Together We Can Move Mountains

What would happen if one of your organs suddenly started only taking care of itself? You know, on the scale of the planet, that’s what we do as a species. Most of our cultures reflect our egoistic, individualistic nature. It’s a fact. The best examples of teamwork that we have in humans pale by comparison of what nature can do. Have you ever thought about how your body works? How many parts have to come together to do anything. Each cell, each organ invested in the body’s well-being, how much it receives in return. “Together We Can Move Mountains” is a collection of seventeen illustrated short stories on the power of connection. Caroline Adams Miller said: This book imagines what happens when we fix that lack of connection. How much more you can achieve. How far you can push things. How much you get out of people connecting, and interests becoming aligned. So many moving examples in nature: packs, herds, ants, butterflies, schools of fish, flocks of birds. Amazing stuff. This is where our project comes in. OUR PROJECT. Because it’s your support that makes it happen. Exactly like characters in those stories, we join forces and we overcome all obstacles. The most awesome part of writing these stories for me is the discovery. It’s like uncovering a new treasure, discovering a new treasure. It’s like… unboxing a new gadget. Walking into a room in your house you’ve never been in. So many ways in which connecting empowers the individual. It’s mind-boggling and it makes those stories so cool. The stories are all chosen. About half are completed, the rest are advance drafts. By the time the Kickstarter campaign ends they will all be ready for editing. The images follow. I’m very happy with the way the book is coming along, It’s going to be a little gem. Something someone can come back to, over and over, and be happy to read. Something that will make a wonderful gift. You guys will love it. Beyond the usual rewards I’m offering you the chance to become a character in these stories. You or a loved one. Not in a future project. In in this book. There is also space reserved for the list of backers in the first and last pages of the book, and online. With your photo in some cases. Check the reward section. Thank you for your support.

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