this motivational quotes page is run by a scammer (jay shetty)

YouTube is serious business. I get the information in my videos from all
over the web. I scour Twitter, Google Trends, the WayBack
machine, and even . . . Reddit. I will stop at nothing to find content. Please give me content. Dear God, please help me, I need content. But apparently I should have just gone on
Facebook because what is this. Welcome to week 2 of scam month. All four videos this November are about scammers. Week one, we already talked about Instagram
meme pages selling fake products, this video it’s . . . well you’re literally about
to find out. Next week it’s Raid Shadow Legends And then
for the finale of scam month, we’ll talk about the greatest one of all: Shane Dawson. November 24th. Also, I’m making a 30-minute video about
Claude Monet, so subscribe to my second channel otherwise you’re going to miss the premiere. Link in description. But that’s enough announcements, we’re
here to talk about Jay Shetty. He used to be a monk, but he decided it was
time to re-enter the world. Now, with his unique outlook on life, he is
a motivational speaker, spending his time sharing his wisdom through the power of social
media. Jay Shetty is here to teach us how to Think
Like a Monk. He’s also a plagiarist. A huge plagiarist. Like, mind-blowing levels of plagiarism. Let’s take it back to the beginning. My mom watches a show on Facebook called Red
Table Talk. It’s a talk show hosted by Jada Pinkett
Smith, who I think is married to Will Smith, he’s like a vlogger or something . . . I
don’t care. On this Facebook show, Jada interviews various
people ranging from Alicia Keys to Demi Moore. Well, back in May, she talked to a motivational
speaker on there name Jay Shetty. So when my mom told me all this, all I could
think of was . . . Facebook has talk shows now? Look, I didn’t know who Jay Shetty was,
I didn’t know that Facebook Watch Originals existed, I barely understand why Facebook
is still around. But apparently this Jay Shetty guy is really
popular among moms who use Facebook . . . except mine. She showed me a video from Nicole Arbor—
Only one person can get you out of depression. And that, is you. It’s all in your head. It’s all in your head. Yes, that Nicole Arbor, no I don’t like
her either. But Nicole made a video about Jay Shetty in
which she did something very out of character. He’s 100% full of it and stole everything
his career is based off of. She made a good point. This dude was stealing every single quote
that he was posting online. So Nicole’s video just went through post
and post and pointed out how everything single was stolen, and that he was putting his name
on it as if he wrote it. Now, notice how I gave credit to Nicole Arbor
for sharing that information. It’s almost like plagiarism . . . is really,
really, really easy to avoid. So the plagiarism is one thing, and now that
you have that context, I just want to take a look at how fake literally everything else
about this man is. He’s so popular and so famous, where do
I even start? His Ellen show appearance? His Huffington Post column? His U.S. presidential inauguration speech? I mean he’s not the president. He’s not from here. I’m not sure why I said that. I think I’m just going start with his website. “Join the Movement”. I’m not sure what that means but it sounds
like effort. 4 billion views though, wow. “My story—I’ve garnered over 4 billion
views and 24 million followers”. Okay, we get it. “Over 20 million followers, Over 4 billion
views on social media, Forbes 30 under 30”. This is the third time this guy has mentioned
4 billion views and we’re not even halfway down the page. You know, I’ve always associated monks with
like, humility? Maybe that’s just me. “Waking at 4am, taking cold showers, and
eating simply was a daily routine.” I would rather die. “Half the day was spent on personal growth,
and the other on help others.” This part probably is true because zero part
of the day was spent on proofreading, apparently. So here we have some quotes about him from
famous people. It looks like he actually credits these. “He has the eyes of a Bengali tiger and
the mind of a sage”. You’re really going to sit here and insult
Bengal tigers like that? Nobody looks this good. Arianna Huffington says “I feel like I invented
him”. What does that mean. Is this supposed to be a vote of confidence? Well if Arianna Huffington feels like she
invented him, how can I not sign up for his online classes. Arian Grande Huffington be like—
Look at you, boy I invented you. So his website is really just there to sell
his services. It’s nothing too weird. If we want to see the persona he’s created
for himself, it looks like we’re going to have to go to Facebook. Oh look, he has over 24 million subscribers. I wonder if he has over 4 billion views. So here we have a video called “Woman Who
Doesn’t Listen Almost Loses Husband.” That’s . . . dark. What is this? Rachel. Rachel. Rachel! What? Oh, jeez. Wow, so Rachel is just over here dissociating. She looks really depressed. Rachel. Rachel, those are my best friends. You didn’t even listen or try to interact
with them. You just sat there. Do you get where I’m coming from? Oh—yeah. For sure. Bro. Something is wrong with her. This is not normal behavior. She needs help, not a lecture. Rachel. Rachel! RACHEL! This is triggering me. Have you ever had someone yell at you while
you’re sad? Actually the worst way of dealing with the
situation. No way. He did not. What if she’s in the hospital or something? Please come pick me up. Dad’s in the hospital! One of the biggest challenges in our lives
is auto-pilot mode. One of the biggest challenges in my life is
understanding why you’re interrupting this story? I need to know what happens next. We can get away with autopilot in our lives
to some degree, but never can we get away with it in our relationships. So he is blaming her . . . for being under
mental duress. Are we not going to talk about the husband’s
behavior? He was just yelling at her the entire time. When someone is sharing, do we care enough
to pay attention? Or actually, are we just absorbed in ourselves. Wow. So now she doesn’t care. When we’re not present, we end up ruining
our future. 1.5 million views. So the moral of the story is literally “Stop
being distracted and sad”. Otherwise, you’re ruining your future, your
husband is going to leave you, and your dad is going to die in the hospital, you little
depressed . . . baby. Someone take that out of context and cancel
me, I need views. Here’s a post that says “I have a new
community phone number. It will be just like texting as friends. No bots or softwares!” But then the top comment says “Unfortunately
as many other Internet stars have done, this is not actually a chance for you to talk to
them, Once you go to the link in the first automated message and share your details,
the company handling the communication will be able to sell your information for future
advertisements.” Thank you, Leah Pendlebury. Unironically. That was like a really, really thorough response,
thank you. And I’ve always been trying to think of
ways that we can connect more personally and connect more deeply, and I found out about
this new awesome thing called a Community number. No, no, no, no, and no. It’s not a community number, it’s a Community
number. Community. Capitalized. Trademarked. It’s a company. This guy is trying to pass off his brand deal
as being a deep connection with his audience. This is a whole new brand of disingenuous. No wonder Arianna Huffington feels like she
invented him. So his website is weird. His Facebook was trash. His Twitter is kind of dead because it’s
just advertisements for his other stuff. I guess the last thing we have to look at
is his YouTube channel. Oh here’s one. “If You’re an Introvert – WATCH THIS
by Jay Shetty”. Well he used all caps, how could we not watch
it. Hey man. Are you going to speak up? Yeah? Didn’t think so. Okay, Jay does know there’s a difference
between being an introvert and being bullied, right? The biggest mistake an introvert can make
is trying to be an extrovert, and the biggest mistake an extrovert can make is trying to
be an introvert. This man doesn’t say anything. In any of his videos. His entire platform is built off of emptiness,
and then he’s selling it to people who feel empty. He is actually my least favorite kind of person. So as you can see, the plagiarism was the
least of his concerns. This man probably started off with legitimate
insight but now he’s using his platform to peddle Community Numbers and repost memes. Jay Shetty is a spiritual meme page. Oh, and as for the plagiarism, he’s not
taking credit for other people’s words anymore, he’s just saying “Anonymous” or “Unknown”,
even though I found the original post in like 30 seconds and half a Google search. Now, I’m not going to make any more videos
about this guy, so I’m going to try pro-actively fight off his stans in this video. They always say the same three things to people
who criticize him, so I’m here to debunk them. The reason I don’t need people like Jay
Shetty is because I have a life. When I need wisdom and insight and understanding,
I get it from the people around me. Not some random dude on Facebook. Do I spread negativity on my channel? Yes. Do I spread positivity on my channel? Yes. Life isn’t all or negative or all positive,
so I’m not going to try to cram it all into the positivity box. Also, I garuntee you laughed at least once
during this video, and if you didn’t, maybe you need to work on the positivity. I am unhappy sometimes. But, do you know how weird it would be if
people thought I was happy all the time? This weird. And as for jealousy, I’ve never been jealous
of fake success. The only thing I’m jealous of . . . is 24
million subscribers and 4 billion views. Anyway, that rollercoaster concludes week
2 of scam month. Looks like I’ve gotten ten minutes of content
out of this, so leave a like, tell me what you think and subscribe if you haven’t already. Thank you for watching and a big thank you
to my less than 24 million subscribers. Okay bye.

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