The Voigtlander Web Series – Part 1: Introduction and History

Hi, I’m victor. I work for JCL sales group and we’re the
Canadian reps for Voightlander. Voightlander was founded in 1756 in Vienna Austria. It’s a family
business and it had been a family business for many generations – for centuries actually.
They’ve been around since the birth of photography. and it’s alive and well to this day. They’re still focused on keeping with the tradition of the quality of the product. You know there’s no autofocus motor no
other components other then the glass and the metal that holds a basically. So, if
you’re talking about micro 4/3 if you’re talking about Canon or Nikon or the VM lenses – which they’re very well
known for – they’re still solid metal. They’re still manual focus lenses, very
smooth focus rings, very high quality construction, lots
of aperature blades so you get a very nice rendition in the background. So, all these are the kind of characteristics that are associated with the Voightlander
name. On top of that then you also have the uniqueness of certain lenses. Like lenses that go up to 0.95 in aperture. or as wide as 12mm and those kind
of things are always special things that people can expect out of the Voightlander brand.

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