The Strongest Man in History: Eddie’s Frying Pan Challenge (Season 1) | History

[MUSIC PLAYING] Here it is, guys. So guys, welcome to
the Greencoat Boy. This is my mate’s pub. Thomas Topham was famous
for doing acts in pubs. He owned a pub. Today, we’re going to
replicate one of Thomas Topham’s feats of strength. NARRATOR: Thomas Topham owned
several pubs around London and kept his
customers entertained with strongman parlor tricks. One of his famous
feats was that he could roll up a seven
pound pewter plate as if it were a piece of paper. [SNIFFING] All right.
OK. Because I kind of knew that
the pizza plates were going to be really easy to roll
up, so I want to up the ante a little bit. And this is part of the
Thomas Topham challenge. I brought something for
you guys to roll up. A bit more modern day, a
bit thicker, a bit stronger. You ready for this? [PANS CLINKING] Frying pans. Oh, great. EDDIE: Now, I’m famous for
rolling up frying pans. I did it on a– on a
breakfast show here in the UK a while back, and it went viral. So I think we should make a
little competition out of this. Who can roll it up the thinnest? ROBERT: Tightest? BRIAN: Of course, Eddie is
going to make us do a strength challenge that he can win. If I can beat Eddie Hall at
his own game of rolling up a frying pan, I’ll
seriously leave England feeling like a king. [GRUNTING] Give
me some space, guys. Come on. Back it up. All right, you ready? BRIAN: Yeah. It’s not a race. It’s about who can
get it the tightest. Tightness, OK. Remember that. OK? Right. Off you go. [MUSIC PLAYING] [GRUNTING] [SHOUTING] So the main trick to
rolling a frying pan is if you can be fast
with it, it’s going to bend faster and easier. [BREATHING HEAVILY] Yeah, this is– it’s going to be tough
to get this rolled up like those pewter plates. NICK: Once you get to the
silver part, it’s freaking hard. I kind of made a
mistake, because I tried to roll both sides of the
pan and then roll the pan up. I mean, it was my first pan. So you make mistakes, you learn. Won’t happen again. [GRUNTING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Woo! NICK: Oh– jeez. [GRUNTING] Jeez. Well, that’s about it for me. You’re done? NICK: Yeah, I– yeah. EDDIE: B, you done? Yeah, it’s– Right. So I’ll pick to make this fair. We’re going to measure around
the middle of the pan– around the circumference
in the middle. Not the end, not the start. That makes it fair
for everybody, OK? ROBERT: Yeah. EDDIE: Should we start with
Oberst, just for a laugh? All right. Oberst, not a bad effort, buddy. It’s 15 and 1/2 inches. My first time. That’s not bad. Bang in the middle. You happy with that? Yeah. All right. 10– just a speck
over 10 and 1/2. Let’s say 10.6 inches. NICK: OK.
– Yeah? NICK: Yeah. Brian Shaw. All right, 10.2 inches. OK. So in order for
me to win this, I’ve got to beat 10.2 inches. OK, you ready? Mhm. OK. My measurement is– ALL: Whoa! 9.4. [LAUGHING] [SIGHING] Oh, yeah. So I’m afraid the
winner is myself. BRIAN: Oh. That’s a– that’s a shocker. [SLURPING BEVERAGE] BRIAN: You got a
good drink there. It tastes like victory. BRIAN: Being as
competitive as I am, really wanted to beat Eddie at
that just to kind of rub it in his face a little bit. So I was disappointed
that I didn’t get mine rolled up tighter. EDDIE: I mean, obviously, guys,
what I’ve proved here today is to do these
feats of strength, you’ve got to be British. ALL: Hm. I’d rather not do ’em, then. [LAUGHTER] To Thomas Topham. EDDIE: To Thomas Topham. BRIAN: To Topham. ALL: Cheers! Mm.

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