They Found A Time Machine Hiding In Plain Sight

H.G. Wells wrote a fictional story about a time machine, but the science fiction classic may be based on fact. According to British researcher Stephen Coates,
H.G. Wells was inspired by the discovery of certain Egyptian hieroglyphs, which are said
to be instructions for time travel. Conveniently these hieroglyphs were not located
in Egypt. Instead they are carved on the face of a mausoleum,
in a Brompton cemetery in England. The mausoleum is 20 feet in height, and its
roof is a pyramid built of granite. In addition to the Egyptian inscription which
adorns it, into each side of the monument is carved a doorway. Three of these are decorative. The fourth frames a heavy door of bronze,
with a keyhole, for which reportedly no key can be found. Despite the fact that the Brompton Cemetery
keeps meticulous records, the mausoleum is the only one in the graveyard, for which no
plans were ever filed. Inside the monument, there is reputed to be
a working time machine. The temporal vehicle is said to have been
built by radical inventor, Samuel Warner, in 1853. Warner specialized in devices releasing great
amounts of energy, developing underwater mines and torpedoes for the British Navy. He demonstrated one of his weapons by destroying
a ship off the coast of Brighton. But to crack the secret of time travel, he
would need a collaborator. In Victorian times, the belief was widespread,
that the ancient Egyptians, had discovered the secret of time travel. There is evidence that Warner collaborated
with eminent Egyptologist Joseph Bonomi. Spending 17 years of his life sketching antiquities
in Egypt, the expert in hieroglyphics developed an insight into ancient mysteries, that far
exceeded his contemporaries. As a layman architect, Bonomi was also the
most likely candidate, to have designed the Courtoy tomb. The mausoleum was built for the Courtoy spinsters…
the wealthy Hannah, who was an unwed mother, and her two unmarried daughters, Mary and
Elizabeth. Hannah Peters grew up in poverty, leaving
home at a young age. She worked first as a housemaid, and then
as a server, in a tavern known as The Cooper’s Arms. This is where she met John Courtoy, more than
50 years her senior. She was 16 years old. John hired the girl as his housekeeper. The next year, their first daughter was born,
and Hannah took John’s last name as her own. John Courtoy was a wigmaker, who still owned
the first penny he ever earned. As a maker of wigs, he rubbed shoulders with
the upper crust of London. One day one of his clients wanted to borrow
money. John was happy to make this loan, at an onerous
amount of interest. News of his generosity got around, and this
is how he became one of the most successful moneylenders in the city. When Courtoy passed away, he left his fortune
to his common-law wife. Today the place where he was interred is unknown,
however the graves of Hannah Courtoy, Samuel Warner and Joseph Bonomi, are all in the same
cemetery in Brampton, within a few dozen feet of each other. At the foot of Bonomi’s head marker, is carved
a symbol of the dog-headed deity of Anubis, gazing in the direction of the Courtoy mausoleum. In the religion of the ancient Egyptians,
Anubis represents a soul lost in time. It was the combination of Hannah’s unlimited
funds, Warner’s inventive genius, and the ancient knowledge to which only Bonomi had
access, which enabled them to construct the time machine… They were also able to hide it where it might
never be disturbed, unless one had access to the key. It is suspected that one of their burial places
may be empty, if not all three. Bonomi in particular is a prime candidate
to have escaped into time, taking the key with him. In the year immediately preceding the construction
of the tomb, his entire family, including his wife and four boys under the age of six,
succumbed to fever.

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