The Worst Animated Stories On Youtube (My Story Animated)

it’s ready okay so a couple days ago I
was on Fiverr which is the website where you can like buy services from people
and I saw that there was someone willing to animate any story that you send them
so I recorded something and I just got it back so moment of truth let’s see
what we got hello and welcome back to old man’s shouting at cloud I’m Jarvis
and today we’re talking about my story animated which is just the latest in
clickbait animation channels full of overdramatic and probably fake stories
submitted by kids my story animated describes themselves as a digital
platform that provides people with the opportunity to share their most
interesting and life-changing stories with the world that’s a noble cause send
us your story if you think it’s worth sharing and we will turn it into an
animated video that describes it perfectly now if that sounds a lot like
actually happened which is another animation channel with exactly the same
premise that’s been on trending a lot lately that’s because it is and if you
account for the fact that actually happened is just a copy of story booth
which is a legitimate channel that actually works with kids that would make
my story animated a copy of a copy and not like a fun copy either like like me
you to or NSYNC or the fact that I’m a copy of every commentary youtuber it’s a
bad copy with absurd clickbait and and really lazy production quality which
isn’t the fault of the people who animate the stories but I’ll get into
that later it’s just clear to me this is a money
grab like we’re witnessing the birth of a content farm their channel started
three months ago shortly after my video but actually happened I wouldn’t give
them any ideas and they’ve since grown to over 500,000 subscribers with such
viral hits as I was obsessed with our neighbors Ferrari so I stole it I am too
pretty and of course I’m the richest girl in school and it’s embarrassing I
first found out about this channel from my subreddit after I made my first video
but actually happened and if you’re not familiar with actually happened all you
really need to know is that they claim to animate stories that kids send to
them but it’s more likely that they’re just wait for it making it all
up or stealing it from reddit verbatim this first one is called I broke up with
my girlfriend because of potatoes hi I’m Andy what are the odds that this
oddly specific story was also posted to the today I fucked up subreddit three
years ago I’m not trying to say the copying is inherently bad like everybody
takes inspiration from something but my story animated is such a copy of
actually happened that when they made the channel the subscribe button or the
subscribe link on their about page still linked to actually happens the main
difference between the two is that my story animated has has somehow figured
out how to invest even less in production quality it’s actually quite
impressive and unlike actually happened which is run by our dear friends at
5-minute crafts my story animated is an independent operation run by an Italian
man named Domino who loves cartoons and animates each video by hand with tender
love and care just kidding it’s run by an Israeli app
developer called Z bullied now Z Boyd as a company you’ve definitely heard it
they are the creative minds behind extraordinary apps and websites such as
best-selling game and this mock-up of a generic social media app most of their
stories are about extremely unrelatable people that definitely don’t exist so
let’s just start with I was too innocent when I got into the top secret vampire
society this one is about a girl who’s always been obsessed with vampires until
one day she decides to be one hi my name is Sarah and I have this real
fascination with vampires by fascination she means she read Twilight and watches
vampire TV shows the older I get the more I realized that maybe I actually
have got what it takes to become a vampire got what it takes
are there people working their way up to vampire what do you have to this weekend
oh you know me just gonna put on some sunscreen and sit in the dark trying to
get pale I’m super pale for starters and I do have slightly pointy teeth
and guys this vid is so weird but I’m properly allergic to garlic she’s making
it sound like being a vampire is a sport where they recruit you for your natural
abilities like you go into the school guidance counselor and she’s like well
you’re too short for basketball what other traits do you have I’ve got
this garlic allergy garlic allergy why did you say that sooner we have the
perfect spot for you on JV vampire so she’s unfortunately ostracized from
her peers because of course she’s a vampire and no other vampires go to her
school I speak to some friends online who also want to be vampires but they
all live in Germany and Romania I wish I could go live in Europe one day that’s
where most of the vampires seem to be unfortunately for her she wasn’t having
any luck finding local communities because she was just searching the words
local community and one day I found what I was looking for it seemed like there
was a group nearby but every time I tried to get more info it was like
getting stuck at a dead end they seemed to be really top-secret I
like how it must be top-secret because I don’t know the password eventually she
makes her way to a bat forum where someone finally gives her the super
secret password jackpot there were a group of about 12 other teens who got
together once a week to have meetings all I had to do was give them the
password that the guy had given me on the forum and I was in what’s the
password cool vampire you got it welcome to the
club I was so excited for that first meeting it took place at this Hut in a
forest on the outskirts of town so Zara goes to her first vampire meeting which
is definitely a cult and she gets initiated but she can’t tell us much
about the details I don’t really want to go into details because that might work
well honestly it would probably help us determine that this didn’t actually
happen and we can’t have that during the next week I found myself feeling less
excited about the next meeting by the time the second vampire meeting rolls
around Zara is starting to get cold feet but she goes anyway when the day arrived
for the next meeting I still went along because I didn’t want
them to think I was a chicken you think she’d be a little more discreet about
the giant reminder that shows up on a screen that says vampire meeting when I
arrived there was a coffin lying outside this is your vampire Society it looked
like a group of young professionals like how the coffin has like a different art
style because it wasn’t included in there like animation tool kids so they
probably just like googled coffin they told me that there was one step left in
my initiation process I had to spend the night sleeping in the coffin the leader
picked me up and made me lie down in the coffin
then they shut the lid suddenly I realized this wasn’t the life I wanted
oh that was when he realized they weren’t even real vampires no Zara they
aren’t real vampires it turns out that Zara’s been bamboozled by the world’s
most adorable gang fortunately just in the nick of time Zara’s parents arrived
probably because they saw her giant calendar notification and also the cops
are there to arrest those cute little criminals it turns out the leader and
three of the other vampires are actually a gang that the cops had been trying to
hunt down for ages wanted so anyway yeah this is a story that actually happened
if I’ve learned anything from this it’s that we really need to be careful not to
fall for this kind of scam I still don’t understand the scam they like tricked
people who really want to be vampires and there can’t be that many people who
fit that description then they initiate them by putting them
in a coffin do they leave them there to die I I don’t understand so the best
part of this video is when they include a summary of a police statement at the
end of it because they I don’t know they’re trying to pretend that it’s real
face d’asaro we arrested this group but there might be more groups out there
this is what confuses me the most about these channels because you didn’t have
to include this you don’t have to pretend that this is a real story the
police are not releasing a statement on this random youtube channel yet they
continue to do this like this is just the beginning of a video called I found
a thief in my room and I had smarted him we’ve attached a summary of the police
report at the end of this video a lot of their videos opened with a message like
this like it’s in law and order hello I’m Clara and something absolutely
terrifying happened me so I’m not gonna go through this
whole story but if you are wondering how she outsmarted the thief in her room she
called the police as I picked up the phone my mind went blank I couldn’t even
remember what to call after a few seconds I remembered oh thank god and
the summary of the police report said that the thief was not locked up because
it was his first time and he had no prior criminal record and he was only 16
years old and they obtained the report from Claire parents
so thanks police another thing about these videos actually happen included is
it they attempt to have a moral at the end of them emphasis on attempt
sometimes in life people are in the wrong lessons from their mistakes this
story is an example of that are they warning us that the lesson of the video
is gonna be bad just so you know this is an example of a bad video it seems like
they outsource this video like they do probably all of their videos and they
got it back and we’re like uh-oh we have to put a disclaimer at the beginning of
this video as well don’t think we’re insane hi guys I’m Sheila I just moved
to a new school let me tell you about the scandal that caused me to switch
schools this video by the way is called I told the truth to the wrong person and
it ruined my life ever since I was a little girl I had a habit of talking too
much I remember one time I got invited to a children’s party and I was all over
talking to every kid I like how she refers to it as a
children’s party she was also a child when the birthday girl came out I was
surprised with what she was wearing she wore a very big hat with like a
thousand feathers on it is that cultural preparation like why she couldn’t
contain myself as always I went up to her and said know what you look like a
nest got eggs wow really got her with that one she
must have been so humiliated because her face turned bright red and she said
please stop that’s it stop that true enough the other kids
were laughing too until I felt someone tugging at my hand it was my mom she
could read me like a book she could read you like a book you insulted the
birthday girl out loud its in audiobook at least I recall
another time when I was about 12 I knew that mom ordered something online for my
birthday so when I saw the mailman I asked do you have a package for me he’s
simply shrugged I feel like the animation one is not great but it also
doesn’t match the story cuz the dude is like at her door with a gift do you have
a package for me no I felt disappointed but didn’t stop there
I prod it on just don’t bring them to Saturday we’re all going out but our
door key is that and I felt my mom yanking at my arms again to me it always
felt like my mom was spoiling my fun come on mom just let me tell the
delivery guy where the house key is you’re you’re spoiling my fun also is it
weird anyone else the only difference between her child self and her adult
self is the length of her legs creeps me out until that time when I was in junior
high I had a classmate who was dating a cute guy I thought he was gorgeous and I
couldn’t believe he would go out with such a plain girl plain girl they look
exactly the same so I made an anonymous Instagram account and took photos of him
when he wasn’t looking then I photoshopped myself into them but
blurred my face of course I wouldn’t want them to recognize it was me okay
hold on you took photos of this man when he wasn’t looking which is already suss
and then you photoshopped yourself into those photos and you blurred your face
how gullible are these kids yeah he’s cheating then I wrote sweet captions at
the bottom until finally they broke up this Instagram caption says if you love
somebody let them go for if they returned they were always yours if they
don’t they never were that sounds like something we would going one of those
emo Instagram accounts even if it was a real photo isn’t it weird that you
blurred her face like that’s not a normal thing you see on somebody’s
Instagram so an Instagram account with no followers posted a photo of this dude
and and some unidentified girl with her face blurred and the girlfriend saw it
and broke up with him makes sense to me another classmate started hanging out
with me she was so cool and often shared stuff
with me her family stories her problems her crushes indeed that is that is how
friends work then one time she texted me have you heard of that famous IG account
I replied what account I felt so proud so I decided to tell her she’s so proud
of destroying someone’s relationship that she leaves her new friend a voice
message with all the details and that’s when things start to turn the following
day I waved to my friend when she came inside the classroom but she totally
ignored me got him then I saw her sit beside the
ex-girlfriend of my crush what they were friends her new friend was a double
agent unfortunately and outed her secrets to the whole class I scrolled
fast to our class’s whatsapp thread we were right guys it was her all along
just as the teacher was trying to calm everyone down the bell rang and I
hurried out of the classroom look at her go we decided that it’s better if I
switch schools because I was so determined that I was not going to go
back there you know because she destroyed someone’s relationship and
doesn’t want to face the consequences plus the principal was very mad at me
and my teachers were all disappointed I mean you can’t expect me to stay where
everyone hates me right yeah we can you should have to deal with the
consequences of your actions it’s got a thing about society I learned the hard
way guys so the next time you say something think twice there is a
difference between being truthful and being tactless the problem isn’t that
she told the truth she sounds like one of those scooby-doo
villains who like doesn’t learn their lesson and thinks the only problem is
that they got caught and they would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t
for you silly kids and your stupid dog and oh my god she looks exactly like
Daphne okay so the last video I want to talk about of theirs has the least
relatable title of all time it’s called I’m the richest person in my school and
it’s embarrassing hello my name is Jessica and I want to tell you about
something that is a little embarrassing for me so my dad just got a new job and
we had to move cities so of course I had to find a new school what’s the big
secret dad offered to drop me off but I begged him to let me take the school bus
like all the other kids okay so she wants to fit in that’s pretty
normale it’s not like my dad drives a really beat-up old car that’s not why I
didn’t want to lift hmm maybe this driverless convertible in the background
is a hint also why is she standing in the middle
of the road it’s just well my dad’s really rich like stinking rich I mean
can’t you tell by the strange geometric shapes in the background he wanted to
drop me off in his helicopter like he used to at my old school okay buzz what
you used to get dropped off for school in a helicopter it’s got to be the
biggest Plex that I’ve ever heard in my whole life I had to put in air pots to
feel better about myself other than the fact that this is impractical and you
can’t just fly into populated areas willy-nilly no school would allow that I
hope I do okay on my Spanish test today I was kind of struggling with Chapter
two Jessica’s here Jessica doesn’t wanna make a bad first impression so she
decides to take the bus but uh-oh it never comes in the end mom had to drive
me in and we found out that the school bus doesn’t even come to my house
because the school assumed it was some kind of fancy hotel the Flex is strong
with this one also public school bus routes not a secret definitely something
you find out before school starts the first day passed in a blur at one
point I overheard two girls whispering about my designer backpack the next day
everyone was smiling at me as I walked by but then I’d hear them laugh and
shout Little Miss rich is this the thing that happens I don’t think it’s the
thing that happens I couldn’t believe word had already
gotten out about my family being rich it’s hard enough being knew never mind
being rich too yeah totally I also didn’t understand how they
already knew I don’t know maybe it was the Dolce & Gabbana backpack tomorrow
later that day I caught a glimpse of something when I was walking to the
toilet pinned next to the noticeboard was a selfie of me and my family on our
boat classic noticeboard who does this bring us to work you would have to know
that a new rich kid was coming to school print and frame of a choir a photo of
them print and Freeman and put it on the notice board and it’s hard enough to
wrangle those bores in the first place everyone was laughing but
my back sometimes I just wished we could be a normal family with a normal amount
of money Jessica wonders who would do such a
thing but suspects it was the teenage bullies and business casual attire who
made fun of her backpack eventually she builds up the courage to confront the
bullies who seemingly have backwards hands and asked them why why are you
doing this to me they ignored me and walked away laughing to themselves later
that day I realized no one was calling me Little Miss rich anymore
a girl named Annie even asked me if I’d like to have lunch with her it had
worked she did it after a grueling 72 hours in her new school she found a way
to get the bullies to leave her alone I certainly would like to know how she did
it that morning I put a poster up on the
notice board saying that yes my family is quite wealthy but that doesn’t make
me a bad person and that I am still a normal kid like
them what sort of alien puts up a poster that just says I am a normal kid they’re
probably terrified that’s why they’re not making fun of you anymore I couldn’t
believe it when I saw the two popular girls walking towards me they had their
heads turned down and looked nervous they apologized and said they were just
jealous and hadn’t mean to turn people against me the whole video they can put
this girl’s arm down look I know I’m nitpicking the animation but I know
someone didn’t draw this frame-by-frame it looks like they’re using like a
library or a toolkit of some kind I found it look it’s it’s Little Miss
rich I guess I guess I’m gonna buy this okay so why am I talking about this my
story animated to me represents another in a long list of content farms that
just serve to make some company a bunch of money where they like find a market
this time it’s apparently animated story channels and they just like pump out a
ton of like low quality content and make money because they’re able to advertise
it to people who like don’t know any better we see this over and over again
and at this point I I don’t really know what more I can do or say about this
kind of content so I figured if you can’t beat them join them hi my name is Jake I’m a relatable
American teenager who totally exists and I wanted to tell you guys about
something that’s a little embarrassing for me this video is called I’m rich and
famous but it’s actually bad and it’s from my new animation channel they
actually animated my story which animates stories that probably happened
to someone I recently had to move cities which of course means I also had to
change schools and the reason I moved keeps me up at night it’s just that well
I’m disgustingly rich I know pretty bad right I literally don’t even know how to
spend all the money I have and if that’s not bad enough I’m also extremely famous
I post pictures of myself on this new app called Tic Tac and millions of
people like them now I’m like a national sensation it’s the worst I had to get
out of town because everyone was just too nice and respectful to me all I want
is for someone to bully me and treat me like the pile of absolute garbage I am
my new school seemed pretty awful and it was also in a bad part of town so I was
excited this place is bound to have bullies I
wanted to take the bus on my first day but it turns out there are no roads that
lead to the school so I just had to use my lame teleporter to transport myself
onto campus uh hashtag rich kid probs am i right around lunchtime I found some
bullies trying to take a nerds lunch money and I thought to myself this is my
chance so I approached them hello bullies I would like you to bully me now
I said in in the leader of the bullies turned to me he said you’ve held a
mirror to my bullying behavior and now I see that I was just projecting my own
feelings of inferiority and lack of control onto others rather than dealing
with them myself I hereby resign as a bully and recommend you all join me in
seeking counseling I was so disappointed they gave the nerd back his lunch money
and everything look my life is so hard guess I’ll try a new school I hope that
by sharing my story other people out there who literally have no problems in
their life can also relate the world is just made for us I guess I hope you
enjoyed that I spent way too long making it and because just one story isn’t
gonna be enough for our new animation content farm I also just got back the
animation I ordered from Fiverr and they did an incredible job with this true
story that I found about a boy named Gary who finds out that he’s a wizard on
his 11th birthday I’d never heard anything like it here’s a little taste
hi my name is Gary I was raised by my aunt and uncle and they well let’s just
say that they weren’t the nicest I always wished that my real parents
hadn’t died in that blimp crash pretty good right that only cost like $100 and
20 minutes of my time so I can only imagine the crazy margins of these these
actual content farms are pulling in and if you’re wondering what happened to
Gary he has a fateful meeting with a big burly man named dad bud and he finds out
he’s a wizard and lives happily ever after it should be a movie anyway that’s
all I had for today I hope you liked these stories that are totally true and
not made-up or stolen at all because that would be illegal I’ll leave a link
to the channel in the description so that you can make me the next big thing
in animation I’ll wait thanks – oh you want to sin
days hon fruit sending me a message on Instagram I have no idea if I’m saying
that right if you want me to bring your name do the stuff in the places and I’ll
see you next time for the video that didn’t take me as long to make

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