Tonight Show GIFs: When Bae’s Going Through Your Search History

-♪ “Tonight Show Gifs” ♪ -[ Laughs ] First up is — Let’s take a look
at this gif of Donald Trump. -Yeah. Oh. Yeah. -This gif is called “When You’re
Sprinklin’ that Parmesan All Over Your Meat Lovers
Stuffed Crust.” [ Cheers and applause ] -Beep, bop, bop, boop, boop,
beep, beep, bop. -Next one is a gif of a dog. [ Laughter ] [ Laughs ] This gif is called “When Bae’s Going Through
Your Search History.” [ Laughter and applause ] Here’s a gif of some players
from the Seattle Seahawks. Yep. Their gif says, “When you
and your boys get a sick deal on that Airbnb down in Tahoe.” Hey-o! [ Applause ] Here’s a gif of an elephant
and some hay. There — Yeah. Its gif says, “When some rando
puts a jacket down to save their seat, and you’re
like, ‘What jacket?'” [ Laughter and applause ] -Next. -Here’s a gif of basketball
player Russell Westbrook. We love Russell Westbrook. This gif says, “When your crew all in the bathroom
at the same time, but whatever, bro,
you ain’t lonely.” [ Laughter and applause ] Finally, here’s another gif. This is from “Manifest.” This gif says, “That feeling
when you see your uncle on Tinder
and accidently swipe right.” That was “Tonight Show Gifs.”

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