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Hello, I’m the Nostalgia Critic guy remember it so you don’t have to we mentioned Tom and Jerry a lot on this show It’s one of the funniest cartoons that were made They had brilliant comedic timing and they’ve been ravished more times than a dog owners leg. We’ve also mentioned the Wizard of Oz Island It’s one of the great movies and for a film that’s over 80 years old still being referenced and enjoyed by all ages It’s truly the definition of the term timeless I also love Chippendale in Jurassic Park, but just because two things are popular doesn’t mean they belong together Okay, that one kind of does but this one does it Before meeting Willy Wonka, Robin Hood and Jonny Quest. Alright question tears to the question Tom and Jerry had one of the most popular crossovers with the Wizard of Oz so much so that even spawned a sequel which I’m sorry to say has no headless mom be homage These totally unnecessary spin also have gotten so much attention that people started making their own random crossovers They’re almost taking on a life of their own but this one was arguably the most popular Showing there is for whatever reason an audience for this So I guess it only makes sense to take a look and see if the attention was warranted at all Is there anything of redeemable value to this or is it the worst what servoz adaptation since 90% of the other ones? Well, let’s see the crossover that launched a million crossovers. This is Tom and Jerry and The Wizard of Oz once again They do the classic Tom and Jerry intro mixed with the intro of whatever movie they’re doing a crossover with Because they always go so well together yet Disney try that too, and it worked great. I Believe in America Few people know these three were really good friends as much as Matt Stone and Trey Parker and Leo Tolstoy you really liked mr. Hankey Looks like a good voiceover cast but the credits quickly segue into the madness We’re about to experience through most of this for years. This story has given faithful service to cat mice go home movie. You’re drunk We then see the opening animation of our main lead Go home Dorothy you’re drunk At first it seems to run the same course as the original Wizard of Oz except everybody looks like a cup head boss Something you’ll notice very quickly is the animation well, it looks expensive Also looks rushed Everyone kind of moves like they’re on Fast-forward though. There’s clearly a lot of technique in the color and line work. They still never quite move, right? It’s oh, how does one say how shall one say director? Too many frames your majesty Exactly very well put I know that sounds silly as Disney uses a lot of frames and in between animators But they also know how to keep them mostly still so while they’re not moving much they still seem alive here They look hyper alive like they want to look natural and flowing but don’t know how to do it on such a I’m crunch not Dorothy dear. You always get yourself into a fret over nothing now You just help us out today and find yourself a place where you won’t get into any trouble, you know Most people don’t move like this all the time always with some sort of hand movement or moving the head this way and talking over And over and over because if you do you look like you’re modeling a new collar No wonder the farms in trouble they have a mouse for an accountant Thanks Jer these answers to everything is always government cheese, the answer is not always government cheese For a farm concerned about that shit cows sure flexible with killing their unhatched ones. Will you promise me something Promise me you’ll be friends and work together to keep an eye on Dorothy Ex-navy adding a long gay a germ a bullshit Bay I’m sure this song will be just as powerful here as in the original Yeah, it sounds nice but you know what’s missing excessive violence, yeah, no joke all throughout the entire song Tom and Jerry bicker fight and trip over themselves because the song really had no emotional weight without it It’s like the ultimate kind of meet me in st. Louis when they drop a piano on her head Even if the violence was taken out I don’t like the way this horse is looking at her his eyes seemed to be saying. Oh, yeah Dorothy I’ll take you the rainbow jollywood way up high really means But the mean-spirited I don’t think they give her a name in this version comes to take Toto away. I love that This is actually so rushed then not only does she put up little to no fight keeping him But she accidentally calls the labia him and nobody ever fixed it You have to admit she is rather mannish How’s the total was seen as the most dangerous came down on the farm when there’s a bolt-on named butch that lives there too Also, come on. You couldn’t have droopy as toto Ppyou Tom and Jerry helped rescue toto in this version with actually some pretty inventive slapstick and You know where they go from here Dorothy tries running away and comes across a fortune teller who tells it to go back home who? Will eventually end up being the wizard in her dream or they cut all that I guess their subconscious made up this guy three times Whores actually why you here? You told me what’s up with this guy? I’ll mend your troubles like lemon drops So Dorothy Tom and Jerry all get knocked out and somehow share the exact same dream So either this is going on or this is going on They of course wake up in the colorful Land of Oz as it turns out the munchkins are pretty hardcore Bats think about that the munchkins carry bats Is the lollipop guild gonna have to cut a bitch This munchkin of course is Tuffy who explains what happened to Dorothy And you know if you never saw the Wizard of Oz before and this was your introduction to it How would you react to this? I was you and Dorothy came and landed on the Wicked Witch of the East and then Glinda the Good Witch of the North gave Dorothy the ruby slippers The Wicked Witch of the West showed up to take the magical Ruby’s You are insane this is all insane and I am never doing edibles again Here’s a fun game. See if you can spot any innuendo and Tuffy offers to come with them Well, you’re only a munchkin, okay that makes it worse So he sings about his Hmm sighs problem as Tom and Jerry agreed to let him tag along to see the Wizard to get some height You know, there’s something so funny Just knowing that all the other munchkins are in their home sleeping the witches defeated Dorothy as often they kind of just call it a day with no more celebrating and then they’re like oh What’s all the commotion? Oh other visitors from the sky. Okay, we did like five song numbers for that. Redneck girl. We are not doing this shit again We’ll just give it to that Easter egg Mouse to perform with no backup I’m busy trying to figure out why our flowers are looking so flat. Maybe it’s that new fertilizer. We’ve been using So admit it is a little funny that even miles later Tuffy is still singing that song and they try to shut him off But I took of my collar when I see black crows in an animated adaptation of an early 40s film. Oh wait, I forgot It’s Tom and Jerry they’ve had years of experience with this kind of stuff. What are you nuts? No one goes that way What do you mean? Lots of people go both ways Okay The internet already has this clip to play with I don’t think we need any more innuendos The girls give them the wrong directions and they stumble across a much more dangerous path Tell me if you think Tuffy’s persistence to keep going is sounding less optimistic and a little more cultish Never stray from the path Vanessa, that’s right. Your name is Vanessa now SMI They come across the Wicked Witch though who finds Dorothy and a lot of cutscenes easing on down the road The witch tries to figure out how to stop them. Of course. We know she’s gonna use the flowers to put them to sleep For smash them into oblivion I’ll get credit that is much more of a Tom and Jerry way of doing things it actually makes me wish there’s a little bit more Wizard of Oz logic to this cartoony logy because you know The witch would be able to survive this Look it’s raining our body parts I Hoped I would never see you again I’m hoping the wizard will give me some brains I want a heart I made some courage and I’ll todo and I want is to get back home to Cannes We’re clip noting what was already a heavily cliff noted story Then I’m sure to get a brain. Aha Well, I guess my noise doesn’t mean dick anymore it shouldn’t die your great tone fifl knockoff Anyway, they want to be more honest the lyrics should be this if I only had a script my balls hurt, right? They make their way to the Emerald City Look, there’s the penis room a little mermaid poster and like the original they come across a horse-drawn carriage Unemotionally scatterbrained driver, do you trim your beard trim my beard? I’m gonna cut your head off and bury you but yes, I’ve never seen a horse like that before no and never will again I fancy I’m gonna chew it it shines purple when it’s depressed. So I’m just gonna drop it off at the swamp of sadness The people in the city look one step away from drinking the green kool-aid We’ll see the Wizard – once we give him our souls. Ah Could you put a little more hay in the crotch area for me? It gets a little cold in Oz if you know what I’m saying So is one of the chicks from the farm having this dream – how does any of this work Before the which appears to threaten them only this time she holds the broom in a very, um clips for sale manner Okay, that’s just funny As before they visit the wizard and I was gonna make a Skeletor melting into a Mars Attacks Martian joke But the more I look at the top of that head it’s looking a little um a tiny Uh-oh. How does one say how shall one say director to clitoris your majesty exactly very well put as in the original they had to get the witch’s broom before the wizard will grant any of their wishes and as before the Scarecrow is still packing heat I love all the things that kept out of this version they chose that to leave in Don’t worry I’ll shoot him I’ll fill them with more fall from the stubble on script What’s happened to you? They took my legs off and then threw them over there Then they took my chest out and threw it over there then they took my penis and said they were saving it for a lonely night Tom and jerry break loose and run into an aza gator or is it an oz a dial? I have to look at the note. Let me run into a wall Should I roll the credits? Welcome back The witch tries to get Dorothy slippers like in the original but they up the zapping powers of her slippers. Just a tiny bit You know first point with this this all is I will give credit it feels less like a Tom and Jerry cartoon stuck in The Wizard of Oz and more like The Wizard of Oz stuck in a Tom and Jerry cartoon The comedic slapstick still gets a good chuckle every now and then do you see that? It’s how long you’ve got to live I’ll come back for you justice those fans run out We’ll still keep it vague how that’s going to kill you But see how it’s Tom and Jerry, I guess we’ll just say death by bowling ball. I don’t know We get a pretty funny cameo from Butch and droopy as the guards He still should have been toto you could have called him troupe. That’s Tom and Jerry over here. That water can kill the witch So they go to an unguarded unlocked well on her property That’s all levels of odd Isn’t that the equivalent of like? Popsicles being the only thing that can kill you and the only secure do you have is a sticker on your freezer that says now? Eating popsicles. It could kill me. So keep them out of sight I mean, you know, I know that yeah, that’s weird, but it’s come on Don’t be a dick. Come on They break in and stop the hourglass. I Think it just kind of cuts away from it. If she suddenly dies in a few moments, we’ll know why they come across the guards Don’t make me do my willy wonka tunnel monologue It works for a bit, but the witch catches up with them as tom and jerry tried to get water Tuffy’s got some rage issues. He’s what angry bastard That’s right a munchkin invented scotch tape in this reality Somehow it still makes more sense than that Franco movie ring-around-the-rosy a pocket full of spears Thought you were pretty foxy, didn’t you? Can I really make fun of a word for almost sounding like another word the last to go? We’ll see the first That was like five different Tim Curry masks from the movie legend and somehow Tim Curry was still more feminine How about a little fire scarecrow You know what never forgot that part, isn’t that kind of like setting your car on fire? Tom and Jerry splash the water on the witch though and Even though it’s animated. It’s still shot from a distance So you can’t make out the effects that aren’t they’re confusing You know the rest they get the broom returned to the wizard and remember that’s adjusted door from the GI Joe movie It’s along the same Yeah And they find out here was a phony the whole time But he finds a way of giving them the gifts they were looking for making them realize they had them all along Some of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles Triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side Still a right triangle if it gotta be dummy you might as well be smart Look, he even gave Tuffy some stilts Do I even need to say anything The balloon takes off without Dorothy But he says he can’t bring it back because he doesn’t know how it works How the hell is he gonna get her home then questions, but Glenda appears via Hawking bubbles Can you send me home? You don’t need to be helped any longer? You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas Am I the only one that thinks they look like Peter Lorre caricatures and drag. Can you send me home? Celia forth you always handy power to go back to Kansas Rick She taps her heels three times ends up back home, and it was all a bad dreams Yeah, plural plural bad dreams. You’ve just had a bad dream The local habitation if it was a dream how a mouse and dogs still talking and what is that horse looking at me? Can wish up all my stuff? Tom and Jerry believed Dorothy story though and tried to act out that they went through it, too and if you didn’t know the story they were acting out you look at them like someone lobotomized your best friend – Tom and Jerry meet awkward silence Something happened They’d fight some more the end credits roll and everybody who never heard of The Wizard of Oz thinks they’re stoned out of their minds so there it is Tom and Jerry and The Wizard of Oz and awful Wizard of Oz adaptation, but Tom and Jerry cartoon The special is forgivingly short clocking in at under an hour it focuses more on trying to tell a funny Tom and Jerry adventure rather than a faithful Wizard of Oz adventure and when it does that Surprisingly. Alright, the slapstick has an understanding of making them feel solid So the pain seems harsher and funnier Tom screams sound eerily close to his original scream And the timing for the most part is pretty damn good where it fails not surprisingly is the Wizard of Oz It’s just not a good adaptation because most of what made the story so special is kept in the background But that’s kind of what makes it an amusing Tom and Jerry special. There’s not much focus on The Wizard of Oz Especially when compared to something like the Willy Wonka crossover So, yeah, I guess it’s not good as it is pointless and the Oz stuff falls flat But it still got a few laughs out of which after this is a ton more than what I was expecting So it’s not technically good but it’s not nearly as bad as you would think Take it for what it’s worth and find out if this acid trip over the rainbow is for you And we can hope there won’t be any more random crossovers from what the hell are you doing at OU Barbera I’m the Nostalgia Critic. I remember Esily ones are there Hey Doug Walker here doing the charity shout out Helen Keller International is this week’s charity? Helen Keller International saves and improves the sight in lives of the world’s Vulnerable by combating the causes and consequences of blindness poor health and malnutrition They envision a world where no one suffers from preventable or treatable blindness or low vision No one suffers from malnutrition and fewer people suffer laws of they’re productive years due to disability and premature death To accomplish this they build a capacity of local government nonprofit and private sector systems Promoting the development of sustained large-scale programs that deliver effective solutions to preventable blindness and malnutrition If you look at their website you can not only see all the places they travel to but also all the good people they help at those places making sure they live good Prosperous lives click on the link and see what you can do to help so many You You

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