The Y2K Apocalypse

🔥 Let me tell you how the world ended. December 31st, 1999. Y2K. Just how bad will it get- Everything that could go wrong did- Y2K: the movie! To my knowledge, I’m the last survivor. Planes fell from the sky. Expensive Pentium II’s, ceased function. Nuclear launches all around the globe. Hmmmmm…. Let me tell you, about the downfall of mankind Scene transition! (alright) It all started in the 80’s. The synth was wavy. The computers were absolute units. But the memory, was embarrassingly small So at the time, computer programmers were trying to save every byte they could. When they programmed in years, the date, ‘1995’ for example, became just two digits. 95 good solution at the time but as the years went by People went, “holda a minute what will heppen in the year 00?” And the answer was… Across millions of potential systems, no one really knew they had a problem And they called it, “Y2K”. let’s take a step back, what does Y2K mean? Well ‘Y’ is short for year, ‘2’ of course means two, and kek is the scientific symbol for 1000 Mono means one. and rail means rail. so the year 00 was coming up for computers that could mean 2000 Or, it could mean 1900 Or, It could be a ∅ value Now apply that same principle to something more important like, banking transactions, International scheduled airline departure, or the internal clocks of GPS satellites. and now you see the problem. Systems, would start to fail the systems would fail And if one part of it failed, none of this work So traffic lights, power systems, water systems, military networks, microwaves, advanced A.I. the entire internet. it could all potentially domino into chaos. Ehhh? Ehhh… It is a particularly large ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Global disaster in the making Scene Transition So companies got together to spend their way out of the problem. The United States alone invested an estimated 134 billion dollars to fix the bug But they had an immovable deadline And only so much could be done leading up to January 1st And hitherto, only a fraction of the problem was fixed. (*Ehhh?*)
Legislators could see the writing on the wall. Legislators could see the writing on the wall. So the “Y2K” Act was passed, which protected companies against lawsuits resulting from the bug. But. As the media reported on the problem in louder and more hysterical terms. They’re preparing for marshal law. I think Y2K, financially, could be devastating for this nation They’ll tell you everything is fine, there’re lying to you. *Laughing* Everything ain’t fine The “Y2K” problem, Could ebolish all paper currency and coins throughout the world A secondary problem arose, Panic. OOooOOooh Here’s an example. You spend millions of dollars getting your city’s water system up to Y2K compliants Everything’s looking good 👌 But the media is feeding people hype So a nervous population does what it often does Ow! No. Fill the bathtub full of water Just in case, For obvious reasons Well. Also what tends to happen is everybody has that idea at once, At the last minute You can imagine what that does to a big city Then people think there’s no water “Y2K” is on for sure, And panic explodes in the streets Boy, there was potential here for real disaster. Kablamo So it was up to citizens like us, To take matters into our own hands Welcome. To the “Y2K” Expo. Everything you need to survive the apocolypse We bought survival bunkers MAD LADY:They think I’m mad Mostly. But then they’ll want a place in the bunker. We bought seeds We bought a library of literature We bought into pretty much everything. Call now, and get the ultimate Y2K survival kit From But Y2K just kept creeping closer *ticking noises* And soon, It was time to say goodbye to loved ones *But it’s a two person* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) It was time to say goodbye, To the world as we knew it From my bunker, I could here the bombs go off The destruction *Fireworks noises*
Just, unimaginable. Let me just set the mood real quick. Hmmmm… Hmmm… Nope. Close. There. It’s all gone now The small things that went unappreciated. The great moments of our time There is no going back The date today is somewhere around 2018 It’s finally time to step back into the world With, whatever horrors that may bring. I don’t know what I’ll find out there Mutants? Cannibals? Different factions of bandits? I just hope I’m ready to take it all on *familiar theme song plays* Get it? He steps out and then it’s the cabin from season fou- It’s- It’s AaAall connected It’s such a deep and encompassing lo- Remember when I used to make good content? Me neither! Scene Transition Okay, uh. I was only partially right about the whole doomsday thing. The world, didn’t end *pop* But! In Australia, Some of the vending machines only served Pepsi And… the international weather website displayed the wrong year. Also this. So… That must have been annoying to fix In hindsight, that’s pretty funny. Actually to be honest, at the time, I thought it was pretty funny. I worked in the airline industry for years as an avionics engineer. I knew that no planes were gonna fall out of the sky. $500 billion dollars well spent

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