The Strongest Man in History: Making Mead | Exclusive | History

– I’m looking for anything that would be
authentically Viking, so I was real excited
to try mead. I know Robert likes to drink, and I thought it would be
a fun thing to do with him. [ laughing ] Dude. Just wanted to see if you wanted
to go get a drink, dude. – Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. What do you want?
– Huh? – What do you want? – Aw.
Dude, I can’t unsee that. – Don’t run away
from your feelings, Nick. I normally sleep naked. Clothes are restrictive. I don’t like the waistband
around my waist. I like to hang out free. I’ll be down in one minute.
– All right. I’ll see you in a minute,
buddy. Oh, my God. All right. We’re gonna make some mead. – I thought we were
gonna drink mead. – Well, we will
when we get done making it. – Oh, my God,
what have you gotten me into? – I wanted to go make mead because it would be
pretty cool to make our own alcohol. We got pitchers, so we can measure it
with the pitchers. 64 ounces to a pitcher. – Okay.
Whatever that means. I’m not Bill Nye
the Science Guy, man. It’s like you needed
a Master’s degree in chemistry just to make
something to drink. Let’s go. Come on.
We got to get this done. Let’s freakin’ have a beer before we go to sleep
tonight, maybe. – I’m looking up honey now
on Wikipedia. – Honey on Wikipedia?
– Mm-hmm. – We’re trying to make mead. That’s probably enough for– – Dude.
– It’s measured. – It’s not measured.
You’re not doing it right. – I’m a very precise guy. I like measurements.
I like math. I like to get things perfect, and Robert just came in
like a Tasmanian devil. – Smell that. It says “Do not smell, whatever you do.” – Okay. – Whoa. Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa. You made the Norse gods angry. – Dude, what are you doing?
– I’m gonna have a drink. – Bud, it’s gotta ferment.
– Ferment? Whatever.
– But, Robbie, it won’t be ready for–
– [ sputters ] – You can’t drink it now. It’s got to sit.
– Oh, my God. – This isn’t gonna be ready
for, like, nine months, dude. – Nine months? I couldn’t believe
he just wasted my whole day. It’s like, um,
St. Odin’s beard. – Should we just go get
some mead at a regular place? – I need a beer.

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