The Triggering of Shia | He Will Not Divide Us

Shia LaBeouf is an artist. Welcome to his museum. He brought you such works as: watching all of his movies in a theater, back to back, and wearing a paper bag. (JUST DO IT) (MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE) But now, he’s ready to unveil his Magnum Opus. (HE) (WILL NOT) (DIVIDE) (US) [Interviewee] He won’t divide us. [Newscaster]: Their message from a story of Queens, broadcast for the world to see. The camera feed will be up 24 hours a day, for at least four years. The media called it a triumph
(He will not) The first great art of the Trump era.
(divide us.) [Lady, tearing up] He will not divide us. He will not divide us. But, unfortunately for Shia /pol/ appreciates art too, and they wanted to express themselves on camera as well (my heeart.) [Jesus] But you’re so supreme! WAH DAH [Jesus and Cynthia Harrell] Oh, I give my life, not for honor, but for you. [Cynthia] In my time there’ll be no one else [Both] Crime, it’s the way I fly to you. I’m still in a dream. /pol/ had one goal in mind: to take over the exhibit, and trigger Shia. (He will not divide us) By day two, Shia is getting sick of hearing about Pepe (GO PEPE) (HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US) Pizzagate is real. Shia LaBeouf is a rich white liberal who doesn’t care about the working class. Six hours later… [Shia] He will not divide us. What is that, a little speaker? Whose speaker is that? /pol/ learned that Shia was particularly triggered by Nazi roleplaying, so it became a game to make Nazi references while he was on camera. What’s uppppp. [Shia] Bang bang. Hitler did nothing wrong! In a rage, he sexually assaulted some dude. Then, Sam Hyde showed up. [Shia] Yo, be careful. Be nice out here. Hey, be nice out here. You’re surrounded now. But it all came tumbling down. Off camera, because of a misunderstanding, he assaulted one of his own supporters. The police called the event and he was arrested. He was deported back to Los Angeles the next day. Soon after, they also had to put up a fence. A wall, if you will. And now only five people at a time can come in, and they are very well vetted. But, credit where it’s due,
(He will not divide – REEEEEE) although this was not good art,
(REEEEEEEEEEEEEE) Shia had created one of the most fascinating things to watch on the internet. (He will not-) (SHUT THE FUCK UP) (JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP) (SHUT THE FUCK UP) And here are a few of the best featured characters: The Milkybar Pimp
(You know that’s hate speech) Did you hear that? At the end he said Hitler did nothing wrong. There’s so many racist people calling me right now. Aids-björn Björn? Björn [Brittany] People started chanting “My wife’s son! My wife’s son!” “I am a cuck.”
(Laughter) [Interviewer] What’s your name? [Interviewee] Brittany Venti. I came there to trigger people, and it was great. But there are many, many more. It is the single best reality TV show on the internet right now, and it is going on for the next four to eight years. “Shadilay” (vocal version) – by P.E.P.E. [Shia] What is that, a little speaker?

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