The Strongest Man in History: Card Rip Challenge | Exclusive | History

– Monte Saldo was actually
a very strong guy for the size that he was. – How big was he? – Like 135 to 147, I think,
at his heaviest. – Huh.
– But– – Timing.
– Yeah. – That’s about what my leg
weighs, probably. – Well, he was famous for
tearing three decks of cards
at one time. – Three decks?
– Three decks. – You have to be a showman
as a Strong Man. This guy really played it up, and was just an amazing
performer. And we all have to be performers
in our own way. – Now, it’s not take each card
and tear it. It’s tear the deck all at once. – All right. – I figured we’d start out
and see if the guys could actually tear
one deck of cards. The cards are a lot bigger
and a lot better made now. – There’s a few different decks. I would imagine the cards are
different. Your cards are smaller. – You got a small deck. – Oh, they are a little bit
smaller. – If you bend the cards, it’s going to be way harder
to tear. – Ripping a deck of cards
was a lot harder than I thought it was
going to be. When I started to tear at it,
nothing happened. It took a minute before it even
started tearing. I must admit, that’s tough on
your hands, isn’t it? – Very. – I don’t think that’s happening
for me, man. It’s cutting into my fingers. Look, I’m a Strong Man, and I have really incredible
grip strength. But I don’t do ripping cards. I actually like to lift real
weight. – You’re just gonna quit? – I’m–I wouldn’t call it
quitting. – Four times World’s Strongest
Man. – [ laughter ]
– I’m done. I can’t even grip onto these
things. – There we go. [ grunting ] – There it goes.
– There it is. – Man.
– I think mine was the best one. Mine was actually in half. – I’m impressed that a guy who
weighed 144 pounds… – It’s insane.
– …could tear through three. – It’s hard. I feel like a man that small ripping three decks of cards
would be impossible. But there’s so many
accounts of it, it’s hard to argue against that. Why don’t you show us
how to do it. – You show us how it’s done.
– Oh, lovely. – On your mark, set, go. – I will give everything I have
on everything that I do, because I want to win against
these guys. Las Vegas, represent. – 15 seconds. – Come on, Nick.
– I’m trying, I’m trying. – This is your trick. – You rip a deck of cards by squeezing the cards
in this hand, and then taking this hand and
pinching it in here, and putting a lot of pressure,
and twisting it until the deck actually starts to wear
and tear. – Y’all got it. – Come on, finish it, Nick.
One, two. – You got it. – It actually takes a lot of
force to do it, and I actually kind of strained
my elbow a little bit. – Finish it up. – Nice.
– There you go. Well done. – Thanks, guys. That was fricking hard. – Look at the sweat.
– [ laughter ] – That was hard. Until you get used to doing it, it’s kind of a painful thing
to do. – Well, we’re tearing cards to
find a winner. – Well done, Nick.
– Thanks, guys. I’m 50 years old, and I’m going against these guys
in their early thirties. So it’s kind of fun to be able
to beat them on things, and I think it really kind of
gets to them. It bothers them. It’s like getting beat
by your dad. – We did find out a loser. – Yeah, with those tiny, weak
cards that you three had. – Tiny, weak cards, or tiny,
weak hands. – Okay. – [ laughter ]
– Oh, man. – I’ll take it.
I’ll take it. – And that was an “L”, baby.
– Hey, it is what it is. – Yeah, yeah.
– So, uh, what we got next? – Let’s go let some [ bleep ].
– I’m up for that. – Do you want me to hold your
little hands? – Okay, all right.
– [ laughter ]

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