Thomson Reuters Westlaw | How to Find & Print on Westlaw

In this short tutorial we will discuss how
to Find & Print multiple citations on Westlaw. Westlaw provides two options to quickly find
and print multiple citations, allowing customers to easily access all of the documents they
need at once. The first option is the search bar at the
top of the screen. By simply entering in my citations and separating
them with a semi-colon or hard enter, you can quickly pull up a result list of the citations. If you are uncertain as to whether all of
the citations are correct, simply place FI: in front of the list of citations and prevent
it from running a search if any of the citations are inaccurate. From this result list you can then easily
folder or deliver your citations, using the icons in the upper right corner. Using the search bar works when you have about
20-25 citations or less that you need to find. The other option to find multiple citations
on Westlaw is to use Westlaw’s Find & Print function. To access Find & Print, click on the tools
tab from the homepage. Within the tools tab, scroll to and click
on Find & print. Within Find & Print, you can enter up to 100
citations, again separated by semi-colons or a hard enter. Find & Print also provides options to deliver
just the document, just KeyCite information, or both the document and KeyCite information. For cases and patents, you can also select
to substitute the reporter or PDF image when it is available. You can email, print, or download citations. This tutorial has demonstrated how to quickly
find and print multiple citations on Westlaw using the WestSearch bar or Westlaw Find & Print. If you have any questions at any time please
contact the Reference Attorneys at 1-800-REF-ATTY that is (1-800-733-2889).

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