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  • Factors that create identity 00:21
    The Composition of the United Kingdom 01:01
    The Constituent Nations of the United Kingdom 01:38
    Immigration and Emigration 02:20
    Patterns of immigration into the UK 02:58
    The Changing Nature of the UK Population 03:45
    The Key principles and values of the UK 04:31
    Human, Political, Moral and Legal Rights in the UK (Human and Political) 04:51
    Human, Political, Moral and Legal Rights in the UK (Moral and Legal) 05:18
    International Treaties on Human Rights 05:46
    The role of local government 06:31
    Who can stand for election in the UK 07:15
    How are candidates to be an MP selected? 07:49
    Who can vote in elections 08:24
    Should we reduce the voting age to 16? 08:50
    Voter turnout 09:26
    How are taxes raised and spent? 10:21
    Views on taxation and spending 11:07
    The first past the post system 11:34
    Alternative to FPTP 12:35
    The three parts of Government 13:06
    The Conservative Party 13:52
    The Labour party 14:26
    Key people in the House of Commons 15:07
    Democratic States 15:50
    Where does power reside in the UK? 16:34
    The values underpinning democracy 16:59
    The power of governments and cabinets 17:34
    The powers of the Prime Minister 18:01
    The Role of Parliament 18:38
    The Role of the Monarch 19:17
    The British Constitution 20:02
    Fundamental Principles of the Law 20:35
    The Purpose of the Law 21:11
    Balancing Rights 21:42
    The role and powers of the Police 22:30
    The role of legal representatives 22:58
    Civil and Criminal Law 23:28
    Types of Court in England and Wales 24:07
    Age of Criminal Responsibility in the UK 25:04
    Changing rights over time 25:39
    Sources of Law 26:27
    The Right to Representation: Trade Unions 27:06
    Types of Crime 27:43
    Factors affecting Crime Rates 28:22
    Types of sentence in the United Kingdom 29:14
    The purpose of sentencing 30:02
    The Youth Justice system 30:54
    International Treaties on Human Rights 31:33
    International Law 32:19

  • Could you do Edexcel b geography!

  • Damnn i do Aqa?

  • Eduqas sociology?

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