The War of the Dwarves and Dragons and the History of Scatha – Lord of the Rings Lore

In the year 1981 of the Third Age, the Dwarves
of Moria finally accepted that they were powerless to defeat the Balrog that had taken over their
kingdom, and they had no choice but to flee from their ancient home and find new lands
elsewhere. Many of these Dwarves would follow their King
called Thrain the First to the Lonely Mountains where they established the great Kingdom of
Erebor, though some of these Dwarves chose to settle in the Grey Mountains in the far
North, a region that was mostly unexplored and rich, though it was also the home of Dragons. For these Dragons had fled to the land of
Forodwaith, an icey cold wasteland after the defeat of their master Morgoth at the end
of the First Age and they occupied the Eastern regions of the Grey Mountains known as the
Withered Heath, turning them into an infamous breeding ground. Now these Dragons were Cold Drakes, the weakest
out of all of Morgoth’s dragons, for they could not breathe fire, though even the least
of dragons was a terrible formidable foe that should not be taken lightly. One of the mightiest of these Cold Drakes
was Scatha the Worm who lived sometime during the 21st century of the Third Age, and he
pillaged many of the halls of the Dwarves of the Grey Mountains, gathering their gold
and riches in a great treasure hoard. Some of these Dragons, and perhaps even Scatha,
also troubled the Eotheod, the ancestors of the Rohirrim who had recently moved to the
valley beyond the rivers Greylin and Langwell in the shadows of the Grey Mountains, though
their King Fram, would ensure his people’s safety by slaying Scatha the Worm, a valorous
deed, which would be long remembered in the history and songs of Rohan. It seems that Scatha’s death at the hands
of Fram intimidating the Cold-Drakes of the Grey Mountains for they no longer attacked
the lands of the Eotheod, and all of the vast treasures and riches that Scatha had gathered
over the years were Fram’s for the taking. Now when the Dwarves of the Grey Mountains
learnt that Scatha the Worm was slain, they claimed ownership over this treasure hoard
that had been stolen from them and they demanded that Fram should return it to them, for they
felt that it was theirs by right, though Fram chose to ignore their request and he wouldn’t
even give up a single coin from this hoard. He probably felt that the Dwarves were incredibly
greedy to even consider making such a request especially since this was no mere foe that
he defeated, but a great Dragon, and so he decided to send the Dwarves a necklace made
out of the sharp teeth of Scatha along with a message stating that the teeth of a dragon
were hard to come by and that the Dwarves had no jewels that could match them in all
their treasuries. I think he was clearly mocking the Dwarves,
implying that since they weren’t able to slay Scatha themselves and claim their treasure
then they should respect Fram’s great deed and his own claim to these riches. It’s hard to say which party was in the
wrong here, though I feel that both the Dwarves and Fram could have handled it better and
perhaps they might have found some sort of compromise… However it seems that their story would end
in tragedy for many people believe that after the Dwarves received this insulting message,
they killed Fram and after that day there was no great love between the Dwarves and
the Men of the Eotheod. We’re never told whether the Dwarves reclaimed
any of this treasure or if it was kept by the Eotheod, however we do know of at least
one relic which remained in Rohan’s possession, an ancient Horn, that became an heirloom of
the House of the Kings of Rohan until it was passed on to the Hobbit Merry. Now the Dwarven Colony in the Grey Mountains
would grow stronger and larger for many of Durin’s folk started to gather there, and
in the year 2210, Thorin the First, the King of the Dwarves of Erebor decided to join his
people in the Grey Mountains, and he brought with him the Arkenstone for it was an heirloom
and symbol of the Kings of Durin’s folk. Over the next 360 years, these Dwarves found
many riches and prospered, possibly aided by the Dwarven Ring of Power that was held
by their king, though as is often the case with Dwarves their riches and greed would
be their downfall, for Dragons were attracted to gold and treasures, and the Dragons of
the North had been slowly multiplying and becoming strong once more. They came down upon the Dwarves in the year
2570 of the Third Age and they plunders many of the Dwarven Halls and treasures. The final straw came in the year 2589, when
the Dwarven King Dain the First and his second son called Fror were slain by a great cold
drake outside of the door of their very halls. The tragic loss of their king and his son,
caused many of the Dwarves of the Grey Mountains to abandon their halls for they were unable
to defeat these dragons, and many of them would follow Dain’s youngest son called
Gror to the Iron Hills, while the rest of the Dwarves chose to follow Dain’s eldest
son and heir called Thror to re establish the Kingdom of Erebor. They probably hoped that they would be from
the plague of Dragons once and for all, though merely 180 later, a dragon that was greater
and more ferocious than any that they had faced before would attack and drive them out
of their kingdom of Erebor, the mighty Dragon called Smaug. Anyway friends this wrap’s up today’s
video and I hope you enjoyed it. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic,
particularly on the story of Fram and the Dwarves. Which party do you think was most at fault? And who had the best claim over that treasure? As always if you’re interested check out
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