This Is Billy’s Story | Stranger Things

(dramatic, cool music) – Afternoon, ladies. – Afternoon, Billy. – You’re late again. – Yeah, I had to get catch-up homework. – Jesus, I don’t care. You’re late again, and you’re
skating home, do you hear me? (muffled crowd chanting) (collective cheering) – Our dude can drink! – That’s how you do it,
Hawkins, that’s how you do it. – King Steve, everyone. I like it, playing tough today. – Jesus, do you ever stop
talking man, come on. – What, you’re afraid the coach is gonna bench you now that I’m here, huh? (muffled tapping) (high-pitched whistle) ♪ Past the point of no return ♪ ♪ Reach the top but
still you gotta learn ♪ – You were moving your feet. Plant them next time, draw a charge. ♪ Push it to the limit ♪ – God, this place is such a skull. – It’s not that bad.
– No? (electronic whirring) – You smell that, Max, that’s
actually shit, cow shit. – I don’t see any cows. – Clearly you haven’t met
the high school girls. (screaming rock music) – Billy slow down. – Oh, these your new hick friends? – No, I don’t know them. – Well I guess you won’t
care if I hit ’em then, huh? – Go, go, go, go, go!
– We need to haul ass! – Billy, stop it!
(tire screeching) – Yeah, that was a close one, huh? (dramatic spooky music) – He causing you trouble? – Why do you care?
– Hey. This is serious shit, okay? I’m older than you, and
something you learn is that there are certain type of people in this world that you stay away from. And that kid, Max, that
kid is one of them. – Come on, hop on, hurry. – This better be good, stalker. – What’s wrong?
– Why don’t you tell us? – Because I don’t know.
– We can’t find Maxine. – And her window’s open.
– [Billy] She’s not my sister. (dramatic crashing) – What did we talk about? (high-pitched shattering) – Oh, hi.
– Hi. – I didn’t realize Nancy had a sister. What’s so funny?
– I’m Nancy’s mother. – No.
(romantic, sensual music) – Their driveway is pretty dark this time of night, so drive slowly. – You’re the real life
Sara, you know that. – Well, well, well. Lucas Sinclair, what a surprise. I thought I told you to
stay away from him, Max. – Billy, go away.
– You disobeyed me. And you know what happens
when you disobey me. – Billy.
– I break things. (collective scared shouting) You’re dead.
– No, you are. (loud slapping)
(dramatic laughter) (muffled thumping)
(wet crash) – From here on out, you leave me and my friends alone, do you understand? – Screw you.
(metallic clink) – Say it, you understand.
– I understand. (high-pitched whistling)
– Hey, lard ass. No running on my watch. I gotta warn you again and
you’re banned for life. You wanna be banned for life, lard ass? Didn’t think so. – I’ve seen you teaching
lessons, swimming lessons. – You know, I could teach you if you like. There is a good pool out
at Motel Six on Cornwallis. It’s very quiet, you know, very private. Shall we say tonight? Hey Karen, you don’t mind
if I call you Karen, do you? Good.
(loud metallic crashing) (screeching tires)
(revving engine) Who’s there?
(spooky music) Hey, I said, who’s there?
(dramatic screeching) (pained grunting)
(pained screaming) (dramatic breathing)
(muted screaming) – Looking good, Billy. – Max, let me out of here!
– Get away from the door! (dramatic crashing)
(quick yelps) (dramatic crashing) (quiet, spooky music) – [Billy’s Dad] Where were you last night? Where were you?
(spooky music) – [Billy’s Mom] I told
you, I was with Wendy. – [Billy’s Dad] Stop lying to me! – [Young Billy] I’m not
afraid, don’t hurt her! – [Billy’s Mom] No! – [Young Billy] Don’t hurt her! – [Billy’s Mom] Bastard! (dramatic crashing)
– [Young Billy] Mom! I don’t understand, why not? Please mom, don’t do
this, please come home. (heavy, pained breathing) – You shouldn’t have looked for me. Because now I see you, and
we’re going to end you, and when you are gone, we are
going to end your friends, and then we going to end everyone. (pained, frightened screaming) (dramatic crashing)
(dramatic roaring) – Billy.
(dramatic, spooky music) Billy, you don’t have to do this. Billy, please, I’m Max. (pained grunting)
(dramatic crashing) (pained screaming)
(heavy breathing) (dramatic music)
(ferocious roar) (frightened crying)
(high-pitched scream) (muffled giggling) – [Young Billy] Leave me alone! (pained screaming)
Mom! – [Billy’s Dad] This is your new sister. – [Young Billy] That
was at least seven feet. – Seven feet.
(muffled static) You told her the wave was seven feet. (excited cheering) She was pretty.
(muffled laughter) She was really pretty. And you, you were happy. (muffled growling)
(dramatic music) (loud crashing)
(pained screaming) (loud crashing)
(pained screaming) – Billy.
(pained breathing) Billy, Billy, Billy,
please, Billy, please. – I’m sorry.
– Billy. Billy, Billy, Billy, wake
up, Billy, wake up, please. (pained crying)

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