TODAY IN HISTORY – Independence Day of of Barbados – 30 Nov 2011

Today, November 30, is the Independence Day
of of Barbados, commemorating its sovereignty achieved in 1966. A Caribbean island northeast of Venezuela,
Barbados is known for its beauty and gracious people. The renowned Andromeda Botanic Gardens contains
many varieties of orchids, palms, ferns, begonias, cacti, and more. One of the greatest wonders of Barbados is
Harrison’s Cave. This crystallized limestone cavern features
stalactities, stalagmites, and a remarkable 40-foot waterfall. Connected to the cave is Welchman Hall Gully,
which was once a mile-long limestone cave and is now habitat for green monkeys and includes
about 150 species of plants. May the friendly residents of Barbados have
a festive Independence Day.

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