The Strongest Man in History: Carousel Lift Challenge | History

♪♪♪ – For our final challenge, we wanted to take on
the carousel lift that Paul Anderson did
on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” What’s up, brother?
– Yeah. – When I first saw the carousel,
I was amazed. It looked awesome. – That’s something else, huh? – What I noticed from
Paul Anderson’s video is he stepped into it,
hooked it up, and went boom. Popped it up
with 18 people on it. – So all the people are gonna
sit on the bottom here? – Yes, this is the carousel,
this ring. As you can see,
we used fabric to keep it as light as possible
and a little bit of wood. The fabrication
is rock-n-roll truss, so you guys don’t have to worry
about any collapses. – What does it weigh empty?
– Roughly 500. There’s still
a lot of weight on it, so it’s got to be strong. – The carousel is
an amazing lift and a feat of strength that I cannot wait
to try to replicate it. – Why don’t you throw this on? – It’s so important to me because I am
the world record holder in the hip lift
at 2,514 pounds. – This is the ladder
and stuff. You use–grab that rung,
put your foot here. – Okay.
– Step up. – Like Donkey Kong. That’s good distance
for the bars, yeah? – Yeah, I like it.
– What’s wrong, B, you need an extender
like your airline seat? – Not my fault
that you’re small and weak. – Ohh! Ohh! Okay. – A hip lift is exactly
what you would think it is. It’s putting a belt
around your hips, having a weight connected
between your legs, and then using mainly the muscles
in your legs and hips to lift the weight
up off the ground. This is all gonna come down
to leg strength, so strength through the quads,
hamstrings, glutes, hips. That’s really what’s gonna be
needed to lift this thing up. ♪♪♪ [ cheers and applause ]
– Nice. Good. Go on down on it. – So it’s pretty important,
guys, to be safe with this.
I did this in Australia probably six,
seven years ago, and it cracked my L4 vertebra
in two spots and cracked my L5 in one. I’ve shrunken
an inch and a half. – Well, thank you
for that information just before
I’m about to lift it. [ laughter ] – My concerns with the lifts is getting the balance
correct. If we mess something up,
we could be crippled. ♪♪♪ – When you do a big lift
like this, you don’t start at the max. You got to warm up. – So good?
– You’re good. Down. – You’ve got to let your
central nervous system fire the proper way. – You’re four or five inches
off the ground. – Down.
– So you do lighter weights, and you build up
to the maximum lift. – How do you feel?
– Yeah, it feels good. – All right. – So you want to get
Paul’s family out here? We don’t have any seatbelts
for this ride, so… – You all right, Mama?
– I’m all right. – This is Paul Anderson’s
grandson and son-in-law. So why don’t we go Edward
on that side for sure, and then we’ll add Paul
on this side. – In order to replicate
Paul Anderson’s lift, we need to add enough people
to equal 2,700 pounds. – We need Caleb, Tate,
Kayden, and Luke. We actually weighed
everyone in attendance before we started
the carousel lift and then wrote their names
down on a list. You guys weigh 640 pounds. We’re not gonna list weights, although you all could
probably eat a little bit more. So that we could
pick people out based on their body weight. – All right, guys,
so here’s what we got. We need to find two young men
that are– are fairly balanced
in weight. So we’ve got one
that’s 242 pounds and one that’s 234. So that’ll give us
476 pounds. – Yeah. – But 159 plus 242 would be exactly
2,715 pounds. – It’s unbalanced, though.
– It’ll be fine. – No. – I’d rather go
the heavier weight. – 80 pounds heavier
and balanced or 80 pounds less
unbalanced? – It won’t feel unbalanced,
though. It’s so heavy,
you won’t feel it. ♪♪♪ I think, no matter what weight
you put on that carousel, there’s always gonna be a risk
factor to hurting yourself. Could I have the heavier guy
on that side and the lighter guy here? And I think, as long as
the balance was somewhat equal, which it was, then we’ve done
the best we can. So can we all shuffle,
everyone, six inches to your left? – It’s not safe
to move people around once we have the balance. – Six inches to your left. – I do not want to get hurt. And once the balance is set, you don’t mess
with that balance. [ grunts ] – I’m a little concerned
about the carousel challenge. It’s something
I’ve never done before. – Come on, Robbie,
nice and tight. – Let’s go, Oberst. – So going up there,
I was worried. Uhh! Ah! No. – You okay? – I felt the pop in my back. – Oh, dude. All right, give me a second. Just give me a second. I could feel a little bit
of a slide on the belt, but what was happening
was my spine was moving. Ah! It popped twice,
and that was it. – Are you tapping out?
– Yeah. – You all right?
– That’s it. – Good job, Robbie. – Sometimes we make things
look easy, but you got to understand
it’s a ton of weight. We’re picking up human bodies. – I think
both my legs went numb. – Yeah? – My body just said no. – To put that in perspective, that is over a ton that you had
strapped to your waist. – It felt like it.
– Yeah. [ laughter ] – Let’s go, Ed.
– Let’s go, Eddie. ♪♪♪ – In your own time. Let’s go, Ed! Tight. ♪♪♪ Good. Clear.
– [ grunts ] [ applause ] Yeah. I felt a big pop
in my butt then. – You all right?
– Gen-Genuinely, yeah. Big pop. [ inhales ] Ah, [ bleep ]. – I warned Eddie
not to shuffle the people because we had
the perfect balance, and Eddie didn’t listen. – Oh, God.
– You all right? – Just breathe, buddy,
just breathe. – Oh, my God. I did hurt myself. I think, either way,
it would have happened anyway. It was just the sheer weight
that really hurt me. I’m not admitting
to being wrong. – Come on, then, Brian. – Let’s go, B, let’s go.
– Let’s go. ♪♪♪ – I’m actually
really concerned. Both Eddie and Robert
just got hurt. You never know
what’s gonna happen when you’re lifting
that kind of weight. I don’t even know
if I should be doing this. – Clear on my end.
– [ grunts ] [ applause ] – That’s a lot of pressure
through the hips. – Ain’t it just. – I feel like if I go
heavier than that, I’m now risking a big injury, so I’m gonna tap out. I’m gonna let Nick do
what he wants to do. – I’d rather go
the heavier weight. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – You do have the world record
in this type of lift, so I think
you’re the man to beat. I think you should go for it. – All right. – So why don’t we do this,
Nick? Will, can you step up, please?
– Will? – Swap William for…
– Will. – For Will.
– Good trade. Will for William. Perfect.
– Good trade. – That’ll give us a grand total of 2,791 pounds. – 91 pounds over
what Paul Anderson did on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” You ready for this?
– Yeah. – Do this for Paul.
Let’s get it. – I’m feeling pretty excited
about the challenge now because we got the balance
right. It’s safe. – Let’s go, Nick. – So I can put
all of my focus right into that one moment
and pop it off the ground. – Let’s go, Nick! ♪♪♪ – Come on, Nick. – Down and up. Let’s go. – Get it done. Get it done. – Clear! Stop!
– Stop! – Aah!
[ applause ] – Yeah!
– Good job, Nick! – I don’t want
to spoil anyone’s fun… – Pretty sure it did. – That definitely
didn’t leave the ground. – Huh.
– All right. Now we’re gonna ask him
to do it again? – Do you want to be
respectful to Paul? That never broke the floor. – Eddie called BS on my lift, saying that I didn’t get
the side off the ground. I put everything I had
into that, and it just sent me
over the edge. – Let’s go, Nick.
– Get it done. – Nice and straight, Nick! – That’s it.
– All the way. – Yes.
– There you go. Yep. – Good man.
Good man, Nick. – Was it good?
– Yeah. – There was no way I was getting
off that carousel without doing it
and showing everybody I had it. Yeah! They always count me out. But at the end of the day, I’m the one that lifted
more than Paul Anderson. The oldest man beat you.
[ laughs ]

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