These Ancient Relics Are So Advanced They Shouldn’t Exist…

a 42 here in 1902 an archaeologist was diving off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera when he chanced upon a large shipwreck it was the ruins of a Roman trading vessel carrying large amounts of wine and various other treasures from the Greek islands what the diver found was one of the greatest halls of antiquity period artifacts we have ever found but among the pottery marble statues and jewelry inside an unassuming wooden box was an object that historians have never ever seen before a device so bewildering that it altered everything we knew about ancient history this highly corroded bronze relic is the Antikythera mechanism named after where it was found but beyond that it is shrouded in mystery what we do know is that it was constructed by an unknown Greek scientist over 2100 years ago the strange mechanical device is made up of numerous gears switches and mechanical oddities upon its discovery scientists pulled their hair up trying to deduce where it came from who made it how does it work and what does it do scientists from all over the world examined the device for over a hundred years but nobody ever got remotely close to uncovering its secrets and so for the past 100 years the Antikythera mechanism has sat on display at the National Museum of Archaeology in Athens Greece completely undisturbed shrouded in mystery until recently over the past 20 years using a whole array of modern technologies we have been able to crack the code behind this unknown mechanism a whole host of experts in the fields of engineering archaeology and various other Sciences from multiple countries collaborated in an effort to painstakingly pick apart the device but there was a problem being such a significant historic relic the Antikythera mechanism couldn’t literally be picked apart so to see beneath the surface scientists had to use a highly specialized x-ray machine which presented another problem one of the only x-ray machines in the world capable of seeing inside this corroded bronze Marvel was located in England the relic itself is far too fragile to be moved outside of its Athens museum so the extremely large and heavy x-ray machine had to be shipped all away to Athens that’s a great expense so that the relic could be safely imaged without moving it more than a few metres but the details that they uncovered inside the device blew the minds of every antiquity historian out there because the technology used inside it shouldn’t have existed over 2,000 years ago when it was made the complex clock-like device contains 37 gears of varying sizes shapes and teeth counts each cog is precisely manufactured to exacting standards and has a teeth count that correlates to a prime number what you’re looking at ladies and gentlemen is the world’s very first computer over 2,000 years before the Apple one and over two thousand years before Alan Turing’s bomba it’s incredible to think that this is an actual computer that can take an input and compute an output that was invented and created in roughly 100 b.c over one and a half thousand years before arguably less complex things like the printing press the light bulb and the steam engine whirring vent so what does the Antikythera mechanism do before I tell you I’d like to take a minute to thank Skilsaw for supporting me and making this video possible Skillshare is an online learning community with more than 17,000 classes and design photo illustration almost anything you’ve always wanted to learn you can do so with Skillshare all the way from game design to how to cook like a professional chef anyone who’s watched my channel for a while will know that I love to cook in my spare time and you can bet I’ve been learning some incredible new cooking skills on Skillshare Premium Membership gives you unlimited access to over 17,000 classes so you can keep on learning and take on a new project whenever you feel like it the first 500 people to click the promo link in a description below will get two months of Skillshare premium completely free after that it’s only ten dollars per month if you don’t like it cancel there’s no risk but for my own experience I just know you’re going to love it you can even learn as you go with the new skill share mobile apps even when you’re offline but remember only the first 500 people to click the link below will get to mums completely free using the most advanced technology available tools today and the collective work of many experts over a number of years we have been able to determine that this ancient computers function was to track the metonic calendar and predict solar eclipses it also keeps track of the timing of several athletic games such as the ancient Olympics this device should not exist it is so incomprehensibly ahead of its time that it’s almost impossible to believe that it was created when it was to put things into perspective the first mechanical clock wasn’t invented until late 14th century and it was roughly the size of a small car yet this device created 1,500 years earlier in ancient Greece was considerably smaller more intricate more precisely engineered and many times smarter for it could not only keep track of time but predict the future in the way that’s a piece of modern computer software the Antikythera mechanism contains sets of gears pins and rivets that could collectively model and keep track of the movement of the Sun Moon and planets in the night sky this is a diagram of the logic pathways of the Antikythera mechanism showing the functions of each gear if such a device were created today it would still be impressive it is believed that the knowledge used to create such an advanced device was lost in antiquity as nothing anywhere close to as sophisticated as this would be created for another thousand years the gross in probability of its existence has of course led to many science fiction writers claiming it was created by or given tools by aliens but the Antikythera mechanism isn’t the first out-of-place historic artifact which has been blamed on aliens in 1912 a Polish book dealer named Wilfred Voynich travelled to Villa Mondragon II in Italy where he discovered and purchased a very old and very mysterious book it had no title upon the cover and no author within it it contained hundreds of pages of detailed yet bizarre illustrations surrounded by text that is written in an unknown language or possibly a code for the remainder of his life avoiding it became completely obsessed with decoding the books words and diagrams to try and understand who wrote it when and where was it written and what does it all mean having dedicated his entire life to unlocking the book secrets Voynich died having come no closer to answering any of these questions the book has been given the name the Voynich manuscript script after the man who found it and so the Voynich manuscript was passed around from one cryptographer to another both American and British codebreakers attempted to decode it during World War one and – with absolutely no success it has come to be one of the most famous unsolved codes in the entire history of cryptography even using the most sophisticated computer Crypt analyst techniques available to us today we have still not even come close to solving it linguists have examined the manuscript and concluded that its contents are not written in any natural historic language that we know of this only leaves two likely alternatives the book is written in a very old language that we are completely unaware of that was lost to time or the other option it is written using a cipher a secret code to disguise the true contents of the text this means that whatever is written in the Voynich manuscript is of such high importance and significance that the author felt it necessary to painstakingly encode every word the animal skin parchments that the manuscript is written on was recently carbon dated the results showed that the book was written sometime between 1404 and 1438 cryptography was really very basic at this time in history the only effective method of cryptography that had been discovered in the 15th century were substitution ciphers in which each letter of the alphabet is simply swapped with another using modern computers we have long been able to crack such ciphers with ease in fact we have been able to crack every known cipher up to the 18th century long after the Voynich manuscript was supposedly written yes this one mysterious book still remains uncrackable the illustrations consist of a variety of herbal plants as well as nude women bathing astrological symbols and visual metaphors some of the illustrations contained within have an uncanny resemblance to images from the natural world that would not have even been seen by humans for another few hundred years after the manuscripts inception such as this illustration that looks remarkably similar to a galaxy and this which has a resemblance of a plant cell yet the telescope and microscope wouldn’t be invented until 200 years later there are many aspects to this manuscript that are historically out of place and way ahead of their time leading many to believe that the Voynich manuscript is the memoirs of an alien who was stranded on planet Earth which could also explain the alien like language yes I know it seemed like whenever the Internet is struggling to explain something it turns to aliens other theories from various scholars around the world include the Voynich manuscript was written by medieval scientist Roger Bacon or even by a young Leonardo da Vinci but the carbon dating of the book puts its inception out of both of these men’s lifetimes it has been fought by many that’s if we could crack the Voynich manuscript we would unlock the secret to eternal youth as many of the illustrations seem to allude to this over say it’s in alchemists handbook and it contains hundreds of powerful alchemy recipes long lost but one incredible aspect of the Voynich manuscript which I can’t wrap my head around is that upon examination under a microscope there is not a single mistake or error across all 260 plus pages of this mysterious codex there is not one piece of evidence that suggests that a correction was made by the author considering that it contains many thousands of words written in a secret code and some of the most complex detailed and beautiful illustrations from a book of this time period including a masterfully illustrated six page foldouts the fact that not a single mistake was made by the author is quite frankly unbelievable superhuman in fact today it sits securely in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript library at yet it is undoubtedly the most mysterious book within the library’s vast collection every few years another learning scholar tries to look at deciphering the book stacks and unlocking its secrets or have so far failed thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video then please click here to support me on patreon to help me make more videos click 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  • I'm tired of saying this (because it's like, Voynich is everywhere), but you know, it's like that New York Times Diagnosis show on Netflix. Just like PhD doctors in the Mayo clinic missed a war-related disease, and only a handful of people reported the same mutation, not many people, even the people who worked on it for years and still work on it, know. The Voynich Manuscript is not a code. It's a very old language from the region of Pakistan/India, of secret apprenticeship father-son information. Apparently only 14 experts of the language exist. I randomly came across this Indian guy's channel. He knows what it is and it makes total sense. Of course I was skeptical but he needs the credit. It checks out.

  • The Manuscript has now been cracked it is an Old Turkish language!, very cool!

  • Written in the area of 1420 time frame, it was written in an old language that still can be translated today and has, an old Turkish language. Most likely all of it have been translated by now, I'm sure.

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