The United States of America – summary of the country’s history

We begin in 1750 in North America. It’s been 150 years since settlers from Western
Europe, mostly fleeing poverty, famine, or religious and political persecution, first
arrived on the continent. Their arrival came at the expense of millions of native Americans who lived there for thousands of years, mostly in tribes. On the East Coast, Great Britain has established
colonies inhabited by 1.5 million people. The northern regions depend mainly on fishing
and trade, while in the south, the climate is ideal for growing products such as tobacco, rice and cotton. Rich landowners – called the Planters – seize
vast territories that they exploit by buying slaves from Africa, via the triangular trade. Further west, the Appalachian mountains form
a natural boundary. Beyond it, is the vast French colony, which lives mainly off the fur trade. Tensions rise between the French and British
colonies. When the Seven Years’ War breaks out in Europe, Britain dominates and takes hold of New France. Native American tribes living there unite
to demand the departure of the British and the recognition of their own state. To calm the situation, the British government
hurriedly carves out an Indian reservation between the Appalachians, the Mississippi
River and the Great Lakes. This does not please the colonists who wanted to seize the opportunity to extend their territories to the west. In addition, war proves costly for Britain. The country expects its colonies to repay
part of its debts through new taxes, which further angers the settlers. In Boston, in protest of taxes on tea, colonists
disguised as Native Americans climb on board British East India Company ships and throw
out its tea cargo into the ocean. With the situation tense, representatives
from 12 colonies gather in Philadelphia to organize the First Continental Congress. They decide to boycott British goods. The following year, the War of Independence
breaks out, pitting the insurgents — also called the patriots — against the British
and its loyalists. On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress proclaims the independence of the United States of America. France sees an opportunity to avenge its defeat
in the Seven Years’ War. Having invested heavily in its military fleet, the country has the means to compete with the Royal Navy. France allies with the patriots. Spain and the United Provinces of the Netherlands,
in turn, go to war against Great Britain. In 1783, the patriots prevail, forcing Britain
to recognize the independence of the country. The United States receives territories until
Mississippi, while Spain seizes Florida. This marks the first time a European colony
gains independence. The United States adopts a constitution based
on a strict separation of powers. The legislative power formed by Congress passes
laws and budgets, the judiciary with the Supreme Court upholds the constitution, and finally there is the executive power with the US president, the head of government. On the other hand, the 13 states retain sovereignty
with their own constitution and governor. It was decided to build the new capital, Washington,
along the Potomac River. In the West, each new territory with at least
60,000 free citizens would be allowed to form a new state equal to the others. Pioneers set off to relocate there, pushing back Amerindian tribes further west of the Mississippi River. In 1800, France obtained Louisiana from Spain
in exchange for the kingdom of Etruria. But it proves difficult to protect this vast,
far-away & relatively less known territory. Fearing the loss of Louisiana to the United
Kingdom in war, France decides to sell the region to the United States. Congress then funds expeditions to explore
and reach the Pacific Ocean. In Europe, France and the UK clash again. The United States first tries to remain neutral,
but following tensions with Britain, enters the war. It fails in a bid to invade the colony of
Canada, as a British maritime raid reaches Washington and burns the city. At the end of the war, the United States abandons
its ambitions in the north and focuses on the south where the Spanish Empire is in decline. A military incursion in Florida allows — after
negotiations — the annexation of the territory. In the West, Oregon is shared with the United
Kingdom. East of the Mississippi, five Amerindian tribes
are adapted to the settlers’ sedentary and agrarian lifestyle, but Congress nevertheless
decides to take over the land and pushes the natives to a reserve west of the Mississippi. Thousands die of exhaustion on the way. In Mexico, Texas, which is populated mainly by settlers from the United States, declares its independence. After a war, the Republic of Texas is created
and in 1845 is annexed to the United States. But as the border is poorly defined, both
countries are at war. The United States prevails and takes the opportunity
to annex New Mexico and California, where the discovery of gold causes a rush that attracts
hundreds of thousands of pioneers of all origins. With the land route proving dangerous, private funds are invested in the construction of a railway in Panama. The state of California is admitted, which
does not have slavery. Southern states are largely agrarian, and have slavery; while Northern states are industrial and abolitionist. Both sides wish to extend their model to the new western states, causing the gap between them to widen. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln, who is hostile to
slavery, is elected president of the country. In response, southern states secede from the
United States one by one and band together to proclaim the Confederate States of America. Then begins the Civil War which pits the Unionists
of the North against the Confederates of the South. The North sets up a maritime blockade on the
Atlantic coast, cutting out any potential support from Europe and blocking cotton exports. In 1865, the North prevails and takes the
opportunity to impose its policies. Slavery is abolished, and 3.5 million slaves
are freed. But African-Americans are now victims of segregation
and racism, especially through the emergence of Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist organization. Many migrate to the North, while others move
to cities. The Russian Empire fears losing Alaska to
Britain, so chooses to sell the territory to the United States. To accelerate its conquest of the West, the government finances the construction of transcontinental railway lines. In the center of the country, the invention
of new machinery allows intensive agriculture. Vast plantations of wheat, corn and large
pastures are set up at the expense of the last 250,000 Amerindians who are kept on reserves. On the other hand, the rich soil allows rapid
development of industry. The old continent, Europe, now views the United
States as an El Dorado. Fleeing poverty and religious persecution,
many Southern and Eastern Europeans migrate to the United States where they work as cheap
labor. But the economic boom only benefits a minority. An elite group of industrialists grows rich
quickly by establishing monopolies in sectors such as steel, railways, oil and banks at
the expense of workers and peasants, including women and children working in harsh conditions. Strikes and protests erupt demanding better
conditions, but these are often met with violence by private militias or the National Guard. While European powers colonize a large part
of the world, the United States also looks to project its power on the international
scene. While annexing Hawaii in the middle of the
Pacific, the country turns to Cuba where there is a revolt against the Spanish. The United States supports Cuban independentists. After the mysterious explosion of a US Navy
ship in the port of Havana, war breaks out between Spain and the United States. The United States wins, obtains the independence of Cuba and seizes Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines. The country thus becomes a colonial power. In Colombia, a French company begins construction
of a canal that would connect the two oceans, greatly shortening the journey between the
US East and west Coast. The United States buys the project and then
intervenes to support the independence of Panama. In return, the new government of Panama offers
the United States a strip of land, which helps complete the construction of the canal, inaugurated in 1914. In Europe, World War I begins. With workers and peasants on the frontlines,
industry on the continent slows down. The US industry takes advantage of this and
— despite the country’s neutrality in the war — sells on credit ammunition, food, clothes
and automobiles to the Entente countries. In response, Germany tries to impose a maritime
blockade by sinking merchant ships in British waters. In 1917, a German telegram destined for Mexico
is intercepted, proposing a military alliance against the United States. This pushes the United States to go to war
on the side of the Entente, and 2 million soldiers are sent to European fronts. 116,000 soldiers lose their lives. After the victory of the Entente, Europe finds
itself indebted to the United States. The economy of the US prospers. In factories, improvements in the assembly
line cause production to skyrocket and decrease prices. The rise in purchasing power and credit results
in a boom for the sale of cars, all kinds of appliances, and bank shares. Hollywood becomes a major industry with global
influence. Thanks to the sale of radios, music genres
such as jazz become popular. In New York mainly, night clubs open, stimulating
the sale of alcohol. The more conservative government tries to
stem the phenomenon by voting for prohibition, forbidding the production, transport or sale
of alcohol. In response, thousands of speakeasies spring
up throughout the country. Mafia networks seize the market and get rich
quickly. Meanwhile, the South misses out on this wave
of prosperity. Falling prices for agricultural products plunge
the region into poverty. The Ku Klux Klan comes back into prominence, this time also targeting Catholics, Jews and immigrants in addition to African-Americans. The organization reaches 5 million members,
and is then banned after several lynching episodes. In 1929, the Wall Street Stock Market crash
takes place. The US economy collapses. In a few short years, a string of bankruptcies
of companies and banks pushes a quarter of the active population into unemployment. Prohibition is lifted, and steps are taken to try to revive the economy and improve working conditions. In Europe, World War II breaks out. The United States, although officially neutral,
prepares for war by reinstating military service. In addition, the country sells arms mainly
to the United Kingdom and the USSR. In the Pacific Ocean, in order to curb the
expansion of imperialist Japan allied to Nazi Germany, the United States imposes upon the
country an embargo on steel and oil. In response, Japan launches a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, causing the United States to enter the war. The country secretly embarks upon a research
program to create the atomic bomb. In 1945, the Allies overcome Germany. The USSR and the United States then unite
against Japan. A ground invasion by the Soviets and the two
atomic bombs dropped by the United States on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki force
Japan to surrender. At the end of the war, the United States supports
the creation of the United Nations whose primary role is to maintain peace and security in
the world. Europe finds itself in ruins and is exhausted
by war. The United States and the USSR emerge as the
two great world powers. After World War II, the USSR and the United
States try and peddle their influence in Europe. The United States implements the Marshall
Plan, while the Soviet Union supports pro-communist governments in Eastern countries. The old continent is found divided by the
Iron Curtain. The USSR and the United States engage in a cold war — that is an arms race without direct confrontation. The US, largely spared the ravages of war
on its territory, has an industrial, economic and military advantage. Inside the country, federal officials sympathetic
to communist ideas are dismissed. Hollywood is also used to churn out anti-communist
propaganda. On the global arena, the country employs an
interventionist policy, aimed at stemming at all costs the spread of communism. The US intervenes in Greece, China, and engages
its military in Korea and Vietnam. The Soviet Union, for its part, invests heavily
to catch up with the US. After developing atomic weapons of its own,
it becomes the first country to send a satellite into orbit, and further outdoes itself by
sending the first man into space. The United States then launches the Apollo
program which aims to send the first astronaut to the Moon. In Cuba, an attempt to overthrow the new communist
government fails. The Soviet Union takes advantage to ally with
the country, and installs nuclear missiles on its territory, pointed at the United States. Tensions build to a point where it seemed
a third world war was imminent. However, an accord is reached between the two world powers, resulting in the USSR withdrawing from Cuba. Within the country, more and more civil rights
movements gain momentum, forcing the government to review its social policies. African-Americans begin non-violent actions
to combat segregation. More and more women enter the workforce and
demand equal pay. Native Americans also fight for better conditions. Moreover, with the US at war in Vietnam, students
and hippie pacifist movements call for peace. In 1969, the country sends the first man to
the moon. Worldwide, millions of viewers watch the event
live on their television. On the global arena, the United States tries
to ease tensions. It begins diplomatic rapprochement with China,
and signs agreements with the USSR to limit the global arms race. In the Middle East, the US supports Israel
in the Yom Kippur War, for which it is then subject to an oil embargo imposed by OPEC countries. In Vietnam, after negotiations, the United
States withdraws their army. Two years later, the Communists prevail in
the country, tarnishing the image of the United States. The USSR takes this opportunity to intensify
its international policy. The country occupies Afghanistan, and in reaction the United States provides militarily support to the Mujahideen. In Central America, US also intervenes in Nicaragua and Guatemala to counter communist revolutions. Iran, after a revolution, becomes an Islamic
republic that goes against US policy. The latter strengthens its military presence
in the Middle East to ensure the security of oil supply. On the Soviet side, the USSR struggles to
contain the revolutions in Eastern Europe. With its economy in tatters, despite attempts
at reform, in 1991, the USSR collapses, marking the end of the Cold War. The United States emerges as the only major
world power. Domestically, the population calls for more
investment in the fight against poverty, crime, gangs and drugs. However, the US continues to primarily focus
on its foreign policy, showing an apparent willingness to become the world’s policeman of sorts. When Iraq invades Kuwait, which then held
9% of the known oil reserves in the world, the United States forms a coalition and neutralizes
the Iraqi army. The US then establishes a list of countries considered as rogue and threatening global peace and stability. These nations are subjected to blockades and
embargoes. Meanwhile, the military presence of an ally
of Israel in the Middle East bothers radical Islamists, including the terrorist group Al
Qaeda headed by Osama bin Laden, who is a former ally from the Afghan war. US facilities and assets around the world
are targeted by terrorist attacks. On September 11, 2001, the United States becomes
the victim of a large-scale terrorist attack on its territory. Terrorism thus becomes the new enemy of the
country. But it proves more difficult to fight this
war as terrorist organizations operate discreetly in mobile networks without borders. Having launched a war against the Taliban
in Afghanistan, the US hardens its stance against North Korea, Iran and Iraq, which it considers part of an “Axis of Evil”. A new war is launched against Iraq, but US
troops – after quickly overthrowing the government – find themselves fighting against several
terrorist groups in the region. In 2007, the subprime mortgage shock, followed
by the financial crisis plunges the global economy into turmoil. The country tries to revive its economy, among
other measures, by boosting the extraction of shale oil on its territory. Today the interventionist policy of the country
is increasingly countered by rising powers such as Russia and China. The United States, however, remains the most
powerful economy and military in the world.

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