-and-pop before going on a killing spree you want to know the really scary part this was all before he acquired his supernatural powers as the undead monster abomination evil Ernie he is armed with razor-sharp claws and the ability to reanimate any of his victims into his own zombie army number two the Joker what do guests get to keep face sure you do whatever you want with it we got a closet full of them where oh where do we begin with how much death and madness the Joker is responsible for let’s break it down the Clown Prince of Crime sadistically tortured Jason Todd thus permanently twisting his mental state and as far as readers were concerned killing him for a while I’m just gonna keep he with this crowbar he also savagely beat Barbara Gordon resulting in her becoming a paraplegic and splintering the family relationship between her and Batman that’s not even mentioning the countless police officers rival gang members and innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire of this macabre mad man’s wave of Terror to top it all off the Joker is sporting an insidious friend 24/7 a disturbing contrast between it and the violence he commits just chills us to the bone to prove a point is to cry before we reveal our top pick here are a few other super villains that would love nothing more than to poke your eyes out number one carnage I am yours men we’re gonna wreak Laureus carnage throughout the land spider-man has his hands full with one crazy symbiote breathing down his neck in the form of venom but at least venom only inflicted violence on others in the pursuit of revenge carnage knows no such boundaries the alien symbiotes enhance the characteristics of their host and in the case of the psychotic serial killer Cletus Kasady New York finds itself in a lot a trouble carnage enjoys every waking moment that he spends hurting others which is most evident in the famous story arc maximum carnage where he assembles a group of other supervillains to wreak havoc on 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