This is the craziest week in Try Guys history I want you to just lay out the things you have to do over the next week Oh JESUS We are rehearsing for our 20 city LIVE tour We are flying to New York for the release of our book We have book signings in New York, in LA and then we are back here for the start of our 20 city tour Buckle the fuck up cos it’s going to get nuts We’re taking our horse to the ol’ town road and we’re gonna ride to Cleveland till we can’t no more (Intro) (Rock guitars) (Try Guys singing in harmony for the first show of tour) (Fans screaming) That was amazing! Like this is… this is… this is… this is insane I mean I don’t know if you saw the stage but like we’re using stuff that the band KISS used We’ve spent two weeks rehearsing this show Eugene somehow has made this coming out video, choreographed this piece, is going to New York TrevorLive and then we’re all gonna be in New York We have something like 7 interviews on my birthday, the most important one… 32 The video I’ve been working on for months, the Coming Out video that comes out tomorrow Today is our final run through for our live show We’ve rented out this big theatre here in Ventura and today we’re gonna do two full run throughs of the show really our final shot to get it right This is it. Today decides do we have a show or do we not? (Sneak peek at rehearsals) (Cheers) -Alright when you guys are ready -Ok [Keith] Uh I think that the show is amazing. But lights are not happening at the right time, video packages are not happening at the right time, and the first show, there’s going to be FIRE erupting in front of us and behind us. [Ned] Given the state of where we’re at, I think we need more work on it. [Curtis] I believe so too. Like we’re in, we’re good, it just needs, actually, a couple more days. [Keith] I’m very excited about all the things going on but I’m very frustrated with the state of things now because we can’t work on it to improve it. It just has to all magically happen in the background. [Ned] It’s sort of like ‘what can you do?’

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