Top 10 Comic Book Lawsuits You Won’t Believe

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the Top 10 Comic Book Lawsuits You Wont Believe #10 Spawn
First thing when it comes to lawsuits you wont believe we have to start with Spawn creator
Todd McFarlane suing an ex employee because he claimed to be the inspiration for the character. In the early 1990s Todd had hit the jackpot
with his creation of the comic book character Al Simmons whos tragic story would lead to
him becoming Spawn. When the comic book became successful a former
employee, who you guessed it, has the name Al Simmons, wrote a book called The Art of
Being Spawn. In the book Simmons suggests more than once
that the character was based on his own life and was used as the inspiration. According to a lawsuit filed in an Arizona
federal court, Todd sued Simmons for violating the terms of his employment pact which breached
his duty of loyalty. McFarlane did ask to use the mans name for
the character, but his central attributes had nothing to do with the former employee. The main reason for this bizarre lawsuit was
that Todd did not want someone else mooching off the comic book that he had created. #9 Liefeld Gets Robbed
Rob Liefeld is best known as the creator of Deadpool, Cable, Youngblood and X-Force, plus
a version of Captain America. Back in 1990 he had co-founded an independent
comic book company with 6 other former comic book artists who had worked for Marvel. His former partners at Image Comics incorporated
had refused to pay rob the money he was owed from the sales of his titled distributed through
Image. As a result, he filed a lawsuit for 1 million
dollars and this was back in 1996, so man oh man was that huge. Now hes found himself in the comic book courtroom
yet again calling out Marvel for its shady practices with his Deadpool character rights. In a series of strange tweets he even tagged
Marvel and Robert Iger the current CEO of Disney. In the tweet Rob said – Had a good long talk
with my attorney. Time to hold some feet to the fire for some
shady practices over at Marvel. Good times to come Robert Iger.- Yikes, were
guessing that after the success of the Deadpool movie he did not get a big enough cheque. #8 Hells Angels
Yup you got that right, even the Hells Angels have sued people in the past. The ultra famous biker club gang brought Marvel
Comics to court in 1992 under intellectual property theft. Marvel had just named a comic book after one
of their newest additions to the team called Hells Angel. Now you may be asking wait how can a biker
gang sue people, well that’s where their lawyer Mr. Clapp comes in and its kinda genius. You see in 1970 Clapp formed the Hell’s Angels
Motorcycle Corporation which was a non profit established to protect the clubs intellectual
property. Marvel was accused of using the clubs name
to get a free ride due to their highly recognizable and powerfully evocative name for the female
character that debuted in July of 1992. Marvel not wanting to mess around with the
mob they changed the characters name to Dark Angel and then came to the agreement that
they would donate 35,000 dollars to a childrens charity. #7 No More Wonder Man
During the birth of the character Superman DC comics wasted almost no time following
its release to start handing out lawsuits. They had seen other comic books blatantly
ripping each other off and sought to protect their greatest asset to date. That’s why in 1939 DC sent an injunction to
stop Bruns Publications from ever putting out its Wonder Man title. The legend himself Will Eisner had drawn the
character and both Eisner and the company tried to argue that Wonder Man came before
Superman. Although the courts for whatever reason decided
to go with DC giving life to Superman and just like that Wonder Man was suddenly no
more. This was an important win for DC though as
it gave them a legally binding case when it came to protecting their property and encouraged
them to file more lawsuits in the future. #6 Stan for Spider-Man
This one is a biggie for sure. Back in 2002 the first big box office Spider-Man
movie was released and destroyed box office numbers that year grossing more than 400 million
dollars in the United States alone. However at the time Stan Lee said that he
hadnt seen a penny of that money. Knowing that Marvel was planning on using
some of his other creations for box office films, Stan took a preemptive strike suing
Marvel for 10 million dollars. In the lawsuit it said – Despite reaping enormous
benefits from Mr. Lees creations, defendants have refused to honour their commitments to
him. It would take another 3 years before Marvel
finally announced that they had settled all outstanding litigation with Stan. Hopefully he got every last penny. #5 Batman and Bill
Bill Finger had co-created arguably one of the most iconic characters of all time. Batman turned out to not just be a hit with
fans, but become one of the most lucrative comic book characters in the last century. Another man by the name of Bob Kane was not
only taking the credit, but all of the cash as well. Kane had essentially come up with the raw
outline of what Batman would look like, but it was the genius of Bill Finger that truly
made the Batman into the character we know him as today. The two worked collaboratively on the character
but never split the profits in the same way. It would take nearly 75 years of law suits,
court battles, artist squabbles and Bills own family fighting for his recognition well
after he had died for this to come to a close. Were not sure exactly if there would be any
payouts to Bills estate, but hes at least going to be credited now on anything Batman. #4 The Superman Battle
The OG Superman was created by writer Jerome Siegel and Illustrated by Joseph Shuster. At the time each of them had been credited
with a 50 percent stake in the royalties of the character. This was all well and good until the big dog
in town DC comics rolled up and conned the two of them into selling the character for
130 dollars. The pair would work on and off for DC comics
until they company no longer had work for them. For the majority of their lives both dealt
with health issues but could barely afford to live off the money they were making. All while DC was raking in billions with their
Superman character. The pair had attempted to sue the company,
but the law at the time always sided with DC because their contract stated that DC would
own the rights to Superman following anything that they had created. #3 Ghost Rider
This one makes me go crazy. Legit its one of the silliest lawsuits Ive
ever heard of. After a bitter and depressing five year legal
battle regarding a biker with a flaming skull, Marvel beats Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich. Gary now must stop from ever referring to
himself as Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich. In 2007 Gary had filed a lawsuit against Marvel
claiming that the rights to Ghost Rider had been his since 2001 and that by creating a
film they were exploiting his creation. Marvel on the other hand argued that Gary
relinquished all rights to the character by signing his cheques that were made clear all
work done by his was a work for hire contract. Meaning that Marvel owned the rights this
entire time. Although as you know Marvel did not stop there
they counter sued Friedrich in 2010 seeking damages for loss of all income that Gary had
received by selling Ghost Rider Prints and other merchandise while at various conventions. #2 Shazam
In June of 1941 National Comics had sued Fawcett for copyright infringement when it came down
to their character known as Captain Marvel. Once Fawcetts Captain Marvel began outselling
DC’s Superman they raised the argument that the characters main powers and characteristics
were far too similar to Superman’s. Therefore it infringed on its copyright and
the two would engage in a legal battle that lasted well over 12 years. The judge finally ruled that Captain Marvel
was a copy of Superman, but because DC did not place a copyright logo on their comic
strips they could not file under copyright infringement. Although DC still fought tooth and nail to
reclaim what they believed was there’s. With Fawcetts sales dropping in the early
1950s the appeal to the first trial really hurt them financially. They agreed to pay out a settlement of 400,000
dollars which would be nearly 4 million dollars today. DC essentially consumed all of Fawcett’s characters
after this and renamed Captain Marvel as Shazam. #1 Stan Lee
Back in May of 2018 Stan Lee found himself again battling with a former company of his. This time it was Pow! Entertainment. Stan Lee was going all out as well seeking
a one billion dollar lawsuit Lee had accused the companies CEO Shane Duffy and co-founder
Gill Champion of conspiring and I quote – to fraudulently steal Lees identity, name, image,
and likeness as part of a nefarious scheme to benefit financially at his expense – This
all came following Stans devastating decline in health. The case however was soon dismissed by the
courts as they deemed the lawsuit meritless. Apparently the company and Stan were able
to work out an arrangement behind the scenes and without a court involved. And that has been the Top 10 Comic Book Lawsuits
You Wont Believe. Thank you so much for watching and if you
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and until next time, take care.

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