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“I’ve been a preacher for more than 30
years, I’ve studied and taught through the book of Genesis many many times in
churches all around the world and I’ve trained pastors in the skills of
interpreting texts and it’s very clear they’re not stories about God’s they’re
stories about a powerful ones in the Bible and the sky people the Anunnaki in
the Sumerian tablets” in 1896 eminent scholar Nathaniel
Schmidt was fired from his position as professor of Semitic languages at
Colgate University for 11 years this American University had enjoyed
Nathaniel Schmitz erudition and Semitic languages he delivered numerous courses
in Hebrew Aramaic Coptic Arabic Syriac and other ancient languages besides in
fact Nathaniel Schmidt was one of America’s leading scholars in the field
so why after eleven years of outstanding achievement was he tried for heresy and
fired from his tenure in 1896 though a devout Christian and a Baptist pastor
the authorities considered that his recent theological papers had struck at
the very roots of two world religions Christianity and Judaism
what Nathaniel Schmidt had done wrong was read the Sumerian and Babylonian and
Assyrian texts and noticed that they were full of fascinating parallels
stories that occurred there that were uncannily similar to all the stories of
beginnings of the Bible stories like Adam and Eve the fall Cain and Abel the
flood the limiting of human life the event at the Tower of Babel and
Schmidt’s work demonstrated that the Sumerian accounts and those that
followed it from nearly 6,000 years ago were in all probability the source of
all those familiar biblical stories now that was a problem in the 1890s because
if you think about it the church was still reading from the after-effects of
Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species it was busy putting together new
doctrinal basis and new doctrines of biblical inerrancy to shore up the ship
so the idea that the Bible might actually be based on somebody else’s
stories was a bit of an embarrassment it
shouldn’t have been because Judaism and Christianity both find their roots in
the story of a Sumerian family the family of Abraham and Sarah Abraham and
Sarah grew up and spent the best part of their lives in or of the Chaldees a
Sumerian culture and so when they emigrated from there it’s hardly
surprising that they would carry with them all the stories of beginnings that
they had grown up with and so them into the foundations of what was to become
their culture their religion and their Bible and so it shouldn’t be a surprise
that in the Bible we have a summary version of all these stories that pepper
the Sumerian Babylonian and Assyrian texts the problem and the shock horror
is that the original versions the Sumerian versions of these stories make
no mention of God at all in the Sumerian originals these are stories of our
ancestors contact with another species a species called the Anunnaki could
Judaism and Christianity z’ for me stories of God really be a retelling of
our ancestors close encounters with extraterrestrials the cuneiform tablets
which had fascinated Nathaniel Schmidt were first unearthed in the 1500s as
colonial powers began to excavate the ancient sites of Mesopotamia over the
decades that followed some 200,000 clay tablets were uncovered the tablets were
adorned with strange edgings or glyphs made when the clay was soft scholars of
the day were divided as to the meanings of these markings some believed the
glyphs to be an unknown written language others refused to accept this since the
tablets appeared to predate any known language they presumed the markings to
be no more than decoration and so the tablets were archived there
secrets locked away for three centuries until in 1835 Henry Rawlinson arrived in
southwestern Iran Rawlinson was a military man he was employed by the East
India tea company and he was in Iran helping the Shah of Iran to train his
troops as worth pausing there for a moment because if you thought that
corporations rivaling nation-states was something new take a look at the East
India tea company a tea company that is able to move a standing army around the
world and that trains the armies of nation-states
that’s quite a tea company in fact Rawlinson as presence in Iran wasn’t
part of a quid pro quo for trading rights he was there for access to the
district of baekje stoon he wanted to find that they his stone inscription
the baihe stone inscription was an ancient royal proclamation carved into a
cliff face it was written in three known languages persian elamite and Arcadian
which was the common language of the Mesopotamian cultures the inscription
expressed all three languages in cuneiform script it was the translation
key that cuneiform tablets had been waiting for the memories of mesopotamias
ancient cultures were suddenly an open book the glyphs were not mere decoration
after all they were banking records business agreements shopping lists
contracts recipes inventories royal histories and the most ancient narrative
in the history of the world it was in these ancient narratives that the source
of the Bible’s familiar stories began to emerge at an academic level
Nathaniel Schmitt was in good company he was one of a small number who began
confronting us with this new layer of our history and I should mention just to
reassure you that shortly after Colgate University fired him he did get a new
job with Cornell University and he was professor of Semitic languages there for
a full 36 years so he did land on his feet his work continued to argue that
the cuneiforms reveal that our earliest histories are not about God they are
about our prehistoric contact with the Anunnaki in the 20th century the writers
zecharia sitchin began pouring over the cuneiform texts he highlighted the clear
implications of the Sumerian stories that the Anunnaki were powerful and
advanced extraterrestrial species their arrival on planet Earth put them at the
top of the terrestrial food chain to create a local workforce the Anunnaki
used sequences of their own genetic code to hybridize a primered ancestor into a
human ready to put to work for their Anunnaki masters such an argued the word
Anunnaki means those who came from the heavens to earth a phrase that made
clear their extraterrestrial origin zecharia sitchin was not an academic he
was not a PhD or a professor he had a degree from the London School of
Economics and worked in commerce and the LSE I should say is a pretty August
institution he wrote at a popular level that’s to say for a general audience and
not with the kind of referencing and footnotes that you’d expect to see in an
academic kind of tome and academic critics don’t like that they think that
slack some might identify mistakes or bias in his work and that’s then their
pretext to disregard his contribution which is an important one
now some writers in the field rejects Hitchens translation of the word
Anunnaki and they would contend that the words usage tells us that it simply
means nobility or royalty the rulers I’m not persuaded by that it’s not that
that’s not true it’s just a very partial answer it’s a very lazy explanation it
simply doesn’t ask enough questions who were the rulers identified by this word
why is that word associated with the rulers you see if you look at the
etymology of the word at its root meanings look at the component parts you
have a new which means heavens key which means earth Annunaki are those who came
from the heavens to the earth you can follow the logic but even if you didn’t
have that narrative embedded in the word itself as soon as you read the canary
forms the stories themselves unpack that that is exactly what was going on and
the glyph that they use to indicate the rulers
to come down from the heavens at the beginning of the story that glyph simply
indicates the sky so these Anunnaki are from the heavens
their sky people many of the world’s oldest mythologies claim that governance
over human society began with dominance over human beings being established by
superior beings or gods and then the job of rulership is handed over at a later
stage to human governors or kings Egyptian mythology holds such a
narrative similarly the Bible speaks of King Saul as the first human king over
the people of God the Sumerian cuneiform also named their first human King
Gilgamesh to be more accurate Gilgamesh is a transition King a hybrid of human
and Anunnaki his name appears on one of the most famous of Mesopotamian
artifacts the Sumerian Kings list among the shopping lists legal agreements
business contracts and all the rest of the cuneiform tablets there appears one
on first inspection is a dry record of a succession of Kings of Sumeria the most
recent entries record rains of 6 to 36 years as we go further back on a
timeline the Kings list starts running with some odd-looking information
because out of the blue we suddenly read of a dynasty that lasted twenty four
thousand five hundred and ten years three months and three and a half days
now that precision absolutely befits Sumerian culture because it’s from
Sumerian culture that we get 360 degrees in a circle 60 seconds in a minute 60
minutes in an hour so the precision doesn’t surprise us
what is odd is that that dynasty of twenty four thousand five hundred and
ten years three months and three and a half days was divided across no more
than twenty three kings that’s an average reign of more than a thousand
years each and it’s not a one-off the dynasty concluded by the great flood
lasted two hundred and forty-one thousand years shared by no more than
eight kings that’s an average reign of more than thirty thousand years now some
have tried to make the dates symbolic or have interpreted their unit of time
differently but that doesn’t quite work when it’s an unbroken record of 6 to 36
year reigns to 36 thousand year rains all in the same unit of time all in the
same narrative the narrative begins with non-human Kings who then hand over to
human kings and this elasticity of the length of their dynasties is another
suggestion that the nonhuman kings are something quite different to human
beings it’s like comparing the lifespan of a human being with the lifespan of an
ant the Kings list is not the only evidence pointing to an extraterrestrial
hypothesis the Sumerian version of the Tower of Babel speaks of fifty
technicians who employ mysterious technology to dispatch 300 observers to
their stations and the Stars read alongside the Genesis account the two
narratives confirm one another and paint a vivid picture
Babel was a Stargate providing the observers rapid access to Space
Station’s the thing that got me into this whole field of research was an
anomalous word in the book of Genesis I’ve been a preacher for more than
thirty years I’ve studied and taught through the book of Genesis many many
times in churches all around the world and I’ve trained pastors in the skills
of interpreting texts so I’ve long known about this anomalous word or finally I
allowed myself the time to sit down and really drill into what was going on
Genesis uses two words for God one is Elohim and one is Yahweh or Jehovah now
Yahweh is the holy name given to Moses in a time centuries or millennia after
all the action described in the stories of beginnings so the fact that the word
Yahweh appears in those much older stories that Clues us that we’re not
reading the original version of the stories the stories are being retold by
someone after the time of Moses now there’s a broad consensus among biblical
scholars that the current version of the Old Testament the Hebrew Scriptures was
edited or redacted sometime in the sixth century BCE and that the redactor by
putting the name Yahweh into these older stories the stories that Abraham and
Sarah had brought with them was telling the reader to regard them as God’s
stories by using the later name he’s also telling the reader this is not the
original version originally they were elohim stories
now that word elohim is a very interesting word because it’s a plural
form word it often exhibits plural behaviors let us make let us make the
humans to look like one of us we don’t want them to become too much like one of
us etc the word elohim often takes plural verb forms
is sometimes translated as God but in other places it gets translated as false
gods or demons or angels or chieftains or land barons so why this enormous
elasticity in the words meaning well again we have to go back to the roots of
the word and ask why is it used that way and why does it behave like a plural
when you look at its component parts the word Elohim means the powers or the
powerful ones now when you read Genesis translating the word that way the text
change and suddenly line up with the Sumerian texts a one by one they confirm
each other’s stories and it’s very clear they’re not stories about gods
they’re stories about a powerful ones in the Bible and the sky people
the Anunnaki in the Sumerian tablets but is there any material evidence that a
nonhuman ruling presence ever occupied planet Earth one might reasonably ask
why have no physical remains of Anunnaki been found firstly I would know that the
more we dig up ancient sites the greater a diversity of ancient peoples were
finding if you think about the hobbits that were found in Indonesia we called
them hobbits Inc the proper name is Homer florensis or the Giants of Noble
County or the red-haired Giants of North America or the long skulls of piraka set
cetera there’s a great range of people that were beginning to come across as we
dig into our ancient past so how would we know if we found an Anunnaki well one
obvious possibility is by DNA testing so if Gilgamesh really was a human
Anunnaki hybrid then all we have to do is find the royal tomb and DNA test him
well I believe that’s exactly what happened in Iraq in 2003 at
went in protected by American troops at the beginning of the 2003 Iraq invasion
and found Gilgamesh’s tomb Fassbender spoke to the BBC even go on his website
you can read all about it now the official story is that having located
the probable tomb site 16 years ago we decided not to investigate any further
similarly in 1927 the British archaeologist Leonard Woolley discovered
a person known as Queen puabi now she was a high-ranking Sumerian
leader who lived around 2500 BCE and they had found her remains so again
here’s another fine witch with today’s technology provides us with the
opportunity to DNA test we can now test Sumerian royalty to confirm whether it
was entirely human the result apparently we’ve decided not to investigate any
further now what do you make of that wouldn’t you want to know but why would
an extraterrestrial species be interested in governing a human
population on planet Earth why would advanced beings from another planet have
any interest in interfering with human evolution and managing a human
population why would they teach prehistoric humans about mathematics
reading legal and banking systems contracts of employment money and
pricing mechanisms and why would they then withdraw I wonder if our own
behavior as a species on our own planet might give us an insight on what such
colonisation might look like because when we colonize we go in with force we
show our superiority and we take over we provide the police we provide the army
the education we put the locals to work we creamed off the prophets and the
natural resources and pay sickly enjoy all the benefits of sitting
at the top of the economic tree with a powerful visible presence to keep
control but after a while you can get the locals to do their own policing and
their own school teaching let the locals become the lawyers and the bankers and
quite a local as the governor as long as you have some control of the value of
the money and as long as you set all the commodity prices and exchange rates you
don’t really need to maintain a visible presence anymore and so you can go home
you can live in another country and still enjoy all the benefits of sitting
at the top of the economic tree now that’s how we do it it’s how we’ve done
it from the Roman Empire to the Spanish to the Dutch the Portuguese that British
the American that’s how we do it is it possible that an et presence may have
colonized the world in our prehistoric past in a way that’s analogous to that
that another species came and resided on planet Earth for a while they sat at the
top of the economic tree and enjoyed all the benefits of it and then withdrew in
exactly the kind of way I’ve just mapped out you know I wonder how much like the
Anunnaki we are and as for what they were looking for it could have been
minerals I believe it was I think there’s strong evidence of prehistoric
mines in southern Africa it may well have been minerals but it could have
been something else something to do with the properties of planet Earth and it
might have been something to do with ourselves our uniqueness as homo sapiens where our ancestors really engineered as
workers toiling for the colonizers were the Anunnaki only interested in our
planet’s resources and coldly indifferent to the progress of the human
race other ancestral narratives speak of our human origins in exactly the same
terms and yet there are other strands to the story the Greek Babylonian narrative
of Oh Anna’s and the up kallu speak of the visitors helping and educating our
human ancestors Native American memory reports in two-dimensional and
extraterrestrial visitors nurturing the beginnings of human society Zulu
mythology speaks of our ancestors being nurtured by advanced beings might the
Anunnaki have had a more generous motivation towards their human workforce
my book escaping from Eden argues that our ancient texts recall a range of
species that bumped up against our ancestors and the stories in our world
mythology’s tell of conflicting ideas among the visitors as to how conscious
and how intelligent they wanted humans to be now certainly there are some cold
agendas towards humanity that play out in our world’s stories of beginnings the
limiting of human life a flood to kill them all a neurological interference to
take the power of speech from us and dumb us down a bombing that destroys our
Engineering and Technology a neurological interference to lower our
perceptual and cognitive abilities now in this Sumerian version of these
stories it’s the senior Anunnaki Enlil who actions and pushes all these
negative agendas that are somewhat hostile to human beings
but there is another agenda in the Annunaki community there is a figure
called Enki who appears to be the leader of the earth project and he is junior to
Enlil he’s described as an Leal’s brother so in the Sumerian story
humanity gets caught in the crossfire of these mysterious beings in conflict a
number of our so-called creation myths begin with a rehabilitation of a
devastated and flooded planet shrouded in darkness and that arrival is a
positive interaction with this other species because they begin to nurture
life on the planet they nurture animal life they nurture human life then later
in the Sumerian account its Enki the one who’s in charge of the earth project who
wants to upgrade human beings for a more enjoyable a better a more conscious kind
of life and there’s a conflict between Enlil and Enki over whether that should
happen and lyl the CEO does not want that and so Anke breaks ranks to achieve
that upgrade for us when Enlil wants to destroy the human experiment by
devastating the planet again it’s Enki who seeks out a favored family the
family of Atrahasis aka Zeus sudra aka Hooten episteme aka
Noah and gives him instructions as to how to construct an escape pod for his
family and his farm so they can reboot the project so I think we can say the
Anunnaki presence is a mixed bag for Humanity we’re really caught in the
crossfire of this conflict among a species who are ambivalent about the
progress of human society there is oppression and slavery in the Annunaki
narrative but there’s also a concern for human welfare and a nurturing of human
beings so it’s a mixed story today’s reports of ET contact reflect a
similar range of agendas some harmful some indifferent and some nurturing are
these contemporary experiences connected with the Annunaki narratives or are
people today experiencing something or someone different what difference does
the Annunaki narrative make to human beings today if you and I apart primate
in part Anunnaki how does that help us and are the Anunnaki still present or
are we now our own masters does the Anunnaki narrative give us an
explanation of our original separation from all other animal forms on planet
Earth but leave us with no word about our
future my hope is focused not so much on
external interventions as on our own capabilities our ancestral narratives
all speak of higher consciousness being downgraded in our prehistoric past and
to my mind that raises the possibility that our cognitive abilities can be
upgraded and our consciousness can be heightened our mythologies speak of our
perceptual field being limited to my mind that suggests we might be able to
expand it the Anunnaki narrative speaks of us laboring for superiors and you can
see that we’re hardwired to do that but what if we were able to break down that
programming and start working for one another instead of those above us what
if we de engineered all our neurological slave settings and allowed ourselves to
live freer less fearful lives what would that look like many of the cultures that have curated
these stories and beginnings have also curated modalities methods that are
designed to reawaken a higher state of consciousness so ancient Greek culture
which had this narrative also had the modality of a kikiyaon ritual chi-chuen
was a kind of tea ritual aimed at heightening a person’s state of
consciousness in Mesoamerica we find another tea ceremony with exactly the
same purpose if we go to indigenous Australia or to Native America we find
smoke and smoking ceremonies and similar activities in the ancient Indian
cultures that produced the Vedas Eastern monastic traditions have disciplines of
stillness and conscious breathing and in my experience they really do have
perches in terms of altering our state of consciousness and heightening our
abilities for a better human experience if the Annunaki stories represent our
true origins as a species at human beings apart earthling and part higher
being what does that mean for our potential as human beings today are we
bound to the contracts of employment systems of money and banking and the
tyranny of hours minutes and seconds first taught to the ancient Sumerians
more than 5000 years ago or are other ways open to us as human beings might
higher forms of consciousness help us achieve a new freedom from the legacy of
our enslaved past and provide a pathway to a better human experience
for more on these and other probing questions stay tuned to the fifth kind
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  • Bible says REMNANT of the children of the COVENANT. when we are Gone, they'll be a cleansing! sky people were a military. And they had a Leader(KhAN) they built military bases around the world(Pyramids) were people still called on their ORIGINAL Leader afterThey were Gone. created workers had death writen into their dna, So with everyone mixing Man was able to multiplied but we all ended up with 120 life span. The Creators left, But the Rebellious sons stayed. Some Rebellious Sons either died or left they couldn't take their children and the Man was out of Control so the FLOOD. Bible tells us we are a REMNANT.

  • Was this video suppossed to answer the question in the title? Because I still dont know.

  • Im a Moslem. But i Think Adam and Eve was sent from Eden (that may actually Be a Planet) to earth. After the meteor strike earth and erase all the Population (dinosaurs and Cave men). And every Prophet in Religuous Book is Guided by an Angel From Heaven (that might be an Alien with Far more advanced Technology). And The Story about the Kings Saul (prophet Sulaiman or Solomon on Bibble) who the mightiest King who can Talk on Animal, Super Rich, Can move his Castle and Kingdom fly on the Sky (Might be a Giant Spaceship) There's a lot possibility he is a Hybrid from angel (Alien) and human. Or Someone's Who given the Advanced Technology by the Angel. But i Still Believe in God. Because in the Holy Quran is Written Clearly : "All The Living Things on Earth and ALL UNIVERSE is Bow down to the KING Of All KING : The Almighty GOD" how the people from Thousands Years Ago knows About Universe? Its Clearly The messages is from the Angel (Alien) and The Mighty God himself.

  • So I'm guessing you still believe the Bible … do you not think it was written by Josephus with the Romans as a propaganda tool? I think if you believe this stuff then you can't believe in Jesus and obviously Jesus is a fake and an analogy just mirroring King Titus" life. Have you not realized that?

  • As soon as you say the name Jesus your credits going to be destroyed with me.. because I know he's fake.. But I'm still interested in what you have to say for now

  • After watching for 13.31 minutes, I stopped watching. Not out of boredom, but out of incredulity. Need I say more about the content of this video? Stick to history, don't fantasize!

  • BS is what I say!

  • Every form of life in the universe is alien to its host planet and the sooner fantasy stories such as religion or any other means to try and justify our importance to ourselves or to others as in respect to us inhabiting this speck of dust flying through space is realised as more than most people can wrap their head around.. one asteroid the size of our own moon hits us and no trace will remain earth ever existed and the universe won’t even blink

  • Please look at the viewer👍🏻 you seem condescending

  • My guess is that they are not from Nibiru unless that planet is orbiting Sirius, what do we ask someone if they are being real? Are you Sirius? Spelling means nothing.

  • I am the arch angel kuruma father of samual and castiël , in my true form i have 16 wings. I was also called in many humanoid form and life's. EA enki creator of the adamu, Poseidon,elder Horus, Indra and Odin. Do not fear dear souls i am the true faroah i am the true 1 who will defeat all evil on earth god has send me. I am directly in contact with him. I can shift my consiusness from physcial body to astral body to spiritual body. The fear me more then anything . Because i was a sleep for 5955 years the illuminati did what the wanted. Now i am back the will be punished once i am ready.

  • If you try to form your own opinion about this topic you may want to avoid the comment section, have some tea instead and rewatch the information again.

  • Interesting theories – but we actually dont have any proof that ANY of this is real… Towards the end, this documentary speaks about "opening/expanding the mind"… It is possible, but in our world of all kinds of mental disorders, it may not be very awesome to attempt to tune in to the spiritual stuff. At least not before you know how to tune out the bad stuff. I awakened my Kundalini through mushrooms 8 years ago, and i know this stuff is real… And it have shown me how spirits like to mess with us and make us waste our time with all kinds of distractions from the awesome easy lives we have here on Earth. Anything from hippie mentality to very complex thinking… And we will never REALLY know if any of it is real, or just artificially fabricated experiences to make us believe certain stuff and get caught up in their mindgames. And from this, we can also start to realize that with such evil geniuses (archons) around, any good and intelligent being would probably not expect the average Joe to be able to distinguish a truth from a very elaborate lie. These are the beings who know exactly what you are prone to believing, and who will tell you all kinds of truths while leaving out key pieces of information, to get us away from rational down to Earth thinking, and into various "dangerous territories". Buyer beware dude..! Not all that glitters is gold… And if you have not seen this, you would be SHOCKED by the extreme "assholes" you can find in the spiritual realms. If you find a human asshole, you can stop hanging out with that person… This is the kind of assholes who will move into your head and terrorize you for a LONG time. I really wish i knew how to get rid of such beings. 6 years of praying to all kinds of gods and goddesses from various religions have not helped me get rid of these assholes, so im at a point of giving up. I got these spirits from people with mental disorders – and now i carry this contageous disease wherever i go… Dont want to meet my family or other people i care about. Having a girlfriend is out of the question. I saw what happened to my last GF when they entered her when she was sleeping on the couch a few meters away from me. 10 seconds later, she woke up raging mad, and started screaming at me for no particular reason. She was ALWAYS very positive before that, and i had never seen her even a little angry. After this episode, she changed from a warm and loving person to a really cold person who would often get angry… I was also very positive and never got angry – until one day i got these really strong angry spirits from my psychotic/possessed neighbor… I used to think it was just me who was so sensitive to these things because of my awakening, but it turns out other people are also susceptible to it… So now i know that i should not hang out with anyone i care about, and that i will perhaps always worry that this stuff will spread to children and old ladies i walk past at the store… Anyone who thinks unconditional love sounds beautiful have clearly not met these beings. You guys have no idea how extreme stuff they have put me through… Visions of Hell many times each day for several years can really mess with a guys head, if you know what i mean………………….. Opening that third eye in our world is NOT something i advice people to try to achieve..! Im guessing it was closed for a reason…

  • Because it’s the same lineage of bloodlines that control us now

  • If everyone stopped paying taxes what would happen ?

  • I have posited many times over the past decade or so that we were engineered by Venutians to Venus-ize our planet so they can colonize it. Therefore our own extinction due to destruction of our ecosystem via anthropogenic Climate Change is our ultimate purpose for existence.. Thus are we programmed to overpopulate and destroy.

  • Bush's descended from Aleister Crowley!!

  • 'The Bible originated from the ancient Sumerian text.' – No, it didn't.

    'Text found with the same story. Pre dating the Biblical accounts by thousands of years. Documenting Ancient Aliens.' – Not true. Provide links and give evidence.

    Why is your video full of shit?

  • Our major problem is the interpretation of what "god" or "a god" is….I believe there is a superior consciousness that has not revealed itself to us not because we are unworthy but because we cannot comprehend. May be the word god refers to something else…to a higher being perhaps but not to the ultimate being….in essence there can be many gods…..either ways we all need to stop fighting over trash we do not understand.

  • I thought that you will be talking about the only true Bible the KJV 1611; but no, you did not.

    I believe that the real Bible is from "Textus Receptus". All the other "bibles" just won't do.

    Jesus is coming very soon: Repent and convert to Christ, the Kingdom of God is at hand.

  • I belive,there is no way advancement can happen to the human race with out compition.Seems to be the driving force.I also belive there's people that know it all about humans,and keep from us.Ya thay have that sickness,the one the elite always get when things are going great.Greed that's it,greedy,greedy people.

  • Sumerian accounts are merely a "prequel" attempt to trivialize and distill the Truth when it is finally told(Bible)…
    Not knowing the wiles of the deceiver is unfortunate to say the least for human beings.
    The depictions of that story are experienced by two side in conflict. The reasons behind that conflict can differ,the accounts of a story like that might also be viewed differently depending on which side one belongs … TRUTH,however,can NOT & IS NEVER IN OPPOSITION or CONTRADICTION WITH ITSELF.

  • we are here to praise and adore the Lord our God

  • one thing that appears to be true , that our consciousness appears to be " de tuned", look at the story of and many others. ( head injury results in math genius. we don't need A.I we were created with the I , we don't need chips in our brain were already hardwired , the goal of humanity should be accessing it , everything else will fall into place

  • This stuff has been debunked years ago when Sitchin was confronted with his ignorance. He did not know how to read any of these languages nor was he a scholar of such.

  • "Fascinating parallels" offered as proof. All this video offers is conjecture and non convincing to say the least. Your "sky people" are referencing angelic beings not aliens. The Bible is true, period. Elohim being plural refers to the heavenly host not aliens.

  • Apparently no one in the comments ever consumed shrooms or astral projected

  • Excellent video

  • Friends, study Al – Quran and Insyaallah, with the help of ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY, THE ALL KNOWING ,we will get the ANSWERS OF ANSWERS… some thing are better buried in the sands, lost in space, exctinct or frozen deep in the Antartica, because now, its not THEIR time to exist anymore….no need to spends millions of taxpayer money, just to study those ancient knowledge, stonecarving ,scrolls,because its not relevant anymore.. and the generations gap between those period are too far and a lot of self version of so called HOLY BOOK emerges, saying that their version is the most pure…but the Al Quran Nur Qareem got no version and its content are the same like when it was given to Prophet Muhammad, thousand of years ago…and belive me, youll find the answer of the UNIVERSE right before your eyes… Allhuakbar…

  • Elohim the counsel of "angels" or light beings theyre are 7 of them that has a legion 10 that follow.

  • we live in a bio-DOME…

    ruled by baphomet HIJRA overlords

    DECEPTION abounds here

  • They really need to scrap the clip of the white girl dancing around in indigenous male regalia. SMH, now I'm going to have a harder time sharing this and having it taken seriously.

  • It amazes me that after watching this video and maybe doing research of their own on the Sumerian texts simple minded people will STILL quote the bible as if it's a truthful resource. People are truly slave minded. They are determined to be slaves and worship gods which is SUCH an demeaning and UNHEALTHY concept. It IS a form of SLAVERY. YET, so many simple minded people still cling to that concept. AMAZING. SMH. I want to live on a planet where most of the people aren't so slave minded and pathetic.

  • you don`t have to forgott ,the fallen angels!!the were sons of god that wanted to leave god to go with lucifer.and in the time that lucifer was in comand of the world they build there empiror .sumerian ,anunaki,the tower of babilonia,atlantida,the athens god….etc!!!this all happen in the same time.they start to introduce there dna in all humans ,animals…etc.with the ark of noa ,god have give the human and animals that wasn`t infected ,the chance to escape and build the world again ,with god dna!!!

  • That they are 5th density means they have the ability to descend to 3rd density but seeing there has been thousands of years of war, murder and lies to cover up the real agenda.
    It indicates from their accounts that they will return when the frequencies are favourable for them.
    By all knowledge I have managed to research, as of 2021 something is about to come.
    Why all the war and other negative forms humans express? Seeing they are 5th density indicates they do not need oxygen to sustain themselves, maybe it is the negative energy they need.
    If the accounts are correct they were also chased to earth in a great battle which ended with Tiamaht being destroyed which was eventually to be earths great flooding.
    Noah, half Anu half human remained.
    The world of technology as it stands uses all the unhealthy frequencies, cooking the frog slowly.
    End goal to create the next version of a human, AI! AI doesn't need oxygen.
    5G is a military grade weapons system (SMART means Secret Military Armaments in Rural technologies!)
    6G which is used in medical devices if terra hertz which can turn O2 into O3=Ozone.
    Earth is a place of "free will" All peoples are sovereign and have no Authority standing over them, only peers to further knowledge. Authority is not "Free will"
    We are a frequency in a 3rd density experience, one of duality=confusion, a place to learn.
    There is either negative or positive beings all sharing the same space.
    Positive serves, helps and is honest, negative is the exact opposite.
    Positive= Expansion, negative reduces or destroys this.

    The real war on earth is to convince peoples by deception that the reality presented to them is all there is, was and ever will be.
    Those who understand their infinite sovereign being know they have probably been both a part of the negative and positive. In a course of existence we experience both but eventually one or the other form of energy will express itself more than the other.
    The return of the ANU will not be a pleasant one, as well, we need to consider the damage done as earth was flooded and tilted 20 degrees from its north axis, this is now in the process of being corrected. Even the Hopi know of the legends and what is to come.

    As it is written, the meek (Weak) shall inherit the earth! Meaning all those who don't escape the mind trap and know they are sovereign will be destroyed because the ANU are on their last endeavour to take earth.
    The Elohim is not a place, it is a species, they are the expelled ones.
    The technology if successful with 6G will help deplete O2.
    In the next 10 years those who really pull the strings want the world population to be reduced by 95%, sounds ridiculous? War maybe, pollution and medicine, technology, all tools to achieve this yet the consciously aware ones know that no matter what may end the existence in this experience is the chance to move to a different earth, 4th or 5th density. The time of harvest.

    The whole subject is deep and very far removed from the official BS, so much so the critical mind is very important to discover this is a place of huge deception.
    Each person is a reality, how you perceive it is your personal journey to the next version of you.
    There is nothing to hate, we may find disgust yet that is our lesson and test, positive or negatively orientated.
    There are those who don't want the sovereignty and consent to being of the negative.
    Seeing duality is the place of free choice, there are no winners nor losers, just your place and self determined destination.
    Even if you are or were negative and proceed to be a positive, so be it, you choose, you create you reality.
    Good luck to all.
    Only if the balance is too much to one side will the wars in all densities continue.
    The real test is to try and walk the thin neutral line, not taking one or the other to be the final decision. Acceptance is what we are left with, our intention forms the reality.

  • So does this mean you are not a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Nazareth?

  • I want to personally thank youtube, and this channel for helping make everyone, just a little bit dumber.

  • szuper video.!

  • The method of counting time changed. Earlier it was like ' moons ' that is months.

  • Earlier stories similar to bible stories only mean that someone wrote it down earlier than Bible writers. Wich is fine, it does not mean the Bible copied these stories. These are just same stories told by different people from an other point of view. It is like saying that an American soldier writing his account of Second World War in 1965 copied a German soldier that wrote about his own account in 1956…. this argument of the Bible copying Sumerian texts is just non logical. And an easy way to discredit the Bible…

  • So why is everyone so suprised by this? This is standard fare common knowledge to myself and others i
    Associate with this is why religion is a joke
    Small minds in all you know, now the power elite knew but used at as an end to a means maintaining power you see, lesser minds and it wks wonderfully to this day with the exception of people like myself i laugh at the notion of a single god because i know better under standing that you can't die only the body can, as a sentient lifeform you move laterally to other existences up until you choose not to do this anymore. Lesser minds are easily swayed hence dumbing down with lack of knowledge. As more and more people become aware things will definitely change, but will take awhile because of all the diversions being put on the plates of everyone to keep ones mind occupied there by slowing the process, remember those powerful beings are with us today within our governments around the world helping maintain power and walking amongst us making shore no one becomes aware ahead of schedule go figure. 🤔🤫🤨

  • Almost forgot be careful very careful getting D&A test done you may find yourself whisked away at night not of your own choosing []<>()^*"';, eyes wide shut.🤫

  • People wake up from The Matrix all the ancient gods are real don't be close-minded and brainwashed

  • Zacharias hit it on the nail he really revealed the truth

  • Nothing in this video says anything specific about our modern world – wars, famine, crime, injustice – no practical information on how to life life – nothing. The dude has no answers – no special knowledge about anything.

  • She's so sexy

  • So, we are the sky people now?

  • So maybe this explains the Cambrian explosion of species. Perhaps we are not from accident.

  • Satanists making shit so to confuse the stupid. Pray to Jesus, ask to be guided by Holy Spirit so to know the truth.

  • Folks, do not watch this satanist propaganda and lies in this video.

  • Eloquent speaking voice.

  • You have most of the story right except for this: Anunnaki ARE human. They are the tetraploid expression of the human form, and probably originally came either from here, mars, or ceres/tiamat. Thus their interest in us. We are just like tiny, less intelligent versions of them.

  • It doesn't matter in 8 years we will know the truth.

  • Once you accept the biblical truth the Earth is flat with a Firmament, the confusion of all these 'different' stories clears immensely. It's ridiculously simple and powerful. No wonder there's so many lies trying to cover this up and distract you from special you are, and how very close the heavens really are

  • I found an old book so I made a religion out of it . Only later I realized it was a comic book but I already had money from 45 Idiots that wanted to be brainwashed so I kept the religion for profit . Bet I am not the first to do that .

  • so abraham came with stories an he was told by aliens in his language dont slay,

  • atheists are tired of not believing now after the birble has been found to be true,they create a new theory in favour of science….ooohhhits not the big bang oor evolution its the aliens

  • you say we should not epend on looking up on the Gods yet we will all die anyway and fact is they exist and they own us,so start being an aethist on your own bro

  • Please teach me Paul

  • Improvise
    Over come
    Think it's not that hard

  • I don't no

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