The Worst Roofing Job Ever! This Tops Anything I have Seen in 25 Years of Roofing

So we’re here in Coto de Caza, and we’ve been called out to do a professional roof inspection for a client. He had a large re-roofing job done, and um After the re-roofing jobs is done. I’m standing on top of it right now He wanted everything gone over and uh make sure that everything was done correctly. He spent about 20 grand. So we charge $189 to do roof inspections. We go up and provide four page report and take a look at everything help advocate for you Take a look at your contract and make sure that everything was basically done the way you would have wanted to so you can see he’s got quite a Little Roof here lots of little roofing decks here. This is a fairly complicated Roof deck Pretty Steep is the side right over here I’m not walking down that, there’s a side down here. Really nice shingle that they used. This looks like a GAF. I believe this is Grand Sequoia and so going to take a little Careful look at it and help him out. See what see if he got what he paid for When he set up a latter over here, he just kind of walked over here and he had an existing tile roof they tore it off and He didn’t want that they talked about the tiles to throw them away talked him into a new roof and so this is His new roof the first thing I see is this section right here is that You see that looks a little funky. It’s not supposed to line up like that. So it looks like they’ve installed all full shingles, and then a little tiny piece here on the edge And they just repeated this over and over, so if this is a little flap It’s just going to come loose, and it’s just going to blow straight off his roof. He can’t do that Look at that all the way up the roof It’s all wrong so it’s one of these a That’s one problem, it starts there, it’s all the way there so it’s kind of not a good sign plus that’s just really sloppy, so Is strike one? Another thing I notice here is that this appears to be pretty over exposed. That’s a too long basically that distance shingles should be down here or a little bit lower And so there’s another problem Now when you install these roofs or felt like us they call it a sawtooth or dragon tooth or something So that you should never see these key ways. That’s a problem they’re always supposed to be hidden underneath one of these other pieces here, so It’s got a couple key ways that are exposed, you could see I think this is another one. Yeah. He’s got key ways everywhere You’re not supposed to have these. None of these should be exposed which means they didn’t follow the right pattern another one Looks like they did okay on the ridge cap Let’s go see the other side This a ridge cap, looks all good, whoa. What is this? Okay, so, oh it looks like they ran out of ridge cap. They started making their own So that’s not exactly Becky Ridge cap see this is a section of the roof that the homeowner would never get to see so another problem Okay, so here’s the section of the roof what appears like the roof were never even finished here’s the old flashing, this is all the When they put replace flashing is needed how this can happen. This is a real bad job, so what Is this. This? Shingles just kind of laying there, and they’re storing some Coil now. Okay. So that’s really really bad You can just see that that’s not finished. Water is just going to go straight down behind this flashing and Wow Okay, I don’t really know what that is, a giant hump in his roof. I just don’t know. When it’s sloppy workmanship. I think this Customer is gonna be pretty happy he had us out to inspect the roof because he has a final payment pending and So lets look at the chimney here. Looks okay, and then oh what is this? It looks like when they tore off the old tile roof and they use the old tile pan to flash it look at that That’s crazy It’s just all stuck up looks like terrible That’s wrong That is wrong. That’s bad. That’s really really bad. He’s got trash He’s got looks like an old vent like they, cobbled together with a couple of nails at the back of it. That what that is? Sure is. Wow pretty Impressive amount of Shortcuts but um You would be surprised what you’ll find if you have us inspect the roof so Here it is again. They got the wrong Edge metal. That’s totally wrong That’s totally wrong this is actually quite uh This is quite a mess That is totally wrong man these guys are really batting a thousand It’s Incredible how sloppy this install is. Keep in mind, I just saw paper work and this was twenty thousand dollars Looks like a giant hole that they just never bother to waterproof. I’m sure what little rain is a not going to get under here You gotta be kidding me Terrific massively overexposed again another 10 ron done improperly missing last course of shingle, improper Hip and Ridge Cap Shortcut on the Last missing shingle flopping shingles, loose shingles, poorly fashioned shingles. Try tell me this is cotto. That’s just going to blow straight off His whole edge is going to get missing this is all going to have to get redone And if that doesn’t scream sloppy workmanship. I don’t know what does so Missing shingles missing shingles missing shingles. They probably already blew off to be honest with you Yeah, this is definitely Not what he thought he was getting so um He was almost finish up the inspection and give you guys I got to get down to this lower section over here and go check this out and Just so you know would never pay to have us take a look at your roof after everything’s all said and done a Professional roof inspection by Us can save you a ton of money

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  • Get wat ya pay for in this case phrase doesn't fit got Fkd with no rubber

  • Most contractors do inspections for free, it is just like giving someone a bid for a project, should be free. Sounds like another ripoff and it is always easy to point the finger or criticize someone else.

  • I agree with comment below me but this is crazy i would of exposed the roofers so other ppl wouldnt get into that same situation.smh

  • Man why do all that work!!! Just to do a crappy job please tell me they didn’t get away with this f$&@ law suit for sure

  • So what kind of action does the Homeowner take? does he get his money back? do you refer a different company? does BBB get involved?

  • You get what you pay.

  • Will you strip the whole roof back or just repair the problem spots.

  • 20k for that job is realistically too cheap that’s why he got a shit job

  • This is the only downside of a good economy. Every idiot with a pickup thinks he's a contractor. QUALITY doesn't cost,,, it pays!!
    In the Mid-Atlantic area the housing crunch (2008 thru obuma) ran off allot of um.
    Starting to come back though.

  • What was the outcome of this after you gave your report to the homeowner?

  • Iam the neighbor..
    And noticed the contractor did not have a license to do roofing. .he was Hispanic from michocan careful who you hire

  • Depressing. There’s no fixing this. Tear it off and stat new.

  • Presidential shake is a very complicated process, and especially with the architecture of that roof, it’s so nasty

  • The architect who designed that roof line needs to be shut down. How ridiculous.

  • I agree this roof is bad. I like to see your work. It’s extremely easy to talk shit about somebody else. Bro I seen your work your a hack job your self !

  • Good Lord…we replaced siding on a house after removing the old siding. We were on the roof a lot due to the layout of the house and to set pump- jacks. I bore witness to similar sins. Let's just say not all Amish, are good craftsman, with pride in their workmanship, to put it mildly.

  • Ive done hundreds , this is the worst ive ever seen.

  • Legend has it he’s still up there finding wrong things.

  • I'm a jack of all trades! The designers suck. But, they could have done a better job by taking pride in their workmanship

  • I would sure love to know the rest of the story here.

  • This looks like a Findlay Roofing job.

  • 1:48… already holding my breath and scared of falling

  • 1:42 WOW, that's HIGH up there

  • Too bad the owner didn't get the roofer out and you out for him to explain his sh!tty job.

  • Shocking work expertly bodged , why do people still have big jobs done without getting references or looking at their previous jobs first ? its also imperative to talk to the homes owner of the house they said they did because anybody can point at a new roof and say i did it! Your a blessing to this homeowner i bet!

  • Highly recommended. That was unfinished. Pride and quality have gone out the door.

  • He will have to have the entire roof replaced in order to fix it. What a mess.

  • Thanks to this video I now have acrophobia.

  • We want the homeowners reaction video bud

  • I've seen asphalt shingles last 40+ years the old t-locks they used all the time on barns were some off the best shingles made. We use owens corning durations now and them last 25-30+ years as long as the install is done right. The hip will even last the life of the roof also as long as you get the pro-edge hip and not the owen corning supremes. Ice & water in valleys and on bottoms, W- style metal valleys not shingle valleys cause the amount of extra water that runs into a valley will wash shingle away and that will be first place to go.

  • Wow he says he has a final payment pending I hope he means that he hasn't paid for that job in full cause all that will have to be tore off and redone. I really hate seeing this happen all that money spent and all the materials wasted, absolutely horrible. I have been roofing, building homes, in the home remodeling trade for 25 years and see this happen so much, people figure nobody can see this from ground and just gotta get paid and that's it. That's why you always get references and google that persons name and or business name. I literally just went to a call 2 days ago and home owner had a leak around chimney area she just had a roof done last year and paid extra for a chimney flashing, well I get on roof and see the flashing she got charged an extra 400 bucks for was plastic roof cement just shmucked around chimney lol. I had to remove all that crap which anyone who knows what roof cement is it stays tar like and is nasty stuff and bent her a real chimney flashing. It only took me around 2 and a half hours and charged her 250 bucks cause I felt bad for her for already paying 400 for shmuck lol. It rained the next day for a long time and of course no leaks. The good thing about hacks is it keeps people who do good work in business .I'm painting her house next spring and also have some fascia, soffit to do there to. So if the guy who worked there did it right I wouldn't of gotten the job.

  • You gotta watch everybody like a hawk now a days who wants corners cut on their house

  • We had a new addition built and where the new addition gable roof meets the back wall of the house the roofer put the metal flashing on the outside of the siding on the house not under. Then used painters caulk to "seal" the flashing to the siding. Guess what… leaked.

  • 2:47 walks by the chimney flashing sticking up. Brutal roofing job

  • other than that unfinished section this is not even close to the worst I've seen and it was by a reputable roofer.

  • Wow!!!!! Even I can see that done wrong. I'm investing a drone with HD camera!!

  • O yes-from personal experience you need to have all jobs inspected. But after the city inspects they don't always followup to see if the job was done. My first home and I bought it on my own (a young female) and was ripped off by contractor and realtor in 2000-had 8 major code violations. Sad thing was there was an inspection report but when I followed up on it there was no such company or person named that did the inspection. Lesson learned!

  • As bad as that roof was I've been on worse 😭😅

  • 😱 omg, how could you charge someone for that, they've basically turned the house into a death trap

  • Too many want to be roofers out here today. They work for a couple months and think they know what they’re doing and try to go off on their own!

  • Roofers get away with this because it almost never rains in SoCal. It might be months after the work is done before it rains at all. I'd like to think the homeowner hired cheap, non-licensed, non-permitted, non-insured labor to get results this bad (there's tons of that in SoCal). No decent contractor whose reputation relies on quality (and not price) would allow this to stand.

  • yeah if you don't do it right it won't last

  • You need to show the name of the company that roofed that house, expose them and their lack of knowledge!!! If people don't expose companies that rob their customers, they will continue to do it!!! That company needs to be put out of business!!!

  • Maybe should've gone for metal roofing instead of paying to get two tiled roofs on a home?

  • Hi, question did they re-done the roof again?

  • With all those mistakes it must have rained and damaged the inside by now. I used to roof when I was younger and that could not have been a roofing contractor.

  • Im not even a roofer and i can see what a $hitty job they did, hopefully they can get their money back.. sad there are conmen out there like that …

  • What trade is that in america, a roofer? We have roof tilers do tiling or roof plumbers do the sheet metal and flashings.

  • Wow….that is one bad roof job. I looks like it was done by someone who never did any kind of roofing before. I wonder if the homeowner just hired some guys to do it and did not use a roofing company and if they are a roofing company they should get a complaint against their license for this kind of work, that is not professional work in any degree.

  • why the inspector dont go up there?

  • I know a guy who just bought a whole house for $7000 that has a roof that is absolutely superior to the job done on that guy's house.


  • I would just put a cap flashing on the area with the strips. Thing is… who the fuck designed this house???? there is a reason why we dont have these designs in other nations because they are ridiculous to water proof and ALWAYS leak.

  • Very good bub . As young as you are ya done great job . I've been a roofer for 28 years and this kid knows his shit . That roof right there isn't even fixable without a tare off . The shingle warranty isn't even covered by the manufacturer because of not following direction . Whoever did this job is pathetic .

  • And thats why it was only $20 000..Thats alot of roof and steep!

  • OMG how did this even pass inspection.
    I'm a carpenter and I hate doing shingles but I would do a better job then that.
    and I'm only 3:45 into the video

  • Sorry didn't know the guy up there is expecting it right

  • I hope the guy inspecting it doesn't slip off due to a loose shingle

  • so bad it feels staged – roofing company needs to be jailed

  • Whow. That is bad man. This guys should be returned to pull everything out and re do it right. That’s crazy.

  • That would be some good quality work if you lived in a trailer park !

  • Shady contractors there are many of them out there these days. Its insane what you'll see in this business.

  • your making my stomach squirm walking around up there.

  • I don't know how I got here, but I'm here. Thanks 👍🏻

  • no caulking on the nails securing the flashing around the chimney….

  • Lol i know jack shit about roofing but even i know this was done by that one crew in front of my home depot

  • But really this is bad but not that bad compared to what guys do in the city on rental properties.

  • Who ever did that roof is a idiot what a mess

  • i HAVEN'T EVEN WATCHED the video but my creep probably beats yours. Took off 2 layers of shingles…flooded the house when it rained from open facia. Original roof had NO tar paper and NO drip edge. Left me with torn up roof…flooded kitchen with flooded walls. (I fired him after 4 worthless days…ripped of $2000…no roof gutters…torn up driveway and trash everywhere. Look out for IAN TOWNER if you are in the Cookeville-Sparta TN area!

  • This kinda workmanship or lack thereof really should be treated as theft imo as essentially the dodgy trade is stealing this clients hard earnt dollars… found guilty the business or individual should be prosecuted end of story

  • Unbelievable couldn't of done a worst job

  • just got done installing GAF grand sequoia shingles. we were on that job for a week and it was only 38sq. that type of roof is not for beginners

  • That’s what you get for going with the cheapest guy lol

  • is this decra senator?

  • Honestly I'm surprised that's the worst he's seen in 25 years. Maybe people who hire the cheapest contractors are too cheap to pay him for an inspection?

  • Honestly I'm surprised that's the worst he's seen in 25 years. Maybe people who hire the cheapest contractors are too cheap to pay him for an inspection?

  • fake video

  • Wow that's crazy! I'm in the process of getting my roof done. Damn

  • Homemade ridge cap? When I roofed we cut up three tabs and that was our cap. Of course we put ridge went on. And cap over that. Hell every roofer I’ve ever known does it the same way.


  • That is the common high area, owners rarely make the effort to see/inspect.

  • Bigggggg timmmmmeeeeeeee!

  • Best damn roofer can fix this

  • The roof is pretty much one of the most important parts of your home, So why do you still persist with shingles in the U.S??? I'm guessing they are good for 30yrs tops? Save them for the out building with the lawn mower in!! Use proper materials and forget about your roof for a good 75 years. Swapping tin for lead and shingles for clay tiles would be a step in the right direction.

  • the problem with this is that roof is not new he lied and said i was just done any roofer would [know its a old roof

  • Why is the USA in love with shingles ? In the UK we use Clay / concrete / Slate all a hard tile only on sheds do we use shingles.

  • I re-did one with no nails, another one they used staples for interior trim on the shingles. Another one with the shingles one over the other, all the lines were straight as an arrow…no staggering joints…. the best one was an addition with the roof shingles against a masonry chimney with no flashing .They made a dam between the chimney and the roof shingles with concrete. I think I've seen it all….

  • There is not county inspection at this place?

  • Omg! I fell off that roof watching the vid! You are insane to be up there but great job sniffing out the bs

  • Yea, in my 7:10 seconds of being a roof inspector, I say it failed

  • Wow!! Idk if all the thumbs down are for the work or the video! All i know is its a great video and for those dissing?? Well then you must be one of those shoddy roofers! Pitiful! Looks like claims court to me!

  • Discustahn

  • What is that roofing material?? I hope it's not flammable in any way as that area is wooded; if there's a forest fire in the area it will end up looking like napalm…

  • To hell with all of you… I did this roofing job on my lunch break… Ungrateful SOB's

  • Did you say $20k? Wow. Why so much? I’m honestly asking, Bc that seems a little too much! Crazy.

  • We have a Mexican dude that does all our roofing, he does quality work. But I know for a fact that the homeowner had 8 up on his roof, and probaly only 2 knew what they were doing. Hope the guy got a warranty.

  • woudnt put that crap on a rabbit hutch, whats the matter with slate,

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