The Strongest Man in History: Eddie Hall Carries a 600 Pound Piano (Season 1) | History

[music playing] [cheering] For our final
challenge this week, we’re taking on William
Bankier’s famous piano lift. So we all know
that William Bankier was famous for doing
the Tomb Of Hercules with the piano
and the orchestra. The Tomb of Hercules. It’s a supportive lift. He’s not actually lifting it. It’s sitting on his
knees and on his elbows. And the position he was in,
none of us can get into. It’s like kryptonite to
modern day strongman. We’re too big. Instead of doing that, I
thought we’d take it a step up. We pick these pianos
up and race with them. All the guts are still in them. See. And so, they’re all rigged
up at over 600 pounds. [cheering] [laughter] We made the local newspaper. We made the local television. That’s why everybody came out. Honestly, we don’t even
get that many people to come out to a lot of the
World’s Strongest Man events. There must have been 2,000
or 3,000 people there, lining the entire street. And the energy they
gave off was awesome. Brian, we know
you’re on one leg now. We got you one just in case,
but we figured you’re probably not going to be able to do it. Yeah, I tried to
warm up this morning. And It’s just not ready. I am actually
really unhappy that I cannot compete in this piano
race because of the hamstring. I mean I’m pretty good
at yokes or carries. I hold the world record
in the super yoke. I know that I could
smoke these guys at this. But I think I’m going to have
to be referee to make sure you guys don’t cheat, of course. [cheering] There’s a huge difference
between supporting weight and lifting weight. And there’s an even
bigger difference between lifting that
weight and running with it. When we were sitting
up the piano run, we saw this ambulance pull in. And that’s when I thought,
should we really be doing this? I’m the oldest one. I’m kind of the OG
of the whole thing. And I’ve never carried
a piano before. I think I can smoke these guys. [cheering] Athletes, take your position. Ready, go. [cheering] Come on, guys, come on. When you have a
piano on your back, you’re not really worried about
what the other guys are doing. You just want to get
to that finish line as quick as possible. And we have a winner. [cheering] After I won the race,
I felt really restricted. I couldn’t breathe. Get me out. At no point did I
see Oberst or Nick at the side of me,
which meant they were behind, where they should be. Keep going, keep going. I see Eddie win,
and in my mind, I was, like, you should
just put this down. That would be the smart
thing to do right now. Let’s go. Almost finish it. Let’s go, buddy. But for the sake
of William Bankier, and the history of strongmen,
I was finishing that race. And down. Come on, Nick. Come on, Nick, you can do it. Yeah. Can’t breathe. Get him out. Let’s get him out of here. Get him out. [sirens] He’s having
problems breathing. Belly breathe. Belly breathe. Just push– deep as you can go. You’re doing good. After Robert and
Eddie finished the race, all the attention went
to Nick, because he was having a serious medical issue. We didn’t know what
was wrong with him. Now if you can do
in through your nose, and out through
your mouth, it will control that breathing, OK? Oh, my god. That was a serious
situation for Nick. When your heart’s beating that
fast that you can’t collect yourself, that’s dangerous. Good job. You, too, man. Good job, buddy. I don’t know how they do that. Let me take a hit of that. I want to finish. Can I just start back in?
– No. No.
We’re done. We’re done. We’re done. Time’s up. It’s all done, Nick. I was a little
worried about Nick. But when I heard him keep
trying to fight people off so he could finish the race,
I knew he was going to be OK. The thing was like just
so tight across here. I just felt like
I couldn’t inhale and get oxygen into my lungs. And it’s the first
time I’ve ever lifted anything where I
actually started to panic because I couldn’t breathe. And that scared the
daylights out of me. Today’s winner of the
piano race, Eddie Hall. I feel like we brought
William Bankier justice, getting the pianos on our back,
having to race down the street. [cheering] It was really nice to give
a little treat to the town today, all the
kids and everybody. We have to take. And that’s what we love to do.

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