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  • Every single member of my family were born on their birthdays.

  • There was a lot more coincidences for the Italy king
    They name their son the same name and both got the same badge in the same year

  • Igner's story is so sad. That the poor monk kept trying to save him

  • So…reality is fake, then.

  • Plus it was Never the TITANIC that sank

  • Some coincidences are too strange to be a coincidence. Concerning Kennedy, Oswald did not kill him, the driver William Greer gave the final shot with a gas pistol. That's why Jacky was crawling on the trunk to get away from the driver. Kennedy was killed by CIA, Old Bush (now finally dead) was involved. Declassified CIA documents proofs what I said. There were several shooters from different sides, exactly what witnesses at the scene said! Get your facts straight. Titanic, more proof has surfaced that it was rather an explosion in the coal compartment. Even before the Titanic went for his first voyage, several workers who's job was filling the engines with coal didn't wanted to stay on the ship and left. The coal was already burning. The captain was going the fast as he could because he wanted to reach his destination on time. At his first stop he phoned the headquarters of the company and was told to continue the voyage. This is all documented.

  • If y'all are interested for a strange coincidence: Me and my sister had the exact same dream on the exact same night.

  • This is no joke. Once during our family gift exchange during Christmas, my sister got the same thing that I got for her. And another time, I face planted in the snow and she laughed, and then.. she face planted and I laughed. 😂 (it was cold)

  • 1:35 facepalm

  • The 27 Club & JFK/Lincoln are the creepiest for me. It gives me goosebumps EVERYTIME. 😱😱

  • This was the most annoying video I've watched on YouTube…that's no coincidence

  • I think that the kennedy/lincoln thing should have been #1. there was way more stuff that they didnt put on there about them

  • Say it with me, (Hay-lee-s) comet

  • 1:36
    Afterkill! +200

  • The Titanic wasn't really the Titanic. It was the sister ship, the Olympic to collect insurance at least that's what some conspiracy theorist say

  • Well the universe likes to do these sort of stuff

  • What about the similarities between the moon landing, and From Earth to the Moon, which was written 100 years earlier

  • I have one.

    I was playing BitLife and I chose to ask a girl out: she was like “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”
    I was watching a Reddit vid and it said the same thing a second later.

  • A coincidence: YouTube Rewind 2019 was just a top 10 list

  • Weird!

  • Titanic (wich was not Titanic) was not a coincidence

  • Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.
    John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.
    Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.
    John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.
    The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters.
    Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.
    Both wives lost their children while living in the White House.
    Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.
    Both were shot in the head.
    Lincoln’s secretary, Kennedy, warned him not to go to the theatre.
    Kennedy’s secretary, Lincoln, warned him not to go to Dallas.
    Both were assassinated by Southerners.
    Both were succeeded by Southerners.
    Both successors were named Johnson.
    Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808.
    Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.
    John Wilkes Booth was born in 1839.
    Lee Harvey Oswald was born in 1939.
    Both assassins were known by their three names.
    Both names are comprised of fifteen letters.
    Booth ran from the theater and was caught in a warehouse.
    Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theater.

  • That song after the bullet story is just…

  • Playing what goes around comes around was petty af

  • I love how u played what goes around comes around y’all had me rolling

    Also, both Kennedy and Lincoln’s secretaries advised them not to take the trips that would ultimately end in their deaths

  • Inner pendance. I like that. I wish I had some.

  • ge 27 is when youth ends. Who wants to live past that anyway. Yuck. The original retirement age was 27. No one lived longer than that anyway.

  • Can you stop playing all the movie clips and just do the video? Damn

  • creepy coincidence? i celebrate my birthday on the day i was born.

  • Seen the same thing in slapped ham 😱😱

  • The assassin who killed Hitler ALSO died when Hitler was killed.

    Coincidence? I think not!

  • What about Robert Johnson the blues musician who supposedly sold his soul to the devil and died in 1938 at age 27?

  • I read the titan twice.
    There were survivors stranded on an island and the ship didn't sink. But the coincidence is uncanny. Perhaps it was meant as an Oman.

  • Tons of these aren't even coincidences….

  • Number 1, The Titan and Titanic.

    Me, an expert on the Titanic:
    "I fucking knew it!"

  • Hmmmmmm…..maybe tom sawyer poisoned himself or something

  • These are definitely not coincidences.. they were meant to happen.

  • I read all the honorable mentions, instead why didn't you just make the list longer?

  • WRONG! 27 club began with Robert Johnsons death in 1938, the guy that supposedly sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads

  • I have a theory that The Mysterious Monk was the meddling monk from doctor who

  • I am the cabunchin monk

  • Why tf would you blow up a tree

  • Here is the best one. Elvis died on my birthday the same year my sister was born.

  • Robert Johnson, one of the most influential blues guitarists, also died at 27

  • So many people on earth, coincidences are normal. Eventually a coincidence will happen, there are 7.5 billion people on earth. do some math bra!

  • Learn how too correctly, describe the correct pronunciation!

  • Mark Twain’s admiration of Halley’s Comet doesn’t constitute a coincidence. He was born two weeks after it’s point of visibility and passed a day after it. This inclusion smacks of old movie sentiment

  • Robert Johnson is another of the inductees of the 27 club!!

  • 2:35, and the same day I was born, not the year

  • That stupid titan and titanic thing is overused and stupid

  • The girl who played Juliet was quite hot 😂


  • In the 70s to 80s I knew two women with the last name of Robinson, they were both of partly Hispanic descent, both loved animals and rescued cats and dogs, and each had a dog named Clark who got cancer.

  • My Grandfather was an identical twin and his brother died 15 minutes after he did and they lived 400 km apart.

  • I think coincidences are like if you shuffle a pack of cards and lay them out eventually over time you will have them all in order. Scientific fact .

  • It sounds like that Cappucino monk was that gius guardian angel

  • Why is there so much movie references

  • Nigga I’m so drunk

  • All the great megalithic sites in the world are on a straight line going around the world and were built with the same unusual building techniques.

  • When I was working in the USA I met an old Bulgarian guy in the restaurant I was working. Since I'm a Bulgarian myself we started chatting. It was a fun chat. We discovered we were living in the same town I was going to an university a few years back. Then – that we were living in the same neighborhood, then – the same street, then – the same building, then – that our appartments were next to each other. Yet – we never spoke to each other and neither remembers the other. Weird coincedence for sure!

  • R.I.P XXX TENTACIOn AND JUICE WRLD the newest canidates for the 27 club

  • For the 27 club thing, it started with Robert Johnson in the 1930s not the 60s.

  • add juice wrld's death, he pretty much predicted his death in a way

  • There are a lot of people that don't think the book of the "Titan" was a prophecy, but it was used as a "Plan" for the sinking of the "Titanic". The "Titanic" is the only ship in the "Entirety" of sea fairing history that has been sunk due to hitting an iceberg.

  • Some of the best ASMR in the world was when leanardo and her were in the water

  • 7.8 billion people living on this earth. I won't surprise if 10 Coincidences like this happen everyday.

  • Isn't it funny how the Constitution was approved on 1776 the same year the Illuminati was disbanded. Supposably

  • They forgot that the in the book the Titan ship sank on page 1912. The same as the year the Titanic sank….

  • Here's another coincidence:-

    Valentine's day is on 14th feb, and exactly 9 months after, on 14th Nov, its children's day

  • Thank you mojo for making me cry all over again with Titanic

  • There’s also a famous claim that John Adams’ last words were “Jefferson lives on,” when in fact he died about an hour BEFORE Adams.

  • It would be nice if the video matched up with what they were talking about.

  • Cool video, but the Kennedy/Lincoln coincidences were, in my opinion, far more amazing than most of the ones in the top 10.

  • With regards to #3…While I was stationed at Clark AB, Philippines in the late 80's I loved going to this one bar called "The Temple of Rock" in Angeles City. The exterior was in Roman columns and when you went inside it was all marble with the stage in the shape of a guitar, really cool. What was unique was that along the walls there were headstones with all the 27 musicians who passed away. It was like being in a mausoleum with blocks listing the various rock musicians who died at 27. The sound system was awesome and it echoed big time with all the marble.

  • Buddy Holly 22, Eddie Cochran 21… and if go to the roots Bo Diddley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry seemed to never die. 27 is shit and has been confirmed so for decades.

  • Famous people passing at 27 were all sacrifices not the causes we all believe to have happened

  • This video is such a coincidence!
    I'm getting sick of saying that word now!

  • Why is no one talking about the king and the shop owner?! I mean it’s soooo crazy! Fate is really weird….

  • The JFK and Lincoln one had me tripping out 😬😬

  • Why cant you just tell the facts instead of putting those stupidity skits in between? You ruined what should have been very interesting facts instead of trying to put comedy in place of the things we clicked on the site to learn? What doofuses !!

  • Another freaky coincidence of authors writings coming true is that of Dean Koontz' in 'The Days of Darkness'

    He wrote of a virus developed in the labs of Wuhan in China called Wuhan-400.

    Fast forward to 2020 and Corona Virus' whose epicenter was Wuhan is speculated to be developed in the Wuhan lab of CDC and has killed 1846 people till today!

  • Ughh I swear to god I think watch mojo has found a way to hypnotize me into falling into a YouTube hole every time I say last video one of there stupid titles grabs me and the worst part is I’m always disappointed with the content it always satisfy me like 65% just enough to make me wanna click another AHHH

  • Jimmy Stewart & Robert Mitchum died on the same day…

  • The last one is not so much a coincidence as much as an early example of predictive programming: When you pull the strings of the world, a common way to keep the masses from pointing fingers is to fictionalize something crazy so people will doubt it can actually happen "you read / watch tv too much" ect.

    so when it DOES happen, either the fictionalization is disregarded (I never heard of the Titan book until now), or those who try to connect the two are looked at as insane, for people who didn't see it comming are so caught up with the medium being fictional they cannot bring themselves to believe it's real. Today, things like the ebola outbreak causing Airline halts a few years ago was predicted in the Planet of the Apes reboot, 9/11 was predicted in the Simpsons, and Jojo's bizarre adventure (The latter even brought up IN a character with the in-universe power to predict the future no less), and then there is the Illuminati card game, which has too many examples to site. Wake up people: the media is not just entertainment: It's a warning.

  • Actually, the Titanic was 882, 6 inches in length. So while she was almost 100 feet longer than the fictional Titan – the similarities are eerie. I'd also like to point out that it's really fucking sad that 1,500 people had to lose their lives on the Titanic for laws regarding lifeboats to be changed.

  • I used to work with a guy named Richard Parker.

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  • Just jumping in-four years later – to say that many of the pics of Samuel Clements were taken in/around his study, in Elmira NY (it can still be seen there lol)

  • 40 musicians, in 120 years, all dying at 27 year old, some of which were suicides, murders, or drug abuse etc?

    That's hardly even a statistical anomaly, let alone something to report about. Pick any age, it'll have the same kind of numbers.

  • Failed to mention Robert Johnson who was the actual start of the whole 27 club thing and the legend behind it, wut?

  • Dude it seems like the matrix glitches and made doubles of a few of those folks

  • gonna watch titanic again XD

  • Number 6 they 4 got to tell how they both died by the same cab driver driving the same pasender to the same location both times

  • Fall of the Aztec empire would be no 1 for me.

  • Just to offer a footnote on Morgan Robertson. He also wrote another novel, about a war declared on America by Japan, where America won the war by using a bomb that destroyed an entire city…

  • Me and my brother are away thinking about the same thing at the same time and we aren't even twins!

  • My enemy bought supplies for his new house from my father coincidence I THINK SO NOT

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