The Strongest Man in History: Swimming Challenge | Exclusive | History

[ music ] [ bells tolling ] – So, guys, are you ready
for this? – What have we got here? – I’ve set you the challenge
this week to be as whole as you
possibly can. Back in my teenage years, I was actually a national
champion swimmer. I think some of the records
still stand today, actually, some of the records I set
before Strongman. I was going to be an Olympic
swimmer. That was my dream. – No way.
– Uh-huh. At 10 years old, I won four gold
medals and set a British record. Did the same at 12.
Same at 13. And then I got into the Olympic
potential squad, which is basically the
Junior Olympic team. But my behavior got me kicked
out of swimming squad. And then at 14 years of age,
I started to lift weights, and my life got back on track. And then I set the challenge
to myself to win the World’s
Strongest Man. And 10 years later, pretty much
to the day, I achieved it. So you want to be honorary Hall,
then this is the challenge. So I want you guys to do two
lengths as fast as you can. It’s going to be you three
against you three. It’s pointless you racing me, because I know I will absolutely
hand you your asses. – I’d like to see you go. – Okay, no problem. – I’ve never seen a giant
swimmer like this. – There’s been thousands of
people that have won Olympic
gold medals. There’s only 19 men on this
planet that have won the World’s Strongest Man,
and one of them sat right here. – Try not to. – That looked amazing.
That’s impressive. – That was very impressive. – I’m not going to do anything
like that. – Eddie is an amazing swimmer. He looks like a shark
in the water. I never figured him to be
that graceful and that fast
and that powerful. – It’s been a long time since
I’ve actually tried to swim. And my body’s a lot different
than when I did that. – All right, guys, you know
we’re doing? – I really wanted to win
that race. I wanted to get after it.
I was a lifeguard as a kid. I haven’t swum in a very
long time. I want to beat the other guys. – There and back,
the fastest is the winner. On your marks. Get set. Go! [ music ] – The only thing slower than
Brian Shaw is a wet Brian Shaw. – I felt like I got
a decent start, but I did not expect Robert
to be as fast as he was. But I was going all out. – I think I’m more of a sinker
than a swimmer. – Oberst. There’s obviously one clear
winner here, so that’s all that matters
to me. And Oberst smoked that. Come on, let’s get out of here. – I’m hungry, so let’s get
something to eat.

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