Time Machine in Google Earth

hi everyone this is Brad today we’re
just taking a look at the time machine in Google Earth we’re gonna go all the
way to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and when you go over there and there’s a
lot we’re gonna talk about in Google Earth in the future but for today we are
just focusing out on the time machine you can see right now you can see the
tour guide down there what you need to do is actually zoom in a little bit more
continue zooming on in and look up at the tour guide all you can all of a
sudden you see this 2004 come up if you click on 2004 it’ll give you some
historical imagery from that time and then you can see all the little ticks up
here that can take you back to further dates and time and then you can see what
the place looks like look like from the imagery from the satellite back then so
here we’ll go all the way back to 2001 you can see it’s a little bit blurry
here that’s a little bit better but you can see yeah I can take a look at the
islands haven’t been built obviously the Burj Khalifa hasn’t been built yet and
continue or look so I can go back to 84 so anyway just something to take a look
at and definitely to to show you students or anyone else you’re
interested just talk about what if you have any questions let me know thanks
for watching take care bye bye

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