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Please welcome Tomi Lahren. -♪ ♪
-(cheering, applause) Thanks. Thank you. I’m in the lion’s den, Trevor. I am not a lion at all. Is that, like, an African thing?
No. Um, welcome to the show. Be-Before we get into it,
uh, I-I know who you are, because I-I…
my Facebook feed has you in it. Uh, there are a lot of people
who don’t, so if you don’t know Tomi Lahren, this is
a little taste of her show. The protesters are still out in
force, but let’s be honest– they’re not protesters, they’re
crybabies with nothing better to do than meander
around the streets with their participation
trophies and false sense of purpose.
This isn’t for Hillary. I’m not even sure
this is against Trump. It’s the same thing we’ve seen
time and time again with these so-called
protesters and demonstrators. It started with
the Occupy Wall Street brats, moved on to the more militant
and overtly aggressive Black Lives Matter More crowd, cycled through the DNC-paid
violence instigators and now here we are,
November of 2016, with President-elect
Donald Trump and a crowd of misfit babies formed from
every failed movement, all sandwiched together
to become the largest group of whiners the country
has ever seen. -All right… -Pretty much
covers it, doesn’t it, Trevor? Quick question–
like, why are you so angry? I’m actually not that angry.
It’s just there’s things that need to be said, Trevor,
and a lot of people -are afraid to say ’em.
-In an… in an angry way. I mean,
you can’t say you’re not angry and, I mean, this is-this is
what you’re known for. It’s a strange thing to say–
“I’m not angry”– but that is the one thing…
It’s like Ellen saying, “I don’t like dancing.”
It’s like, yeah, you do, Ellen. You do. You-you are angry
about everything, it seems. Some of these people just need
to be called on their (bleep). -You know? I mean, when…
-What-what… But when you say “your (bleep),”
what in particular? -Well, when you’re… -‘Cause
this is the-this is the thing– protesting a, you know,
fair and free election… that, to me, you-you’re gonna
get called on your (bleep) a little bit. It’s time
to clear the streets, it’s time to accept reality,
it’s time to move on, time to make America
great again. -You consider yourself
a conservative. -I do. -Okay. -I mean, a millennial,
so I don’t really like labels. -But, yes, I’m conservative
in thought. -Sorry, my brain… You just gave a label
to say you don’t like labels. -But, anyway, um…
-We exist on a spectrum, Trevor. I mean, you’re… Would you
consider yourself a liberal? That was just… that was
just funny. That was just funny. -It was just a funny moment.
Um… -I’m a millennial. -We can surprise you.
-It’s just… it’s just funny. Um, in terms
of Black Lives Matter, like, you know,
you have quite a record… For somebody who is not racist, you have to spend a lot of time
saying, “I’m not racist.” Uh… what is your biggest issue
with Black Lives Matter? I think– and I’ve said this
many times– it started with good intentions. I think it was.
It was well-intentioned. The moment that
they started pushing “hands up, don’t shoot”–
which is a false narrative, proven time and time again
to be a false narrative– the minute that that became
their slogan, the minute that protesting
turned into rioting and looting and burning
and militant actions, that’s when I lost respect
for Black Lives Matter. Okay, but, now, here’s my thing. Let’s address each
of these things one by one. When you go, protesting, turning
into rioting and looting, that’s not a Black Lives Matter
phenomenon. That is what happens when there
is a protest a lot of the time. There are people
who rioted and looted when teams won in Chicago
years ago. It doesn’t mean
that they are now bad people. That’s what happens… There are some bad people
in every instance. Going back
to Black Lives Matter, though, for you to say that… You say
they have good intentions, they had the good intentions. How are you labeling out
the actions of a few and condemning an entire group?
I don’t understand that. Because they subscribe to the
Black Lives Matter movement. They say, we are
the Black Lives Matter movement, fry ’em like bacon,
“F” the police. They are saying those things. These are a few people.
These are a few people. This is not
the Black Lives Matter pro… -These are… these are… -That
is not the platform, though. I saw it in my…
my city of Dallas. I saw what a Black Lives Matter
protest looked like. And I saw five fallen officers
because of it. -So I’ve seen… -That’s
not fair and that’s true. -That’s-that’s not… -No, no,
no, no, no, it is fair, Trevor, because the shooter said,
point blank shooter said, he’s doing this
because of Black Lives Matter. Yes, and there are many things
you can say. I mean, if you go outside, you can say anything about doing
something because of… You cannot deny that the man
had mental issues, as well, and he was in a tough place. Just because you say the thing
doesn’t mean -it’s what it stands for, right?
-Do you feel emboldened? Because
you’re the same person… You’re the same person
who argued on your show that just because Donald Trump
has supporters from the KKK doesn’t mean he’s in the KKK, so it goes
against that argument. He didn’t say…
he didn’t say… No. No. -(applause and cheering)
-It goes against that. You can’t say
he did it because of. No, but, he, the shooter said,
“I am…” Yes, but Black Lives Matter
has never said go out and shoot people. I’m saying, you’re saying this
to your audience, and I honestly do not understand
where you’re getting that from. Just because a person… What if somebody says, “I felt
emboldened by Tomi Lahren, and so I went out,
and I shot black people”? Are you now responsible?
Is that your black…? But it’s not one… Trevor,
it’s not one or two people. -If you look at it…
-How many people is it? If you look at it in every city, -look at the protests that have
gone on. -How many people is it? In Baltimore, in Ferguson,
in New York City, the protests that have now
turned to anti-Trump protests. -These are not a few people.
-Okay. -This is mass crowds of people.
-Okay. They’re doing this in the name
of Michael Brown. They’re doing this
in the name of Freddie Gray. They’re doing it as the front
of Black Lives Matter, and the mainstream media
is emboldening these people. Okay, so then let’s use
that same logic that you’re using, then,
and then go, police. Are the police racist?
Because police in many cities… You look at Baltimore, or you look
at what happened in New York, you look at what happened
in the case of Walter Scott. You tell me,
are police racist? Because they’ve been shown
to harass black people unfairly. They’ve been shown
to shoot black people when they’re unarmed. Does that
mean the police are racist then? Because that’s the same logic
you’re using. -It’s really not, though,
Trevor, because… -It is. the mainstream media is not
emboldening them as a group. -(groaning, booing)
-It’s not. And did you know that a black man is 18.5 times
more likely to shoot a police officer
than a police officer is to shoot a black man?
Those are statistics -no one wants to talk about.
-(booing, groaning) Here’s the thing.
So, let me ask you this, then. If you say, as you said
when you walked out, “I’m not as mean
as people think I am, I’m not the person
that people think I am,” what do you wish people
would understand about you that are in another bubble? What do you wish people would
understand about you on the other side? I wish that we could disagree
with each other without thinking that we are bad
people or ill-intentioned folks. So because I criticize
a black person or I criticize
the Black Lives Matter movement, that doesn’t mean
that I am anti-black. It does not mean
that I don’t like black people, or that I’m a racist. It means
I’m criticizing a movement. I criticize Colin Kaepernick. That doesn’t mean
that I don’t believe in his First Amendment rights. It means that I believe
in my First Amendment rights to criticize him. So it doesn’t make me
a bad person, it doesn’t make me a racist
to point out… I mean, I’ve never used
racial slurs to address people. I’ve never looked down
on someone because of their skin color. To me, true diversity
is diversity of thought, not diversity of color.
I don’t see color. I go after Hillary Clinton, -(laughter, groaning) -and
she’s as white as they come. You don’t…
you don’t see color? So what do you do
at a traffic light? -(laughter, applause & cheering)
-I don’t believe in that at all, when people say that. There’s nothing wrong
withseeingcolor. It’s how you treat color
that’s more important. -You’re right. It is.
-Here’s my thing. Like, all these points
that you make are great, and I do believe
that you believe them. And I don’t believe
anyone is actively trying… There are a few people
who are trying to be bad
from their point of view. But when I look
at what you’re saying, you say you’re not pushing
a racist narrative, you’re not…
you’re criticizing. Do you really believe
you’re criticizing and you’re not mal-intentioned
when you say things like Black Lives Matter
is the new KKK? Because you realize Black Lives
Matter can’t be thenewKKK, the KKK is still around. -They have not vacated
their premises, -(clears throat) -(applause)
-and most importantly, to say Black Lives Matter
is the new KKK is… like, to really, really minimize
what the KKK did and what they stand for–
that is not the same thing. Surely you understand
the incendiary, like… -But… -feeling of your
comments. You know that, surely. It’s controversial, but
I think there are some things that need to be said, and when
the Black Lives Matter movement is going out with signs saying,
“Fry ’em like bacon, F the police,”
when they’re going out saying if you see a white person,
target them… That is happening, Trevor. That happened in Milwaukee
not too long ago. That is happening. So when
that now becomes the narrative and you’re starting to loot,
burn and riot, -what did the KKK do?
-That is not… Look, we’ll go around
in circles… Did you say,
“What did the KKK do?” No. What did they do?
When you’re saying… -(laughter) -Wow.
-Listen, listen… Trevor… -Wow.
-Trevor, when you’re saying… when there are people
in the street saying if you see a white person,
beat their ass… does that not sound reminiscent
of the KKK -or their motives to you?
-Is that the narrative of Black Lives Matter,
or are there people who are saying that within
a crowd of other human beings? There is a distinction between
a movement and the people. That is something
that we keep coming back to. But let’s go back
to what you were saying on Colin Kaepernick
and the National Anthem. This is something
I don’t understand, and I…
when I watch your videos, I go…
I truly do not understand. You say… Colin Kaepernick
is exercising his First Amendment rights,
and you are exercising your First Amendment rights
in criticizing him. -Mm-hmm.
-So what you’re saying is… “You have the right to say
anything you want, so shut up.” No. Not at all. I’m saying I don’t agree
with what he did. -Yes. -I think that
he went about it the wrong way. -I don’t think he understands…
-What is the right way? When people say that,
I’m always fascinated. What is the right way? So,
here’s a black man in America who says, I don’t know
how to get a message across. If I march in the streets,
people say I’m a thug, if I go out and I protest,
people say that it’s a riot, if I bend down on one knee, then
it’s… What is the right way? That is something
I’ve always wanted to know. What is the right way
for a black person -(applause, cheering)
-to get attention in America? Taking it out… Trevor… taking it out on our flag
and our National Anthem, -to me…
-But how? Why would you take out your perceived oppression
of black people out on the National Anthem
and our flag? A country that you live in,
a country that you benefit from, a country that people
of all races have died for, have died to protect,
have died for the vote, died to be enfranchised
by this nation, how do you then go
and disrespect the flag and the anthem of that country? -Why is that the outlet?
-Well, maybe you’re a person who’s lived
and read through history, and you realize that a lot
of those people of every color who died for this country, some
of them didn’t have the rights that their fellow servicemen had when they came back to the
country after fighting for it. And that flag means a lot
to those folks, too. Maybe you’re one
of those people who realizes that the penal system in America
wasdesignedto oppress black people, it was
designed to enslave people, it is a relic of slavery. Maybe you’re
one of those people. So what I don’t understand is,
a guy is kneeling in the corner, I don’t understand
why that offends you so much. It’s not even like
he’s trying to sing over you. If he was doing that, he’s like,
♪ O say… ♪ O say canmesee!
No. He’s singing… He’s not… he’s not doing
anything that affects you. I don’t understand
why it gets to you. I genuinely don’t.
He’s in a corner, kneeling by himself– why
does that offend you so much? For me, I know what
that flag means to me, I know what that flag means
to those that are fighting for our country right now– it’s
bigger than a piece of cloth. It’s a symbol of patriotism. Our National Anthem has meant
a lot to a lot of people, it’s got a lot of people
through very hard times, and this country,
it’s got its scars, it’s got its wounds,
it’s got its history, but I still believe
it’s the greatest nation on the face of the Earth,
and I believe if you live in this country,
you can want to better it, but to disrespect
our flag and our anthem, in that way,
and that be your outlet to get out
whatever aggression you have, whether it be passive
or active aggression, I disagree with it. And so he has every right
to do it– that’s his
First Amendment rights, and I agree with his First
Amendment right to do it– I don’t agree with what he did. So because I don’t agree
with what he did, then nowIshould shut up?
Because I’m white? So I should shut up?
I shouldn’t be able to talk about black issues
’cause I’m white? No one brought up whites at all. I never said that.
I don’t see color. -I…
-(laughter) I don’t think that
that’s what the argument is. What I’m saying is…
I asked you one question, and that is:
How should a black person bring up their grievances? That’s all I ask. How? If that’s not the right way,
if marching isn’t the right way, whatisthe right way? When you talk…
What he said was, he is protesting
the anthem and the flag because of the oppression
of black people -in this country.
-Yes. I would like him
to further explain what he’s talking about
when he’s discussing -the black oppression
in this country. -Which he has. Also, is it against police?
Is it against the government? I’m not sure what oppression
he’s discussing. I would love
to have him come on my show and discuss it with me. To me, when you make the flag
and you make the anthem the outlet for your anger, or the outlet through which
you’re going to protest your country that you live in,
you reside in, that you take
$19 million a year from, I don’t think that that is the
correct outlet for your anger. So, what is he protesting? Again, you haven’t answered
my question of how… -how you want black people…
-So… I’m just asking how.
And I’m asking you… honestly, I’m not saying
in a challenging way– I’m saying to you,
I don’t know the answer apart from these methods,
so I would like to know if you’ve ever thought of a how. Because you’re the first person
I’ve met who’s said this. I’ve seen this message online. I’m not labeling you
as“thebad person.” I just want to know if
you’ve ever thought of the how. That’s all I want to know. For me, I think there are a lot
of folks in this country, I, being a woman, um, I didn’t
have rights after black people, until women
got the right to vote, but because I feel like
I’m a woman, and I’m marginalized
in some way, I don’t protest my country. I don’t see
what he’s protesting. -I would like to know exactly
what he is protesting. -So… -It’s a very…
-So how do you– No, no. -How do you protest, then?
That’s what… -I don’t protest. Because I’m not a victim. I guess we can,
we can go back and forth on a lot of these issues, um… It’s-it’s an interesting place
to be in, because, honestly, y-you’ve won,
you know. Like, your side has won,
as you say, you know. The liberal snowflakes
are melting in the streets as they protest. And now I would like to know
from your side, genuinely, as someone who’s won,
do you believe that Donald Trump will follow
through on his promises? I will be a vocal opponent
if he doesn’t. I am not somebody that gets on
the cheerleading bandwagon. If he does something I disagree
with, I will discuss it. I did before I was
a Trump supporter, I was critical of Trump. I was a Marco Rubio girl
for a long time, and then I started to see that
was gonna be our nominee. And I said it’s him or Hillary. -A lot of Americans
were in that position. -Yeah. And then I got closer
to the campaign, and I started seeing some
of the things he was saying, and I started seeing the effect
he was having on people, and the things that he was
saying that was touching people, -and making them feel like
they… -He was touching people. -Yeah. He was.
-(laughter) He really was. Hillary could use some of that
every now and then, right? Bill’s a little busy,
Bill’s a little busy. I appreciate you being
on the show. Thank you so much
for being here. -Thank you, Trevor.
-It is, a… a conversation we should
continue having, uh, having. You can find, uh,
Tomi’s Final Thoughts at

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  • He was extremely disrespectful to her absolutely no respect to her words and busting jokes at the end of each sentence she finished. Smh

  • Can anyone tell me how to like a video more than one time

  • Wow that childish tont at the end

  • Did anyone heard the faint clap when tomi finished talking, but then the person stopped

  • Tomi saying those extremist Black Lives Matter protesters are representative of the whole because they say they believe in the same message is pretty funny with all of those shooters saying they believe in Trump and so can we now say all Trump supporters are the same as the shooters?

  • Why is the bottom to “delete the internet” not working!?!?!

  • im a girl and I wish I could just fight her in middle or something…

  • Trevor you invited this idiot.

  • She's just trying to do what Pirro, Coulter, Ingraham etc. have done – say stupid crazy inflammatory things in service of her own bottom line $$$

  • Tomi: i don't like the way they protest and believe there's a way to protest
    Trevor: So how would u like them to do it
    Tomi: i don't know cuz i am not a victim

    So her LOGIC is THIS – IF i don't SUFFER , am not OPPRESSED, STRESSED…. all in the world is GOOD. ALL IS GREAT like AMERICA.

    No wonder why she didn't look that excited like in her FINAL THOUGHTS (cuz i think she doesn't think at all).

  • Fuck the police. fuck tomi lahren.

  • who dis bich?

  • Watching this in 2019 August still gives me goosebumps. Trevor🙏🙏

  • Tomi Lahren: Drops a statistical fact

    Crowd: woooouuuuoohhhhhh

  • Deleting comments with only official dry statistics from FBI without any of my own words added, only Quoting statistics word to word . Good job 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Who the hell is this bimbo Tomi Lahren? And out of what Valley girl, hairdresser-school yearbook did she come up with the teenybopper spelling of her first name? And she can’t figure out why Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem? Well teenybopper Tami, Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem because this nation has been fucking black people in the ass for four hundred years. WAKR THE FUCK UP!!!

  • God bless you Trevor Noah and everything you stand for.

  • I like some things that Tomi says but she is way too extreme and angry. She has a little racism in her blood and doesn't even know it. She's a product of her environment.

  • This guy actually believes his false perception is reality lol! A delusional worldview that is based on a biased personal perception of reality, appears to be running rampant! Just because your personal experiences have shaped your opinions, does not mean that your truth is actually right. Rather, you must let the facts lead you.

  • She would be super hot if she shut the fuck up for a minute. Or like forever.

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