Today in Obama Scandal History: The Marine Umbrellas | The Daily Show

– President Obama is
now being taken to task for asking marines to shield him during a news
conference rain shower. – [Reporter] He asked them to
hold umbrellas over his head. (reporter’s voice echos) – Check out the
picture of the marines holding the umbrella for
President Obama as it rains and the metaphor being,
hey they have him covered. Wouldn’t be nice if
he had them covered the way they have him covered? – [Man] He asked
marines for umbrellas. – [Woman] The president
called in a couple of marines for umbrella duty. Many people complained
saying marines have been through
too much training to have to hold an umbrella. – This shot of the
president emerged. President Obama hiding
under an umbrella hit the airwaves yesterday. Look at that marine
standing so erect. (dramatic music) It was a symbolic moment today when the marines came
out and put the umbrella. They were protecting him. Maybe in this case he
should’ve been protecting them. – [Man] Is there a more
apt visual than this one? The disembodied
arm of a US marine holding an umbrella
over the head of our beleaguered
commander-and-chief for him in the middle of a rainstorm. – [Woman] The marines
aren’t supposed to do that because they can’t
properly salute. – What is now being
called Umbrella-Gate. – [Man] A blog, Hot Air is demanding justice
for the marines. These guys aren’t valets. – I mean, I guess he could’ve
held it himself, right? – I don’t know. – Yes, bring forth
the umbrellas unto me. (somber music) (upbeat music)

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