Tinder Dates Read Each Other’s Google Search Histories

– So, we’ve known each
other, like a month. Now we’ve been on a couple dates. – Yeah, yup. – Does sex count as dates? – I think so, yeah. That’s fair. – So, like, five or six dates? (laughing) (playful music) I feel like we’ve done this thing where we’ve gotten
drunk and we have, like, these deep life talks, but then I don’t remember any of them. – You have to like
retrace the steps again. – I know you’re a D.J. – Right. You got that. – From Boston? – Yup, nailed it, yeah. – What do you know about me? – You are from New Yor– – Nope.
– Nope. (laughing) – Good start. You live in New York. – I did live in New York.
– Alright. – Florida. – Then you did the BuzzFeed thing. – That’s it? That’s all you know about me? (laughing) Uh, what’s my favorite food? Haven’t we talked about this a lot? – Uhhh… – The point is, we don’t
really know each other. (laughing) – Yeah, she’s right. – But, we’ve gone on a few dates. Seems nice. You’re not a serial
killer that I know of yet. – Yeah. – If you find something surprising, like, I’ll probably be surprised, too. – I’m nervous that I won’t be able to remember why I searched something. (swishing) (playful harmonica music) – Eh, eh, hem. – Alright. Red wine and Coke? – Oh, yeah. That’s my new favorite drink. – It’s great. – That’s the other thing, is we both like to drink a lot. – Good play? – Why are you looking
up prices of Corvettes? Bowling alley cost. – So, we were– – Are you, like, fuckin’
loaded and I don’t know it? (laughing) Searching Corvettes and bowling alleys? – I mean, I’m curious about it. The Cure LA? (nervous laughing) – That may or may not be a service that comes to your house
and gives you an IV drip for when you’re hung over.
– Ohhh. – Let’s talk about that. – Well, when I hang out with you, and stay out until fuckin’
three in the morning, drinking whiskey on a fuckin’ work night. There’s a service.
– You gotta love it. – You just pay a couple
bucks and they come and they do it in 45 minutes. Good as new. – Boom. A lot of screws here. For your cabinet, right? – Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. You helped me install shelves. – That’s right. – That was a great move to get laid. – What is the Coors Light symbol? (laughing) Applejack. – Also great alcohol. (laughing) – How to wear a tux. Do you not know how to wear a tux? – Well, I wore a tux the
first time in a long time. I got my own tux, and– – So do you just put it on? – Well, yeah. Maybe there’s some other things– – Or did you need some,
like, confidence tips? Like, how to wear the shit outta? – I wanted to know. When I do things, I do it proper. I got French cuff shirts. Never wore those before. I thought I was supposed
to wear it on the outside, kinda like a pirate or something, and then I realized, that’s
definitely not what you do. I just googled pictures of tuxes. – Goodtimes.co? It said, good times make you Kelsey? I love good times? – Well, I don’t know what that is. – Let’s find out. – Oh, jeez. – Your shipment is confirmed. Ohhh. – What did I order? – Kelsey’s havin’ good times. – Well, I have, like, a
whole drawer of sex toys. You’ve seen that, haven’t you? – I haven’t. – Is that a sex shop? Good Times? It sounds like it’s a sex shop. – I thought it was the bar. You wanna know how I know
we’re gonna be great together? How to clean wine glasses properly. Get you a man who googles that. – Can’t go wrong with that. Can’t go wrong. You gotta figure it out.
– Did you learn? How do you do it? – So, I thought it was just water, and you actually can use soap too. – Do you wanna get drinks after this? – Yeah.
– OK. – I feel like I could just pull up my last porn search history, and that’s interesting enough. – The search is … Oh, you just said, “Fucking Hot.” Oh my God.
– That’s what I searched for. (laughing) – I couldn’t think of,
like, a very specific thing, but I just knew that I
wanted it to be fucking hot. – That is amazing. Roll the dice. – Right. See if I can jerk off to it. It’s a little game I play. – I feel like, it wasn’t that exciting. I thought it was going to
be a lot more interesting. It was kinda pretty tame. – Nothing I saw made me want to go, like, ohhh.
– No deal breaker in there? – I, like, don’t want to
hang out with you again. (romantic string music) (swishing) (squeaking hinge)

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