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– What is going on you wonderful nerds? Scott here, and I was sent
these amazing 3D printed web shooters from my
buddy Andrew on Twitter. He made these and they’re so cool. Got the little trigger right here, each one of these web cartridges
is removable and magnetic, it is super rad. He sent it to us through our new P.O. box, which we just set up, right here, all the info right there. These things are super cool,
they’re perfect for our month of Spider-Man videos for Web-ruary, and it got me thinking about
Spider-Man’s web shooters. And by got me thinking, I
mean I planned this topic months ago and this was just serendipity that I could fit these in. Spider-Man’s web shooters
are no doubt iconic. Two thirds of movie
Spider-Men recommend them. I mean, look at all
the things they can do. Shields and parachutes and skis, I mean, what can’t these things do? And yet, Spider-Man is not
the first comic book superhero to have wrist-mounted web
shooting accessories like these. The first one actually happened 20 years before Spider-Man was ever created. But first, a little background on the origin of
Spider-Man’s web shooters. So as I’m sure we all know, when Stan Lee came up with the character of Spider-Man, he sent it off to Jack Kirby
to do all the heavy lifting, really flesh out the character and design what he would look like. But when Kirby came up with
his idea and sent it back to Stan, Stan was not happy
with what he’d come up with. Not too much is known about
Kirby’s design of Spider-Man, but reportedly in his eyes
the hero would have used a web shooting gun instead
of wrist web shooters. This is very similar to
the character of The Fly which Kirby helped
co-create with Joe Simon, who used a Buzz Gun, which sounds similar to another previous character
called The Tarantula, who could shoot steel silken strands from another web gun type thing. Kirby may have taken inspiration from that and thought of Spider-Man
having a web gun. But again, Stan Lee was not
super happy with Kirby’s design so he sent it off to Steve Ditko, who created a character with
wrist-mounted web shooters that used web fluid cartridges. In the comic book we can
see that Peter Parker himself invented these web shooters. Believing a spider needs
a web, Pete invented them in his room shortly
after gaining his powers. Later, in Amazing Spider-Man
annual number one, it tells us that Pete has
studied spider webs so much that he’s probably the
world’s leading expert, and this was all the way back when he was still a high school student. He creates and compresses the web fluid into small cartridges that
he carries on his belt, and he can control the
spray to be a fine spray, a thick goop, or a strong
line that allows him to swing through the
city, as well as all that other stuff from earlier, like skis. Of course there is that famous sound that these web shooters make, thwip, which we’ve actually talked
about in another video here. But again, Spider-Man was
not the first character to have web shooters like these. To find that character we
have to go all the way back to Fox’s The Eagle number two,
featuring the Spider Queen. Shannon Kane was the assistant
of her scientist husband, Doctor Harry Kane, but Harry
was killed by enemy spies. After his death Shannon
wanted to carry on his work and found a formula for spider web fluid. Yes, web fluid. She discovers that she
can shoot it into the air and make a web line
strong enough to swing on. Yes, web lines used for swinging. Shannon Kane then designs
a set of bracelets that contain and shoot the web fluid. Yes, wrist-mounted web shooters. How incredible was that? I mean, as far as I can tell Steve Ditko was not inspired by the Spider Queen when he was creating his
interpretation of Spider-Man. The Spider Queen was created
by someone named Elsa Lesau, which is probably a pseudonym for Arturo and Louise Casanueve. Louise was a fairly popular
comic book artist at the time, having an incredible run
on Golden Age Aquaman. But again, as far as I know
there is no evidence to say that Steve Ditko even knew
that this character existed, which would make for one
incredible coincidence that only the Parker luck could provide. But what ever happened to Shannon Kane, the Spider Queen, you might be wondering? Well interestingly enough, she
fell into the public domain. But that is not the end of her story. In 1993 Marvel created a
series called Invaders, and with issue number one
we saw the Spider Queen. And I want to point out
that this Marvel character is technically not the
same as the Golden Age character of the Spider Queen, it is a character inspired
by the public domain version. She was a member of the
villainous Battle Axis along with several other Golden Age heroes that also slipped into the public domain. Together, they were all
turned from heroes into Nazis. She also made a brief appearance
later in Avengers 1959, but really not much has
happened with her character. So there you go, just a little bit of fun Spider-Man history for you
about these web shooters. I would love to know your
thoughts about this, though, do you think that
Spider-Man’s web shooters and the Spider Queen’s web
shooters are so similar that it would be
impossible for Steve Ditko not to have taken inspiration from there? And I would especially
love to know if you have any information regarding that. I haven’t been able to find anything yet but maybe there is something out there. This video was a part of our larger month of Spider-Man videos for Web-ruary. So if you want to catch up on that you can go ahead and click right here. I would especially recommend this video about the history of
Spider-Man’s mechanical web shooters versus organic webbing. I will see you guys on
Wednesday for another video. My name is Scott, reminding you to read between the panels and grow
smarter through comics. See you. (light ambient music)

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    If you wanna see how I made them, check out my video on 3DIY!

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    Spider Queen you covered, but the Golden Age Daredevil had a great run in Image's Savage Dragon.
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  • In the comics they said that peters parents were spy's and in the spider queen the spider queen and her husband were both spy's so if marvel bought the rights they could make spider queen peters mum but Peter didn't know about his mother's job and didn't know he was the son of spider queen and him having similar abilities is destiny

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  • I doubt Ditko was, I mean she only lasted three issues.. and that only as a backup feature. Her final Golden Age appearance was in The Eagle #4 (January 1942). Spider-man hit in 1962, August. No reason to be going through comics from a closed publisher, it closed in 1950.

    Per the Spider Queen entry in The Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe: "Created by Elsa Lesau (believed to be a pseudonym for Louis and Arturo Cazeneuve) for Fox Features [sic] Syndicate; adapted for the Marvel Universe by Roy Thomas, Dave Hoover, and Brian Garvey. Roy Thomas had originally intended [the flashback, World War II supervillain team] Battle-Axis to consist of minor wartime heroes of Timely Comics (predecessor of Marvel), but [editor] Mark Gruenwald nixed that idea, and super-heroes from now-defunct wartime publishers were used instead…."

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  • It is NOT a stretch to believe that these two VERY similar things were thought up independently, I've experienced it myself. A friend of mine wrote a story back in 2000 about a blue fox girl named Krystal who was raised on a prehistoric planet a FULL YEAR before anything about Star Fox Adventure was known (predating even the promos or announcement of the game). And yes, she rather hates that the character from the game ended up becoming something of a porn icon among the Furry community.

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