Top 10 Most Populous City Ranking History (1950-2035)

Tokyo was 1063 thousand residents behind New York In 1955, alongside with Tokyo, Osaka both on top 3 Mexico City became the fastest rank climbing for 5 year Brazil became 2nd countries has top 10 cities in SA Except for USA,Japan,India became 3rd countries to have 2 cities in the top 10 since 1950(At the same time) Since 1980, Europes have been out of the game Since 1988,all top 10 cities have exceeded 10+ million resident Delhi and Shanghai became the fastest growing cities since Tokyo in the 50 to 70 Delhi and Shanghai basically growing the same speed China became the 5th countries to have 2 top 10 cities since 1950(At the same time) Osaka is the only cities in the top 10 is decreasing population Dhaka was projected to have the same growth speed as Delhi and Tokyo New York and Osaka(Used to be the top city) will completely fall out top 10 In 2029,all top 10 cities will exceed 20+ million residents Kinshasa is the 5th cities alongside with Tokyo,Delhi,Shanghai,Dhaka is having,used to or will have super fast growth speed Similar to Osaka,Tokyo will be the only cities in the top 10 is decreasing in population

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